Thursday, April 22, 2010

UD Smoke Out Kit: Yerba

I think this will be the first post on here that I'll be doing that isn't about nail polish. I'm still wearing Splash of Grenadine today and I don't feel like taking it off and replacing it; I have work in about two hours. The other day I mentioned that I was thinking about buying an Urban Decay Smoke Out Kit. Guess what? I did!

I got my kit in Yerba (green). It also comes in brown (Ju Ju) and classic black (Sweet Lucy). The fun thing about the kit is that it folds out revealing all kinds of neat stuff, and then collapses back into its nice little cube.

A drawer pulls out from the top layer that has a little instruction pamphlet inside.

One side has a little paint-by-number diagram dealio and the other side has pretty detailed ten-step instructions on how to create a smoky eye.

Here's the top layer. It flips all the way over and has a mirror on one side. Very cool, though I doubt I'll ever be trying to do smoky eyes on the go. There are four shadows: a matte nude, a matte white, a shimmery gray with green undertones, and a dark shimmery green.

The second layer. It includes a little brush and a 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero, which is the best black liner you'll find. Period. Normally I would say that the brush is useless, but I found it to be okay to use for blending in the darker color and for smudging the liner along my lashes.

And the last layer, a mini Skyscraper mascara! I love Skyscraper.

Isn't it cute?

For my first time using this kit I wanted to follow the instructions precisely. They were pretty easy to follow and detailed without being confusing or annoying. I love the shadow colors. I'm going to show you my face, but not close-up because I am so not adept at taking pictures of my own face. I don't know how all you amazing makeup bloggers do it. I just let my Mac PhotoBooth do it for me.

Oh boy I look tired. Sorry.

So there you have it. I think it turned out pretty good. Also, last night I got home at like 1am and went straight to bed. When I woke up this morning my eyes still looked like this. It was a little bit faded, but that's all. I guess that's a testament to Primer Potion, which is the only thing not included in the kit. I'm sure that any eyeshadow primer will do, but UDPP is the best (in my opinion).

Normally these cost $34, but this week at Ulta they are on sale for $19.99. If you want one, go get one. For $20 you'll be getting four shadows, a brush, an eyeliner, and a mascara--all of them Urban Decay quality. I'm really, really happy with my purchase. So what do you guys think? Anybody else have one of these cute little things?


  1. those greens are preeeeeeeeeetttttyy!!! and Splash of Grenadine looks better and better each time i see it

  2. Those greens are gorgeous! I wonder, does the eyeliner smudge? I've heard it's a little smudgey, and that's what's stopping me from buying...

  3. Oh my, that has got to be the coolest kit ever! The packaging is fabulous and oh, the contents too, of course. The shadow colours are gorgeous. :)


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