Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In Memory of My Feelings

Good morning everyone. I don't know about you guys, but my week got off to a really, really lovely start yesterday. I had a good day at work, and before that I went to Ulta all alone-y on my own-y. I actually think I will go back today. They have those Urban Decay Smoke Out Kits for $19.99, which is a really great deal. Hopefully they have some left. I really want Yerba, the green kit. Plus it comes with a mini Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara, and y'all know how I love my Skyscraper. Anyway, Ulta was having a buy two get one free on several brands of polish and I was delighted to find that the Essie Resort collection greeted me as I strolled in the door. I got three of them--Splash of Grenadine, Playa Del Platinum, and Lapis of Luxury (a name I love, by the way). I passed on Turquoise & Caicos, and I'm sure I'll be one of the only bloggers who does. While I was trying to decide which polish to skip I pulled out my phone and went to my trusty nail resource, All Lacquered Up. Michelle posted some comparisons a while back and I decided that I could probably skip Turquoise & Caicos. I keep buying colors similar to that one and then never wearing them. Oh well.

Here is Playa Del Platinum. I'm really sorry that my application was poop. I'm going to blame it partially on the brush. I've never gotten a wonky Essie brush before, but there is a first time for everything. The formula was very nice; the only problem with it was that it lacked pigmentation. To achieve this level of opacity it took three coats over Nail Tek II. Despite being a bit sheer, I still really like the color. I haven't worn a gray in a long time, I feel. I think I've mentioned before that I love grays because they remind me of the monochromatic works of Jasper Johns. That is how much of a nerd I am. The last gray I bought was Essie Chinchilly from the Cuddle With Color collection, which I still haven't worn. I'll get to it, don't judge me. I'm not sure that Playa Del Platinum suits my skin tone--perhaps I'm a bit too pale for it--but I really like it on me anyway. It's a nice change from the pea soup that was yesterday's manicure (Sally Hansen Forsythia, which I still adore).

So are you guys liking Playa Del Platinum? I kind of predicted that this polish would be the one that most people would skip. I guess we'll see. I can't wait to wear Lapis of Luxury, 'cause you all know how I feel about cornflower blue. What did you guys choose from the Resort collection?

I'll leave you today with everyone's favorite, a picture of Raven.

He's classy.


  1. ok you passed a turquoise for GREY!!??!! We need to get you to a dr, stat! I'm DYING for that collection to get to etailers so I can get the turquoise! agh! I want all EXCEPT the platinum lol. Sigh. I need those brightssssss.

  2. It looks gorgeous on you!
    I want a few but the platinum would not be good on me. :)

  3. This is not really related, but I saw this and thought of you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3QHkFc3NZw

    Ugh, now that TD raised their Essie prices, I'm wondering how I'll ever satisfy my Essie cravings without going broke... :(

  4. I'm in love with this color. I don't know if I should get this or Who Are You Wearing from CC or both or what? Haha life is just so hard.

  5. I love this! It's really gorgeous. Actually, I can never resist these shades - it'd probably be Grenadine that I'd skip, to be honest - but I'm not sure yet, I'm on the fence about it. I love all the swatches I've seen of the other three, including this.


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