Monday, April 19, 2010

U-G-L-Y, You Ain't Got No Alibi

Today I'm wearing a polish that I've worn once before. I went on a mad hunt for it at the end of last summer and when I finally found it was disappointed because the formula and application were terrible. I decided to bust it out and try it again.

Sally Hansen Forsythia. I truly adore this color, but you cannot deny that it is fucking ugly. Like, ew. It's kind of a mustard-y color with maybe a drop of green and some pearlescent shimmer. I still hated the formula. It was thick and weird. I also really dislike the old Sally Hansen Salon brush. It's so skinny. I can handle little brushes (like Essie) but this one is just stupid. It's not pliable enough to be as small as it is, if that makes sense. Who knows, maybe I'm just rambling. Anyway, here's a macro.

See? Shimmery. It looks pretty in the macro, but then once you see it on me it's like, ewww.

...yeah. I'm trying to think of a skintone that would complement this shade, but...I don't think I can. Maybe on someone with much darker skin? I don't know. However, the ugliness of this shade will not stop me from wearing it many many times. It's too unique not to love. This mustard-y color was super popular in like...the autumn of 2008-ish. I just remember that everything at H&M was mustard. I bought mustard shoes. I had a mustard purse--I still miss that purse, man. I wore a hole through it and had to pitch it.

Anyway, I wanted to wear Forsythia because there are like a million forsythia plants blooming near my house. Unfortunately none of them are in my yard and I didn't really want to sneak into a neighbor's yard like a crazy person to take a picture. I just got one from Google.

The flowers on a forsythia are a lot more of a goldenrod yellow than a mustard yellow, but that's okay. God, this polish was so hard to find. I remember as soon as I stopped actively looking for it I ended up stumbling across it. I also have Honeydew and Night Hydrangea from the same collection.

So who has Forsythia? Who thinks Forsythia looks less ghastly on them than it does on me? I fully admit that it looks awful on me, but that's not gonna stop me from trying my best to rock it. Oh by the way, that Maybelline La La Lime held up really really well! I was washing dishes last night for at least an hour and I only had one small chip. Good show, Maybelline!


  1. What a totally unique color - ugly but very cool (like a sparkly mustard - something I would NEVER want to eat). I adore forsythia bushes - we had one growing up at my house.

  2. Oooh, this is horrid! I've never been one to like the "ugly pretty/ugly awesome" colors, but I can appreciate those who do!

  3. Amazing. I love ugly awesome. =D

    I've never even heard of forsythia bushes until right now... Maybe they aren't common in california? Not sure.

    Have a lovely day!

  4. ohmygod stef thats hideous! I love yellow but that looks like baby poo hahahaha. but I love that you wearrrrrrrrrrrr it! ugly awesome! hope alls goooooooood xoxo

  5. LMAO All I have stuck in my head is that chant now. About a month ago I came across this and Night Hydrangea hidden behind some displays, and I snatched them up. I still haven't put it on, but it's UGLY in the bottle! I'll have to do that this week for you, since I think I'm a shade darker. I don't think it will get any better though!

  6. I don't like this color. It's just ugly. =)

  7. I do not have this color, but from what I've bueno! In fact it's making me hungry for corn dogs.LOL!

  8. I love it. It looks like mustard. Or picalilly. I love that. I love anything bizarre. I love to be different. To me ugly is an orangey brown creme. Not a old pus yellow. Ah ah, seriously I wonder how it'd look against my skin tone but I'd wear it.

    There is a Forsythia here in the garden, always the first tree to bloom when winter is over!

    If you want one in your garden, simply ask a branch to your neighbors. Plant the branch on the ground where you want your bush to be. It'll grow, careless. It's super easy to multiply. My mother was making tutors for other plants with old branches of Forsythia and she had to stop cause they all were covering with green leaves!

  9. ....That is truly a weird polish. I feel like if it were just a bit different it could be awesome...but at least from here it looks like a strange sort of franken, pearly and shimmery and a bit flat all at the same time. Bizarre. It does look color accurate to the flowers, though. I'm glad it's aptly named, at least!

    That song is going to be stuck in my head all afternoon, I just know it. :P

  10. hey, you have a crooked middle finger too! never seen anyone else outside of my family with one.


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