Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sugar Vs. More Sugar: Dupes!

Remember last week when I raved about Maybelline Sweet Thing polish Pie in the Sky? And I said I wanted a back-up bottle? In the comments someone mentioned that Pie in the Sky looked a lot like Orly Snowcone. I figured that I would purchase a bottle of Snowcone instead of a back-up of the Maybelline, since the Sweet Thing collection seems to be becoming kind of scarce in drug stores. Also, Orly polishes have been $4.99 at Ulta for the past couple weeks. Yaaaaay.

So here is Snowcone, and I'm sure you've all seen it everywhere. I started seeing swatches of this pop up in the blogosphere around January and it is now readily available at brick & mortar retailers like Ulta and Sally's. I didn't like the formula. It was quite thick. Thick formulas, as you know, kind of necessitate thick coats. Then dry time suffers. Then chipping happens quicker. Sigh. This could have been almost a one-coater, but it left a couple bald spots in a few places so I did two. I love, love, love the color. It's a gorgeous pastel cornflower blue. How does it compare to Maybelline Pie in the Sky?

It's difficult to tell here, but I saw a pretty clear difference in the bottles. The Orly looks more saturated while the Maybelline looks a bit more muted. Time for some pie versus snowcone action.

There is a teeny, tiny difference on the nail. I have Pie in the Sky on two nails and Snowcone on two nails. Can you tell?

Can you tell now?

Pie in the Sky on my middle and pinky fingers and Snowcone on my pointer and ring fingers. They're close enough for me to call them, at the very least, semi-dupes. As I said before, I didn't like the formula on the Orly. Even though the Maybelline is streaky I'd rather use three thin coats of it. I'd say if you can't find Pie in the Sky, get Snowcone...and vice versa. If you adore the color, like me, get both.

Remember how I said I wore Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees for three days? I wore it to work yesterday. I usually spend at least an hour washing dishes every night I'm there. I also bang my hands on a ton of things. I was amazed when I completed my shift and my polish still looked like this:

I'm really impressed. There is chipping, yes. And tipwear. But I was on my third day! I love this polish. This polish is the reason I prefer thin formulas. Thin coats seem to equal longer wear. Now I want to try my other Espana polish and see if I have the same results...

Yesterday I was driving while at the same time trying to drink a huge cup of coffee. This ended poorly. I got coffee on my coral trench coat. You all remember my coral trench, yes? Luckily I was right by a Rite-Aid so I stopped there and picked up one of these:

OxiClean Spray-A-Way

This costs a dollar less than those Tide-To-Go sticks and it's easier to use. Another pro? It smells really lovely. I sprayed it on the disgusting hazelnut coffee stain and it went bye-byes. I recommend it. I'm sorry, trench coat. Never again will I try to drive and guzzle caffeine (while wearing you). In conjunction with my apology, I present you with this haiku:

dearest coral trench
you highlight my tiny waist
stay with me always

That's all for today. Does anyone have a favorite polish from the Orly spring collection? I can't remember what it's called. A lot of the colors look really cute! At least I know Snowcone is absolutely GOR-GEOUS. Have a great day, ladies!


  1. wow, those are similar! I'm totally obsessed with Snowcone :)

  2. Thanks for the comp. My kmart had $1 off coupon for that Maybelline collection the other day, back to kmart I go!

  3. Snowcone was my favorite, well, tied with Lemonade. We all remember my magnificent fit that I didn't get Lemonade to review. I actually love the whole collection. I didn't have any thick bottles, in the entire 6. The sweet collection ROCKED. I have a huge obsession with Orly right now. I'm a little pissy with ChG. They can suck my imaginary nuts. >:P

  4. Haha! I love the haiku! So glad that you coral coat was saved!

  5. Ooo. That color is nice. I don't even usually like blues, but the lightness of it makes it spring-y and pretty! =)

    Good thing about the trench coat! Loved your poem! You're hilarious!! I CAN'T WAIT TO MAKE YOU YOUR PRESENTTTT

  6. Great comparison! But unfortunately I still want both. =)

  7. I want Snowcone. It's gorgeous. :)

  8. WOw, nice dupe!!!! looks gorgeous!

  9. Phew, I can pass on Snowcone. Thank you SO much! I was really wondering about that. Too close to make a difference for me!
    And your haiku! HAHAHA you rock, Steff. ♥ I'm glad it got the stain out!

  10. Brooke, I love me some Snowcone too. According to an e-mail I got to Orly it's one of Pantone's colors of the year. I can't remember what the color itself is called, though..

    Jessica, no problem! Definitely use that coupon!

    Ange, hahaha I love your China Glaze anger. Ah well. Poolside looks all sheer and stuff anyway, according to M. Mismas.

    April, thank you :)

    kelsea, I can't wait to know what my prezzie issss!!!!

    Tierney, thanks :)

    nihrida, I can't blame you for wanting both!

    Tassa, it's totally gorgeous. You should definitely get it.

    Tina-Bobeena, thank youuuu. Nice eye ;)

    Nicole, you so can pass on Snowcone. I think they are similar enough to only own one of them. Thanks for liking my haiku! They are my specialty. 5-7-5 baby!

  11. i loveee the Maybelline onee! : )


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