Friday, April 23, 2010

Essie Lapis of Luxury (!)

An open love letter to Essie:

Dear Ms. Weingarten,

Listen, I'll just get right to the point. I kind of love you. Not in a creepy way or anything, I just love pretty much everything you do. Everything. I love the way you try to please both extremes that exist in your consumer base by releasing colors like Rock Candy and Mint Candy Apple in the same collection. I love how divine you are at producing the best reds ever. I love that your bottles have "essie" etched into the glass. I love your formula. I love your skinny brushes that somehow get the job done without making me get polish all over my fingers. Even though L'Oreal for some reason just acquired you right as they released that North Fake collection, I hope you'll continue doing what you do. You're a stand-up lady, Essie Weingarten, and I will continue to throw my money at you when you release awesomeness like this Resort collection.

Love and Perfect Formulas,

Here is Lapis of Luxury. beautiful. So beautiful. It's this muted cornflower blue that makes me feel kind of calm when I look at it. The first picture is full sunlight, the second is bad indoor lighting, and the third is my hand on the whitest thigh in the world (ie mine). I was kind of worried that I would have opacity issues with this color, but it ended up being fine. The first coat was pretty sheer, but this is two coats and I think it looks nice. The formula was great. It dried fast. I'm in love.

I'm so into cornflower blue right now. My obsession started when Sally Hansen released that Xtreme Wear polish, Pacific Blue. Then Orly and Maybelline released lighter cornflowers and I just fell in love with each one. That's why even though Lapis of Luxury is pretty close in color to both Orly Snowcone and Maybelline Pie in the Sky...I just had to have it anyway.

Orly Snowcone, Essie Lapis of Luxury, Maybelline Pie in the Sky and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue. It's my little cornflower army.

I think the Essie applied best out of all of these. The Orly was too thick. The Maybelline's brush was too wonky. Lapis of Luxury is just perfect.

Does anybody know of other cornflower shades that I can horde? I feel like Zoya has one that I don't have. I'd appreciate any suggestions because I will totally buy them. Anyway, that completes the Resort collection for me. To refresh you, I also got Splash of Grenadine and Playa Del Platinum. What's your favorite one? I probably should have gotten Turquoise & Caicos too. C'est la vie.


  1. I think Zoyas is either Jo or Harley maybe. I fuh-riggin love this. It looks lighter than Snowcone, and Snocone was my favey-fave of the Sweet collex. must. have. this

  2. oo this is gorgeous!! I dont own any essie yet...


  3. This is SO SO pretty. Thanks for the comparison to Snowcone.

  4. I love Essie too! This is beautiful on you :)

  5. You're going to create a problem for me. After you posted Pacific Blue I decided I needed it and I FINALLY found it on Wednesday. Now I need this too. I need a job. Lol. I think cornflower blue is my favorite blue, it's just so pretty.

  6. I love it on you! It's so summery and fun!

  7. I have a huge soft spot on Essie. Maybe that the brush or the bottle or that blend of sheer, red and sometimes unique colors. I don't know. I love Essie.

    Is that your leg we see here?! sexy. ;)

    We could make a white thigh death match. ;)

  8. This blue is beautiful. I usually avoid blues like that because they don't tend to look great on my skintone, but this is so beautiful. I don't think I care. I want it! :D

  9. Recently found your blog and love it!!

    I also am s sucker for cornflower blue and am super lemming this new Essie.

    The Zoya you need is definitely Jo. Harley is a shimmery grey.

    esp love Raven. Black cats have a special place in my heart

    Nancy (NanRX)

  10. oh my goodness! that is such a beautiful color! pretty!! =)

  11. WHY DON'T I HAVE ANY OF THOSE BLUUUES? The essie looks great on you.

  12. LOVE your cornflower army :)

    I love your blog, adding you to my blog roll.

  13. You need to add China Glaze Periwinkle to your blue army! :-)

  14. i love how you always wear that ring (which is pretty): i can pick out your images from google images in an instant... plus, our skin tone is practically the same - so i hope this essie shade will look as good on me as it does on you... thank you for the post!


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