Saturday, April 17, 2010

L-L-Love La La Lime

Remember how I found that new Maybelline polish display the other day? Remember how I said that I thought there were probably two other polishes on some other makeup display and that one of them would probably be green? I was right! My friend Amber and I ran across the makeup display (full!) yesterday at a random Walgreens.


This Walgreens was like the mecca of all new polish collections. I don't know what's going on with the drug stores in Northeastern Ohio, but they've been pretty awesome lately. We also found that L'Oreal collection that's supposed to be dupe-y for Essie North Fork. I did take pictures, so maybe I'll post those at a later time. I picked up the green because I couldn't resist it. I put it on last night at two in the morning because I couldn't wait to wear it.

This polish is called La La Lime and it's amazingly gorgeous. I absolutely love it. I guess it's what I'd call "spring green." It also has this nice dusty and muted quality that seems to be really popular in spring releases lately. It of sort of almost reminds me of OPI Creme de Menthe, but the OPI has gold shimmer and is as sheer as all get out, or so I've heard.

Last night at two in the morning I thought this looked similar to the green color on my Orbit Sweet Mint package. Clearly I was very tired and the light was bad.

Anyway, the formula was not good. The brush was cut weirdly. I did three coats and I just got a new bottle of Seche Vite, so that helped even things out in the end. The trouble was worth it, though, because I seriously love this color. If you can find this one, go get it. It's a drug store gem. I still have that feeling, though, that it's going to be difficult to find. I think I was lucky to stumble across it.

Alright, sound off ladies. Anyone seen this yet? Have I created any lemmings? Any awesome Saturday plans? I'm working so...yeah, that's awesome. Meh.


  1. I'm still new to blogging and I'm completely addicted to nail blogs, including yours :-). If a lemming refers to a follower, I totally am one. I bought the wet n wild blue moon this week because of your post. I haven't tried it but I'm very excited. Keep up the good work. Raven is so cute by the way.

  2. A lemming is a polish you really want. :)

    But I suppose you could use the word lemming to describe a blog follower... That would certainly make me one, too!

    I think it looks like an interesting green. Maybe not something vastly different from what we all own already, but the novelty of buying something new is too great! Haha! If I find it, I'll probably grab it.

  3. Grrr, I'm so mad the only Maybelline polishes we get in Italy are the boring ones.
    The new collections for spring are gorgeous... :(

  4. Eff you Steph!!!! Damn blog just keeps adding to my wishlist. *Pouts*

  5. After seeing your pictures of the Salsa Sun polishes, I want to find them so badly. And after this green, I NEED to find them. So, yes, you have created a lemming.

  6. It's so glossy, wow. Very lovely green. It's quite bizarre that we get totally different Maybellines in Europe.

    Aww, seeing those bubble gum remind me of my trip to America! I was chewing the Trident (neon pink and the dark blue) :D

  7. This is a very pretty colour! I think we'll be getting it in a couple of months. Now you can find a Cherry Season display here, it has darker colours and there's a beautiful bottle green colour which I might get :)

  8. Lovely colour that green. I hope we get these in Canada.

    following you.... now!

  9. Gorgggggggeeeeoooouuusssssss.

    Haha. I hope you can imagine me saying that very irritatingly.

    Seriously though, sweet polish.


    Hope you had a good weekend. Text me soon!

  10. I randomly came across this line, and got that polish and all of the lipsticks (which are SUPER pretty). I hate how they come out with these lines, but you can only find them on accident.


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