Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trusty Dusty

Good morning my little darlings! I trust everyone had a safe day yesterday. I was unexpectedly called into work (emergency latte-making...oy) because someone just didn't show up. Nor did he call. Seriously, how hard is it to just effing call and be like, "I am drunk out of my mind. Please do not make me handle scalding hot milk. kthx." I was the only one willing to come in on the "holiday," so...yeah. I am a total pushover, as many of you have probably already realized. Oh well. Onto the polish.

I feel kind of bad having a total China Glaze squee moment when some of my bloggy friends have been having issues with China Glaze PR. I guess I'll just say that I have never contacted their PR department, nor have they contacted me. I feel like my blog is laughably small compared to those which are actually noticed by large PR departments so I haven't bothered trying. That having been said, I show total solidarity with my bloggy friends. However...

OMG. Love this polish. I'm not even bothering showing you OMG in shade. No point. The holo in this polish is very strong and very linear. This is three coats. Yesterday I went up to Target to check out the Liberty of London stuff. I found a couple dresses (all too big--if you want any of the clothes go now, because sizes are becoming scarce) and I did buy some stationary. Then I decided to drop by my favorite dusty at the mall. You remember my favey-fave dusty, right? The one from which I rescued the entire Rodeo Diva collection? This time I emerged with this:

OMG 2BKEWL set. VERY happy with this purchase. The only color I want from 2BHOT is L8R G8R. Not sure when I'll get my hands on that one...

I was just telling Ange-Marie the other day that I'm totally broke and that all of my polish--and I mean all of it--comes from money that people put in my tip cup (by the way, tip your barista!!!! Seriously. We do a lot for a small amount of money). I try not to touch my bank account at all, so that's why I don't like ordering stuff online. Finding stuff like this is hitting the jackpot for me. I'm not wearing a ridiculously large ring today, but I am wearing a ridiculously gorgeous one.

This is a Dorothy Who? ring from GingerKittyDesigns on Etsy. I got this from Betsy who--and she can correct me if I'm wrong--I believe got it as a gift from GingerKitty because she used GingerKitty products for her giveaway. Betsy received two rings, one for herself and one for me, and I got mine in the mail not too long ago. Isn't it beautiful?

What else, what else...ah yes. Here is the Liberty of London stationary I got from Target yesterday:


If you have won my giveaways or if I've ever sent you a package you have probably received one of my Great Moments In Art as stick-figures cards. I'm running low on those, so paying $7 for some really cute cards seemed okay. Also, yesterday I finally caved and bought one of those new Milani Glitzy Glamour glosses. The one I chose was In Vogue.

It looks really saturated and bright but it actually goes on as a sheer wash of color. The glitter isn't really noticeable, and the "gritty" feeling is pretty minimal, but it's there. I love this stuff. I got it in lieu of a UD Pocket Rocket in Eric. I paid $6.99, but this week at CVS Milani products are buy one get one 50% off. You are about to get up close and personal with my face.

So...yeah. I'm wearing the gloss here and it's not ridiculously bright and noticeable. I am basically an albino, as you know, so if it's this subtle on me you know that it's super-wearable. Like I said, a sheer wash of color...but a sheer wash of GORGEOUS color.

I'm so glad I finally got one of these glosses for myself! I shipped the entire collection to Ange-Marie before Valentine's Day, but it took me this long to buy myself one. Silly me. Alright, I think that's all for today. Tell me...does anyone have a favorite polish from the China Glaze OMG collection? I only have the cool toned colors to try out, obviously, but I'm interested to know favey-faves. Have a great day, guys! It's almost the weekend :D


  1. OMG is one of my top 5 nail polishes ever!

  2. OMFG JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And don't feel bad about the PR thing. It was a misunderstanding. She got totally screwed, and I hope she totes gets those other depts in the fire.
    I would kick a puppy (not really) for the OMGs in a set. You have the best freakin dustyever! I dont even HAVE a dusty in this little ass town. growl. my fave omg is proably 2nite. I love that blue. its stunning. I need backups, I gotta hit evilbay...
    Aren't those lip glosses awesome? A little gritty, but awesome.
    And last, hun you're blog is just as big as mine, you're just too sweet to bug companies about PR stuff lol

  3. My faves are OMG and 2nite. But i love all polishes of OMG collection. Your new lip gloss is very beautiful too!

  4. I'm not a holo person but that looks great on you actually, I think I'm afraid to try holos because I think they'll look awful on me! I've had a bad PR experience with Barielle, they contacted me first wanted me to review some products and then changed their minds because I'm in EU, I guess these things happen!! I love this Liberty Of London stationary you have there!!

  5. Omg, you lucky bitch! Hahaha, I just laughed at what I wrote, cuz you totally aren't a bitch, but it's oh so fitting. We don't have any dusties up here. Well, I don't have any. I can't never find stuff like that.

  6. Oh, you are a lucky thing! Haha! It's a darned shame these are sold out like, everywhere, as I had my eye on a few more and didn't snag them when I should have. Oh well, there's always next time? ;) I can't believe you find whole sets like that. That gloss looks amazing on you! I am dying to stumble across the blue one, I will snatch it up in a second. I really like them, they're not sticky like MAC glosses are.
    And your stationary is GORGEOUS.
    (I'm a little behind on commenting, did you notice? Sorry about that! :( )

  7. Superb holo polish. Maybe I need OMG.
    So many polishes - so little spare cash.....

  8. Ooo I like that lipgloss. I've been going on a lipgloss hunt lately, which is not good for my wallet. =( I'm SO JEALOUS that you keep getting these collections!!! I need to find a hole in the wall place like that!!! rawr!

    Ok I'm off to study for finals now. Shoot me.

  9. yay i love that lipgloss on you! And you think you can't wear red! I love it. :)

  10. Yeah, it sucks about all the PR problems the bloggers are having..but on a happier note, this polish is gorgeous!

  11. OMG is really OMG! :) Beautiful color.

  12. The OMG holos are so nice! My fav is FYI - as you can see on my pic ;o) Holo-nails are just great.

  13. April...I think I agree. Within the top five for me for sure.

    Ange-Marie, it's definitely a good dusty, but I'm slowly cleaning it out, you know. There won't be too much left by the time I'm through with it. I've got my eye on a couple other things as well.

    Cah_nossovicio, thank you! I will make sure to try 2Nite soon! You and Ange both recommended it!

    Katie, don't be afraid of holos! They will look amazing on everyone, I'm sure. That sucks to hear about Barielle. You'd think that they'd do a little research first BEFORE asking you to do a review. Sad panda :(

    PerryPie, I take bitch as a term of endearment, don't worry ;)

    Nicole, I have no idea how I find things like this. It's just that one place, really. I have never seen whole sets anywhere else! I'm totally loving my Milani gloss...I can't believe I didn't get it sooner!

    jaljen, I know the feeling. OMG is utterly and ridiculously amazing.

    kelsea, good luck on teh finalz!!!! You'll do GREAT, I know it.

    Angela, thanks boo :)

    Jackie, it does suck...and thanks :)

    Tassa, it totally is OMG!

    PolishedSheep, FYI totally looks pretty. I wish I had the whole collection!

    Thaaaaaanks so much for reading, all of you!

  14. Ooo, that polish is so freaking pretty!


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