Friday, March 26, 2010

A Very Special Polish Indeed

Yesterday it snowed. SNOWED! And it wasn't just little flurries. It actually stuck to the ground. We have at least an inch now. Uber-sigh. It's sunny today, so I hope it melts quickly. Last night my friend Amber and I went to Rite-Aid, just to look around. Turns out it was spring drugstore polish heaven. I guess they had just put out a ton of new displays, which I will show you later in the post with crappy iPhone pictures. Whenever I see a Borghese display I always pick up the bottles to check for Almondine. It's just habit by now. Last night, though, I actually found Almondine. It almost didn't register in my head when I saw the name on the back of the bottles. Then I may have squealed and hugged them to myself.

Hm. How to describe this...well, it's a taupe. But it has these little black flecks in it that give it a gray cast. It also has a hidden pink shimmer that I assure you actually does show up on the nail, it's just so hard to capture. Here's a bottle picture.

My jankity arrow is pointing to the pink shimmer. Do you see it? Here's a macro of the polish on my nail.

Black flecks and pink shimmer, clearly visible. The brush on both of my bottles of Almondine (yeah, I got two) was wonky. Bristles sticking out willy-nilly. It made it kind of difficult to use, but I persevered. This is three coats, and the formula was alright. Nothing to sing about. I really like the colors that Borghese comes out with, but...eight dollars for a drugstore polish is so steep. I was willing to pay it for this one, though.

Raven strikes a sexy pose with Almondine. He loves to look out the window in the morning.

Sorry for all the pictures. ...more are coming! I took some crappy iPhone photos of all the new spring stuff at my Rite-Aid.

Borghese Tutti Gelati. Mary from Body & Soul had some great pictures of a few of these yesterday if any of you are interested in what they look like (and I know you are!).

New Insta-Dris. I didn't even know there were new Insta-Dris! I feel like new ones just came out a couple months ago.

Scented Revlons! OMG! I tested a couple of them on a bit of paper and they are definitely scented. The blue one is called Ocean Breeze and Amber was hoping it smelled of dead fish. It didn't. It smelled pretty nice!

That's all for today. Are you guys excited for the weekend? Anyone have any fun plans? Also, does anyone else have Almondine? Do you love it like I do? It's such an interesting twist on a neutral...


  1. Almondine is a huge surprise! I have to see this in person so I guess a trip to Rite-Aid is in my future...
    It looks fab on you, sorry the brushes are so weird though. I agree about the price. It's just like paying retail for an OPI or Essie. I just won't do it. I got too spoiled after working at a beauty supply. But dang, they have some sweet colors!

    P.S. I sent you an email!

  2. Ewww, snow! ]:
    Pretty color.. I'm not sure if I would ever wear something like that.

    Ooh, and Raven is just adorable [:

  3. I love finding a hunted for color.
    I am so jealous, I have not seen even a sign of the smelly Revlons yet! :(

  4. Almondine looks nice! I hate Borghese bottles. They are uglier than sin. Raven makes it look good though. ;)

  5. I'll have to keep my eye out for Alomondine.

  6. Oh whoa, of all the pics I've seen of Almondine, I've never seen the pink shimmer. Nice job Steph.

  7. This polish looks like the sand of the beach I was going to when I was a little girl. I could almost smell it now. I've never seen such a polish, I love it. :)

    (I'm secretely convinced Raven thinks he's a black panther.)

  8. wow, that is a really beautiful polish and excellent application!!! Raven is SO PRETTY!!!

    I'm so excited about scented Revlons! I love smelly stuff :)

  9. Almondine is sooooooooo pretty! im going to have to go look for that one! and those are the Sally Hansens im going to look for too! i already have two from that line. haha =P

  10. SNOW?! Girl, that skipped right over us. :)

    There's a bunch of bottles of Almondine spread around my city. Nobody seems to want them, and I'm really iffy about buying it. Every polish blogger I read that's tried it loves it. But I'm so all about bright and bold colors. Dropping eight bucks on a neutral? ...Maybe I'll wait for it to go on clearance.

    The Tutti Gelati collection is much more me. Not to mention the fact that I want to squeal every time I say "Tutti Gelati."

    Oooo, can't wait to see the new Revlons!

  11. sonofabish! your drugstores ALWAYS get everything first!!!! its NOT fair!!!!!!!!! I need smelly nail polish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Growl. Ok so its like midnight and I'm oh so impatiently waiting on pizza because in 5 minutes it will be saturday and I can eat meat!!!! I love the macro shot of the polish! And I agree about the insta dris, wtf they JUST had new spring colors out. Oh wellllllls, now I have to go shoppin tomorrow :) Maybe Indy drugstores will be awesome like your drugstores, although the CVS here is jankity. Doesn't even have all the Milani 3ds and none of the neons and has regular colors set up in the 3d display. w.t.f??


    I am now on the lookout for it. Thanks for making me want to pay 9 dollars for a fucking bottle of nail polish. You are killing me! haha.

    I didn't even realize Sweetie Pie was peach! I saw it in real life and I thought it was pink! Silly me.

    Loves joo! =D

    P.S. I LOVE the kitty house. So adorable. I want to murder my cat when he meows at me forever because he wants me to watch him or come hang out with him. So annoying!!! lol


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