Friday, April 16, 2010


Sometimes a girl just has to wear red.

Essie Lacquered Up, two coats, overcast natural light

Today and tonight I decided that I need to be both a Betty and a Joan, a Jackie and a Marilyn. I think I'm gonna need some courage. Lacquered Up is my favorite red ever. It's quite warm, as you can see, and I feel like it has that vintage-y pin-up feel. Say what you want about Essie being boring--the lady knows how to make a red. I chopped off my nails last night because they were peeling and I couldn't handle it anymore. Ridge-filler can only get a girl so far.

So what's your favorite red?


  1. That's a great red! I love reds. I know a lot of people find them boring and predictable, but it's one of my favorite color families. Picking on red is hard, but I'd have to say it's either Zoya Elke or of course China Glaze Ruby Pumps.

  2. ooh I love reds too. Right now my favorite is OPI Red - which is definitely the most boring OPI name ever, but I love how it has a hint of pink in it that's really flattering on me.

  3. This ones too orangey for me =( Have fun being a marilyn. Its my favey fave way to be

  4. You think I can pick one no way! I love this on you!

  5. I totaly agree with your title. :)

  6. My favorite would have to be Essie Spring Collection 'Red Noveau" ! I love it! It is perfect for spring and summer as well as winter and fall! Yay for all seasons!

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  7. Looks great! I don't know if I love it for me though. Strangely, I'm more of a blue toned red kind of girl (most bloggers I run into seem to hate blue toned reds and love orange toned reds.)

    I feel another survey coming on!!!! =D


  8. L.A. girl Rockstar Addict. Totally my favourite red ever.

  9. My hubby flipped over Essie - Fishnet Stockings!
    That red looks awesome on you!

  10. stunning! i love this red.
    I am having such massive peeling issues at the mo but my nails aren't long enough to lop off. Dilemma! Hopefully I can get them a bit longer then get rid of peel towm.


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