Friday, March 12, 2010

Pie (and Bubbles) in the Sky

It's Friday!!!! I actually get to say that with exclamation points this week because I'm not working at all this weekend! I work tonight and then that's it until Monday! Yesterday I had an absolutely fantastic day. It was like 68 degrees and sunny. Boyfriend and I went out and about, walking around, had lunch together, etc. When we got home we just sat on the porch together in the sun. It was divine. Today is not such a pretty day, but I wanted to use a polish to capture the spirit of yesterday.

I located my Maybelline Sweet Thing polishes and this is Pie in the Sky. I absolutely freaking adore this color. It is now my second favorite blue, behind Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue. I have read that a lot of people had application problems with these. My favorite was when I read in a blog (I'm not sure which one or else I would totally credit it) that using these polishes was like painting with curdled milk. HA. Well, my bottle of Pie in the Sky was not that bad. It was a three-coater because it was kind of streaky, but that's kind of to be expected with pastels. Plus each coat dries in like a minute so it's not too much of a hassle. This is the color that the model is wearing on the display. I feel like when models are wearing a color in an advertisement, the actual polish rarely looks the same in reality. This one looks the same--it just looks awesome. I love it. Here's the display on Nouveau Cheap, in case you haven't run across these yet and you wanna see.

My only complaint about this polish is the brush. It's a little wide, which is good, but the brush is really stiff and not...pliable. I dunno. It's just difficult to spread the polish in smooth strokes. It's not that big a deal if you're patient and I think the results are worth it. I actually want a back-up bottle of this, and I never want back-up bottles of anything. The only back-up I own is China Glaze Wagon Trail. Such is my love for Pie in the Sky. I showed boyfriend my nails and he declared they look "cute." Such is the power of blue.

So here's what I did yesterday afternoon...

I was amused by these bubbles for...longer than I'd care to admit. They were thirty four cents. Worth it. This is not a fashion blog, but in the interest of full disclosure I will tell you-- sunnies: H&M 2009 ($12.95), "dress": H&M ($12.95), tights: Target ($14), shoes: Payless 2009 ($22.95). If it looks like the dress is really short and that I could flash the world at any moment, it's true. I think this might be a tunic meant to be worn with either opaque leggings or just pants. I am wearing it as a dress. My boyfriend picked it out, actually. He insisted that I wear it yesterday because it was warm. I just had to try not to raise my arms or bend over. CONSTANT. VIGILANCE.

Okay, one more thing. My GIVEAWAY ends today at 11:59pm EST. If you have not yet entered, click the image at the top of the righthand sidebar. This will take you to the entry post and give you all the information you need to enter. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning. Thanks guys!


  1. Ooh, I LOVE that color!!

    And yay bubbles! Haha [:

  2. You're so cute, Steph.

    I always keep a bubble bottle handy (there's one in my bed room for sunny days). I adore bubbles. If you knew how old I am though. :D

  3. This is gorgeous, looks a lot like ORLY snowcone (which I'm doing a Konad design with right now!) Love the bubbles :) we used to make our own out of soap because my mom thought it was ridiculous to waste money on bubbles. I was always so jealous of my friends with REAL bubble juice. haha.

  4. The polish is so pretty and your dress is so cute. Yay bubbles!!!!!
    I hate it when cute dresses are just a tiny bit too short. I always have that worry that the back of the dress is stuck on my tights and is showing off my undies. >:(

  5. Stef that polish is frickin amazing on you! I agree with boyfriend. You rock blue polish HARD FREAKING CORE. So, more blues pleeze. Yis. Moar Blues.
    I took the boys out the other day and we blew bubbles for like 3 hours. I frickin love spring! That dress is oohjaboo! supercute!

  6. I love bubbles. I own bubbles. I also own sidewalk chalk and TWO kites. I am 5.

    I like that color! I'm not a fan of wearing blues on my nails (like I said before, my mother ground into me that it was trashy) but this I love. Kinda want it. I bought that blue essence polish you were wearing the other week (the deep bright colbalt one) and I'm pretty excited for that. RAMBLE.


    P.S. The word it just wanted me to type in to post this is "patio". Haha. I love it when it's real words.

  7. Sounds like you had a great day! I luv that blue too! I got a bunch of these and my formula was good on all of them. I agree on the brush it could be better.

  8. Gahahaha, your CONSTANT VIGILANCE comment was freaking hilarious.

  9. Tierney, thanks! I fell in love with this color the more I wore it.

    jellynat, one is never too old for bubbles. I want to always have bubbles around now! That one afternoon was enough to get me hooked all over again.

    Brooke, I guess it is a little silly to buy soapy water in a container when you could just make soapy water yourself. Ah, the price we pay for convenience. I just bought Snowcone because of your comment! I figured if I love Pie in the Sky so much that I wanted a back-up, maybe Snowcone would do. I'll do a comparison in the next few days.

    Skulda, thank you!! Yeah, I was kind of worried that my dress would stick to the back of my tights...

    Ange-Marie, thanks! More blues it is! Orly Snowcone soon!

    kelsea, omg that's so funny! My boyfriend wanted to buy sidewalk chalk too. I said no because I didn't want to crawl on the ground. Maybe on a day when I'm wearing jeans ;)

    kittyluvscolor, I have only tried the blue, but I'm hoping that the other Maybellines I have have good formulas too!

    PerryPie, I is funny? Fanks!

  10. Love that color and the bubbles!


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