Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sweetie Pie and Cat Condos

Good morning everyone! It's Saturday! Yaaaaay! This week went so quickly for me, probably because I had so much time to myself. Usually I don't like being alone at my house, but it has been kind of nice, I have to admit. The other day when I went to Rite-Aid they had the elusive Maybelline Minty and Sweetie Pie. Those are the two polishes that of course don't come on the regular polish display, but come on the makeup display. They were 40% off, plus there was a dollar coupon on the display, so they turned out, with tax, to be $1.68 apiece. There was one Minty, which I relinquished to my friend Amber, and I got Sweetie Pie (the next day I went to another Rite-Aid and got Minty; I just had to have it and I don't know why because I don't really like mint greens. I have a disease).'s Sweetie Pie!

Isn't it cute? It's totally cute! But...I have a few beefs with this polish. Everyone has talked about how difficult these polishes are to apply. Some people also seem to have gotten lumpy bottles. I've been lucky with the two I've tried--this one and Pie In the Sky--because neither one was lumpy. The brushes on these are terrible, though. They just don't spread out; they're stiff. This polish was really, really difficult to spread and get even. You can probably tell from the photos. But somehow at the same time it was easy to control once I got it where I wanted it--I did no cleanup here. I also kind of feel like it's difficult to tell that it's a peach unless you put it next to a true pink. Lastly, why is this one (along with Minty) so difficult to find? Why not put it on the polish display with the others? I don't understand, Maybelline.

You can stop reading now if you don't want to look at my adorable cat. The other night I was telling PerryPie about my cat Raven's house. He tipped over one box, shredded some cardboard with his claws, and then carried it into the box. It's his nest. Then the other day he somehow tipped over another box directly across from it. It's his kitty condo. If he trusts you, at LEAST once a day he will beckon you downstairs by meowing loudly from the basement. Then when you go down he goes into one box, makes sure you're looking at him, and then walks directly into the other box as if to say, "Hey, do you SEE THIS? I have one box, but I can walk from THAT BOX directly into ANOTHER BOX. Isn't this AMAZING?" He does this while purring loudly and rubbing against his boxes lovingly. I took a photo series. They're not very good pictures, but they're cute.

"Look! This is my first box!"

"Ohhh I love my box PURR PURR"

"Wait, but I love this box too!!!"

"LOOK NOW I'M IN A TOTALLY DIFFERENT BOX! You're not laughing at me, are you?"

"But I didn't forget about my first box! I love them both SO FREAKING MUCH PURR PURR"

Your daily dose of adorable. Sorry for the picture spam. He's just too funny. SO...who has been able to find the "harder to find" Maybelline Sweet Thing polishes (Minty and Sweetie Pie)? Did anyone get these lumpy bottles I've heard about? Curious!


  1. Ohman, that made me laugh. Those pictures are so cute!!
    And that polish is very pretty

  2. Ooooooo, perfect color. I want it tooooo.

    Sweet cat! :)

  3. Ack, I've only been looking in the regular nail polish display! I feel a sudden need to pop over to the drugstore.

    And Raven is so cute! My cats love boxes too. They get very possessive about them, even when the box is shredded to bits. A few weeks ago I had brought home a few of the boxes 6-packs of soda come in and lined them up in the living room. Everyone came to investigate and sit in a box and every time I would go away and come back, they had switched boxes. Maybe they were playing musical chairs, lol.

  4. OMG your cat is absolutely adorable! LOVELOVELOVE!!!
    I am such a huuuge cat person myself (dogs are wonderful too), so I just love it when bloggers post about their pets...

    I don´t know anything that cheers me up more than a blog about nail polish (addict) and loads of animal pics and stories!

    Thanks for this post, I´ve had a fairly crappy day, so this totally made my heart smile. My own little kitty must have decided she also liked your blog, as she just jumped on my lap and started purring and rubbing against my laptop... hehe.. :D

  5. That color is really delicate and pretty! To bad the don't improve the brush and formula!

  6. Great color! What is up whit cats and boxes!? =)

  7. Love this. You haev cotton candy from Orly right? can you do a comp? they look dupe-y

  8. Oh good golly gosh. He is so ridiculously cute. Soooooo cute.

  9. Raven is so sweet looing! Cats and boxes provide hours of entertainment for me.

    I was able to find a full display of the Maybelline and picked up Minty and Sweetie Pie. They were chunky! I did add a few drops of thinner and that helped a lot. So for those that have problems try some thinner.

  10. lmao @ Raven - so cute! I think I'll bookmark this post so I can look at it when I need cheering up :)

    My cat Alex is the same about boxes, he's very territorial too: he fights with my English Bull Terrier Ozzie when he comes near :D

  11. I got a lumpy bottle of Goody Plum Drop. I was so disappointed because the color is so pretty, but the formula is so yucky!

    And your cat is seriously adorable :]


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