Thursday, April 29, 2010

MORE New Wet n Wilds! Haul!!

Good morning, all. Happy Thursday. I've got tomorrow off! *happy dance dance* Yesterday during the day I went a little shopping crazy. I got a pencil skirt and a top from the Garden Collection from H&M and like nine bottles of nail polish. This has not been a good week for frugality, I will tell you that. I found some awesome goodies at Rite-Aid! Lots of pictures in this post.

Lookie what I found; an awesome new Wet n Wild Wild Shine polish. I found a whole new display. This one is called Tropical Splash and it's kind of a frost along the same lines as Rain Check and Wild Card. It kind of reminds me of China Glaze Watermelon Rind in that it is a super blue-leaning green. Pretty, isn't it? As usual, the formula on this was perfect. I had no problems. Well, one problem, but it's my fault. Since this is kind of frosty it shows all the flaws in my nail beds, and the nails on my right hard are a hot peely mess. I need to buff them or something.

Here is the display I found. The collection looks like it's called Guilty Pleasures (vibrantly candy-licious with an irresistible finish, even).

I obviously wasn't feeling too guilty about these because I picked up six. They're under a dollar, as you all know. Anything that's under a dollar is guilt-free, in my opinion.

From left to right we have: Candy Apple Twist, Mint Fusion, Tropical Splash (pictured above), Blueberry Fizz, Berry Jubilee and Grape Crush

They're so pretty all standing in a row like that, no? I got all the cool-toned colors plus one coral (which y'all know I just can't resist like, ever). I compared the coral to Blazed first and they were different enough to warrant having both. Three of these are cremes (Candy Apple Twist, Blueberry Fizz and Berry Jubilee), two are kind of frosty (Tropical Splash and Grape Crush) and Mint Fusion is a shimmer. It reminds me of China Glaze Entourage.

I stopped at Sally's yesterday too in the hopes that they had Poolside. No display so I was sad...UNTIL I noticed a few China Glaze boxes sitting on the counter about to be put away. They had one Poolside set. One. The buy two get one free thing was still going on, too. The nice Sally's employees let me tear through their boxes once again and I emerged with these.

Sun Worshipper, Flip Flop Fantasy and Kiwi-Cool-Ada

I've been dreaming about Flip Flop Fantasy since I first saw Scrangie's swatches. The green looks awesome too, and I just kind of randomly chose the orange. I wasn't too interested in the blue, I already have a ton of straight-up neon pinks and I didn't think I'd wear the yellow. Sun Worshipper was left by default. I think it'll look good on my toesies :)

That's all for today. Long post, huh? Phew. What do you guys think about these new Wet n Wild polishes? Has anyone else seen them yet? They're hitting it out of the park right now, man. I'll leave you with a picture of Raven and Alley sitting by the door. I took this one while I was sitting outside looking in at them.

Hehe. Cutesies.

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  1. omg thats such a great color! i still dont hv that kind of green. me want it soo much!! :D

  2. I'm gonna have to check out my Walgreens, I love the wet'n wild polishes, they have cute colors and they're cheap :D
    I've been to my Sally's about 4 times and they never have the poolside collection, the employyes are so not smart!
    I'm gonna have to bug my husband to take me to another sally's that's about an hour away from our house :P

  3. love those wet n wilds!

  4. Ooh, great haul! I love Wet N Wild polishes, I'm going to have to look for these. And I lovee the Poolside collection. Flip Flop Fantasy is the first one I wore when I got mine :D

  5. I love the kittie picture!
    Those Wet and Wilds look really nice too. Let the hunting begin!

  6. Awesome haul.
    One of the drugstores here (don't remember which) had WnW for 10 for $10 but they didn't have only a few left and I had those. :)
    Glad you had fun,

  7. Very pretty! I'll keep my eyes out for this display!

  8. whaaat?! a new line!? awesome! im gunna go hunt em down! haha

  9. Your leg again? You sexy naughty girl. ;)

    How is Sun Worshipper? I LOVE how it looks in the bottle but I'm afraid to look like a recently rescued a drowned girl with that on my nails, hee hee hee!

    You want me to subcribe 7 times more to get you at 300?
    You'd get:
    - Me (entirely)
    - My head
    - My right hand
    - My left hand
    - My right leg
    - My left leg
    - my trunk
    and more importantly...
    - my (big) buttocks

    There you go with 7. ;)

    (I have no pride but I love that)

  10. hey! love this post. Im in the UK and visiting Las Vegas over christmas! I can't beleive you have all these amazing polishes so cheap!! I think I will bring a spare suitcase just for varnishes!!! I don't even know if I'll be allowed to bring them back with me but dammit I will try!!! lol. xx

  11. Cuuute kitties and I look forward to poolside. I don't really own any neons so I'm getting all the standards. Pink, yellow, green, blue.

  12. MMmm

    Those all look really nice! I really want to see the clothes. Do more outfit of the days or fashion posts, PWEASE.


  13. Gotta love those WnW n/p! they have awesome quality!!!

  14. OMGGGGG, new wet n wilds!!! i'm so getting some...possibly all!! Thanks for this post, I totally love wet n wild!

  15. aww your kitties, so cute. I think I have the pink one from wet n wild, it's really nice, doesn't last long though, chips easily. I wish we had nice displays like this in Canada, I don't know what collection polishes are from half the time when I buy them in drugstores.

  16. where did you find those wnw polishes? all i see are old ones..??? :(


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