Friday, April 02, 2010

Let's Just Have A Fruit Salad

Yesterday I showed you OPI Black Cherry Chutney and today I'm showing you Maybelline Sweet Clementine. Delicious, delicious fruit. Sweet Clementine is the last of my Sweet Thing polishes. I think I got every polish except the pinks, of which there were either two or three.

And with a pot no one actually uses for cooking, but that is always sitting on the stove.

Sweet Clementine is a yellow-leaning orange creme. It's really, really beautiful. I'm not sure that it's actually flattering on my skintone, but I like wearing it. It's supposedly going to be 80 degrees today, so I wanted something springy/summery. The formula I think this one needs to be thinned. My application was bad, so I'm sorry about that. This bottle wasn't lumpy either. Out of all of my Sweet Thing polishes the only one that was lumpy and gross and a true nightmare was Goody Plum Drop, which is a shame. That's such a beautiful color with such beautiful shimmer. All in all, good show Maybelline! This was a great collection and I loved every single color I brought home with me.

Something else really quick. My good friend Ted, who is working in Iraq right now, took a vacation to New Zealand not too long ago. He surprised me with a package. The contents therein? A couple plush animals (including a kiwi! This is the second kiwi he has sent me 'cause he knows I have a weird obsession with them) and some tourist-y things. Except...why is this a tourist thing?

I mean, it's funny, but why is this a souvenir sticker? Is it because we Americans are silly bitches and we buy stuff like this? Probably. Can anyone from New Zealand explain this to me? I did take this sticker to work and show it to the rest of my little barista pals. We all got a good laugh. And here's my new kiwi friend.

You can't tell from the picture, but he's actually quite large. I love him.

Alright, that's all for today. Does anybody have a favorite polish from the Maybelline Sweet Thing collection? I think my favorite one...well, it's a tie between Pie in the Sky and Sweetie Pie. I guess I just like pie? It's almost the weekend, guys! Be happy!


  1. Ooh, great color! I love orange :D

    And I love the kiwi!!

  2. It's going to be in the 80's here today as well, I can't wait! I like the title of this post btw xD And that shade is a really nice, bright color for spring/summer!

  3. Gorgeous color and such nice presents!

  4. I think this color looks hawt on you!
    Your kiwi friend is adorable!

  5. Oh my goodness, I just loved this collection SO much. I don't know why, because everyone and their mama had problems with it, but I really did love it. Sweet Clementine was another I thought about picking up, I wonder if I can still find it? I think it looks great on you, so juicy and squishy. I like cremes that look a bit jelly and this does!
    And your kiwi IS SO CUTE.
    Not so sure about the bumper sticker though.

  6. I just happened upon your blog. I really do love this colour!! Nice pic quality too!

  7. The finish on that one looks really nice and shiny!

  8. Tierney, I like the color but I'm not sure I like it on me. I've been wearing it for an entire day now and I still can't decide...

    Caitlin, yeah! Very springy/summery. Maybe I'll wear it on my toes this summer.

    Thanks Jessica!

    Evil Angel, thank you, you're sweet. My kiwi friend appreciates it.

    Tassa, thanks.

    Nicole, I totally loved it too, application problems aside. Home run from Maybelline, seriously. You can probably still find Sweet Clementine. Had I read your comment before I sent your package, I would have sent you mine!

    glitterM, thank you! I hope you keep reading.

    Sylvia, it's quite shiny, but it has topcoat on it in the pictures I posed, just fyi.

  9. O R A N G E I S S O S E X Y O N Y O U R N A I L S (I'm completely head over heels about orange nails)

    Ah ah, I love how the long hair of your kiwi get taken in the wind. What a cute thing. ;:D

  10. Thank you Nathalie! I keep trying to find you an orange creme but I'm failing. Is this one orange enough? I know it's a bit yellow but if you like this one you can have it! I will ask you via e-mizzle.

  11. Mmmm I love pie.

    Have you entered my contest yet?!? You should.

    That's a really nice orange. I honestly don't own very many oranges. I think I own maybe... two. I should get more. Haha.



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