Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wet n Wild Week: Blazed

Happy Saturday polish fiends! I think yesterday's post about Wild Card was my 200th post and I didn't realize it until now. Oh well. 201 is just as monumental, right? It's finally sunny again today and I couldn't be happier. Yesterday was gross and necessitated a winter coat. I tried to take a bit of a walk at the outdoor mall by my house (and by "take a bit of a walk" I of course mean "go shopping a lot") but I couldn't handle the cold. I ended up buying some Chipotle and heading in to work early just to get into the warmth. Oh, dude. Remember how I told you a bit ago that my friend from work's dad died? Someone else at work's grandfather just died and my manager's best friend died...yesterday, I think. Strange things are afoot at Coffee Inc. I've heard that death comes in threes, so maybe we're finished. It's all so sad, though.

On that horrifyingly depressing note, I have another Wet n Wild Shine polish to show you. It's not one of the "new" ones; it's available on pretty much every Wet n Wild display I've ever encountered. I got this one ages ago and it took me until now to use it.

This is Blazed and it is an uber-Steff color. It has been a while since I've sung the praises of everything coral/melon/peach. Guess what? I effing love this beast. This is three coats. Remember how I was kind of pissed off that Sunny Side Up had VNL after three coats? I don't mind it with Blazed because I love the color so much. I kind of can't tell whether this is a jelly or a creme. Maybe it's one of those cremes that looks kind of jelly. Whatever, it's gorgeous. It would make a great summer pedicure color. Again, this was ninety-nine cents and you can find it at any drug store with a Wet n Wild display. I've been using Sally Hansen Mega Shine lately and I don't think I like it as much as Seche Vite. My bottle of Seche is pretty much donezo, though. It's at the point where it has been thinned a million times already and also the brush isn't really reaching down into the product anymore (by the way, Seche, that's really annoying; make longer brushes). I think I'm going to buy a new bottle when I get around to Sally's.

I leave you with a couple pictures of some deer in my backyard. In one of them the sunlight/reflection of the sliding glass door fucked things up, but it's still kind of a cool picture.

Can you see them? They're bein' all stealth.

They're leaping away! Silly reflection.

I took these at about 10am, which is a totally weird time for deer to be frolicking. They tend to like dawn and twilight. By twilight I mean the time of day, not sparkle vampires.

K, that's all for today. I hope everyone has a super-fantastic-weekend. I'm working tonight so that's kind of blah, but I'm off tomorrow and Monday so yay!


  1. Oooh I love that color! I want. Haha

  2. Nice color! Perfect for summer! :)

  3. Yes, I love this color! It's fun, and it's juicy and I don't care about the VNL either.
    That's really weird about that many folks passing in such close proximity. I hope that the "rule of three" holds true in this case!

  4. Hahahaha. You are hilarious. I wish I could write as eloquently/funnily (yea that's a word...) as you!

    I really really love this color. How does it compare to the essence/chanel melon/peach color?

    The deer are SO adorable! How awesome! The only wildlife we have in Davis is squirrels! Haha.

  5. I love reading your blog, and especially enjoy your cat-isodes!

    I gave you the Sunshine Award in my blog. Check it out and pass it on! :)

  6. I wouldn't wear this one (I had a similar long ago and my hands look so weird) but I find all those polish very lovely. I mean, are they really 99 cents? On here, they'd sell it at least 6€! Europe sucks.

    Your backyard looks a bit like heaven. And I'm always happy to read your rambling. Ok now go prepare your 202th post. And your 203th, etc... ;) Mwaahahahaha!

  7. Just thought I would drop by and say Hi, I am a new "beauty" blogger and have recently found yours :)


  8. I love Wet n Wild's Blazed! For $0.99, you just can't beat it.


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