Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Are You Snorting, Rimmel?

Partly cloudy today, but I'll still take that over blizzarding. Last week when I went to Walgreens for more cotton balls there was some deal on Rimmel polishes. I got two of them for $1.99 and I'm going to show you Steel Grey today. It's so strange for me to spell it "g-r-e-y." Usually I spell it with an a. I wrote a huge paper about Jasper Johns' use of gray and I spelled it g-r-a-y throughout the whole thing, so it's tough for me to type grey. Strange. They're both right. My cuticles look so dry and peel-y in these images. They don't look like that in real life. I guess the macro setting and the sunlight just helps bring out my natural cuticle beauty. Eww. I'm sorry.

Bright sunlight

Weak sunlight

Overcast light

So...obviously the Rimmel people were snorting something when they decided to name this Steel Grey. It's pretty obviously a taupe. The sun brings out the warmer tones while the shade brings out the cooler tones. It's pretty. I really, really like this polish. I feel like I could wear it forever. As has been gone over ad nauseum on blogs, Rimmel has adopted the old Sally Hansen Salon bottles. Unfortunately it also adopted the crazy-ass Insta-Dri brushes. The brush shape and stem size are identical to the SH Insta-Dris except, obviously, the bottles are stouter so the brush stems are shorter. This does make it a bit less unwieldy. Application on this was really, really perfect. This was two coats. It dried quickly. I have no complaints. For $1.99, how could I? I also love the little detail on top of the bottle lid.

I wish I could test the claim that it lasts for up to ten days. Has anyone tested this claim from Rimmel? Even though I love this polish now, I guarantee that I will be sick of it tomorrow. Also, maybe it's my body chemistry, but almost no polish lasts for longer than two days on me. I'm pretty tough on my hands. I wash dishes all the time, I'm constantly banging my nails against things like espresso grinders and giant hot coffee urns. DS Mystery only lasted a day on me. Last night when I got home from work like half of it was gone. Oh well. C'est la vie.

This morning I woke sadness. Someone had left out the Caribou Acacia bag as if there were still beans in it. Yay, Acacia! I thought as I picked up the bag. Then I realized it was empty.

Acacia is really, really awesome. It's Rain Forest Alliance Certified and it has dark chocolate notes that, for me, are easily detectable. It's a blend. It's also organic, which isn't a big deal to me but I know some people who will only drink and fair trade. *shrug*

Then I picked up the Perennial bag. Empty! What's going on!

Also Rain Forest Alliance Certified and not quite as delicious as Acacia. I think these beans come from the first crops from places in Central America. It's also a blend. Citrusy notes.

I had to do the unthinkable: dig in the back of my cupboard until I found a half-empty bag of Starbucks French Roast. Sigh. I really, really dislike Starbucks. I guess that's the price I have to pay for caffeinating in the morning. It was either Sbucks French Roast or nothing. I woke up about thirty minutes before Boyfriend and I think the coffee brewing lured him down. He poured himself a cup, took a sip and said, "This is excellent." He never compliments my Caribou. I guess I'm going to have to face it: I'm in love with a Starbucks man. I'm just going to have to search for a Caribou coffee that he likes.

In other news, Caravaggio has surpassed Michelangelo in terms of popularity. It's the headline on MSNBC right now. Strange! Here is an interesting article. I love Caravaggio, but I'm not sure I love him more than Michelangelo. Actually, the latter artist was the one that really got me into art history. I read a novel called The Agony and the Ecstasy that was about Michelangelo's life, and it kind of spawned an obsession. I actually started weeping with joy with I saw David the first time I went to Florence. Yeah, I'm that person.

Time for Alley spam!

"O hai! K bai now."


  1. It's a pretty taupe. But yeah... Rimmel teh colour blind!

  2. I am pretty jealous that I missed a $1.99 deal on these. I like this color but you're right, it's taupe.

  3. Maybe they wanted to confuse us *smells conspiracy* Now all the grey AND taupe lovers are buying this one.
    I have this gorgeous shade thanks to Lisa, I can't get it here in Slovenia. What a shocker...

  4. Lol LOVE THE KITTY FACE! Not a huge fan of the Rimmel color,it would look bad on me. And I ALWAYS spell grey with an e. weird

  5. I want "steel grey" which I agree that it is spelled gray, and that the color is no where near steel. Those dummies at Rimmel! Learn your colors! =)

    Kitttttyyy!!! Tell her HI for me!

  6. Great colour - and strangely in the home of Rimmel *London* where we do spell it grey, I can't get this either!

  7. Haha, you know what? My mother used weird spellings - that should be said in quotes, as they're not too weird - all the time. As in "grey" and "colour". I picked it up as a child and have a hard time typing it out with an a.
    I LOVE this polish. And even though they ended up with that wonky brush, it is the tiniest bit easier to use than the SH so the design must be just a little different, somehow, as I didn't have half the trouble.
    I think this looks great on you! Of course I can't tell you how long it'd wear for obvious reasons, I'm just as rough on my hands as you.
    I just love to see your passion for your "major". Of course, I get that way about history, myself, so it's really sweet to see.
    KITTY! *squoosh*

  8. Starbucks coffee is icky. All the way. And hi Alley!

  9. Love this color! Sally Hansen Commander in Chic is a dead on dupe as far as I can tell.

  10. Skulda, isn't it weird? I don't understand the name.

    Gina, I'm sure these will be on sale again. No worries, you'll catch it :)

    nihrida, good point. Gray and taupe lovers alike will scoop this one up!

    Ange-Marie, I think this would look nice on you! I haven't seen one thing yet that doesn't.

    kelsea, I totally told her hi.

    Cali369, sorry you can't find this. I know grey is the English spelling.

    Nicole, that's funny about your mum! I love this polish too, and I do find the brushes easier to use than the Insta-Dris. I think it's just because it has a way shorter stem. Yeah, no polish ever lasts on me, so I never really bitch about wear unless it chips like an hour after I put it on. In which case I whine.

    PerryPie, Starbucks totally is icky. Yay!

    Sylvia, I've heard it's a dupe for Commander In Chic. I've heard Commander In Chic is a dupe for Metro Chic. I think Metro Chic is more purple than Steel Grey so I guess I don't really know...

  11. It is a lovely color, but I don't feel like it is unique, and it sucks that the brush is jacked up!

  12. 'Grey' and 'Colour' are both the British spellings because Rimmel is a U.K brand. I'm guessing the quotes must have been too?


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