Monday, April 05, 2010

Wet n Wild Week: Night Prowl

Happy Monday, lovies, and welcome to Wet n Wild week here at Short n Chic. I noticed that I had been collecting quite a few of the new Wet n Wild Shine polishes. You know how that goes; you run to the store to pick something up and all of a sudden you've got five polishes in your basket. Welcome to my life. Anyway, every day this week I'll show you a new Wet n Wild Shine polish. The best part about this particular themed week is that after I enable you, you can actually go out and buy these pretties pretty much guilt-free. Why? These babies cost less than a dollar. Generally between ninety-seven and ninety-nine cents.

So what's first on the list?

This is Night Prowl. I looked around for this forever because it's not on all the new displays for some reason. It's gorgeous. My pictures do not do it justice. It's fuschia/purple glitter suspended in a sheer black base. Don't let the word sheer scare you. It's fully opaque in two coats, but I did three. The base is a lot like China Glaze Lubu Heels, if you know what I mean. It looks super bumpy in my macro shot, but it's not really. After a coat of topcoat it was perfectly smooth. I got a couple compliments on this polish. Usually people don't notice what I'm wearing! Love it. I'm so glad I got this one. You guys need to hunt down Night Prowl; it's such a gorgeous vampy.

And now for some Easter pictures! First, here is Alley trying to eat the Easter grass out of the basket of eggs that I dyed.

She thought she was being stealthy. I wonder what would have happened if I just would have let her eat the plastic grass. I'd probably see it in her poo later.

Also, do you guys remember my grandma? She is bringer of nail polish, lover of movies, and an all-around awesome lady. I usually take her out to lunch once or twice a week. She always brings me polish from drugstores. She also bought herself some of that glitter polish--huge silver stars suspended in clear polish that you usually have to place with a toothpick. She keeps telling me that someday she'll be brave enough to wear it. She also said to me the other day, "Do you have some black nail polish I can use?" Guys...she's 86. Isn't that adorable? Anyway, her birthday is on Wednesday so we celebrated with the family yesterday. Here's a happy picture of the two of us. Half of my face is kind of blurry because my mom sucks as a photographer. Sorry mom.

Isn't she the cutest? I will make sure to get pictures of her hands if she decides to bedazzle them :)

I've got kind of a busy day planned--a busy week, really! My best friend is in town for a couple days so we're going to go to H&M and shop it up. I'm also having lunch with my godmother, who I haven't actually seen since last June. Long story, that. Tomorrow my parents talked me into taking both kitties to the vet. Oy. I'm not sure how I got myself into that one...

That's all for today. Who has Night Prowl? Who loves Night Prowl? It's so absolutely gorgeous that I can't imagine not loving it. Have a great Monday, darlings!


  1. Awh, your grandma sounds awesome!! My grandma buys me nail polish but never any for herself.

    Have fun this week! I wouldn't enjoy taking cats to the vet though.. All of our cats freak out in the car. My dog loves going to the vet though, she doesn't seem to realize what is going on until we're inside the building. Haha.

  2. Your grandma is the cutest thing ever. hands down! I want to buy her black nail polish now! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!

  3. Oh, your grandma is so adorable!
    And so are you, being so close to her and seeing her regularly! You have a big heart, I know too many people who don´t seem to remember or even care about their grandparents. :(

    I wish my grandma was still here, she was hands down the bravest, warmest, most loving, wisest and simply the most amazing person I think I will ever meet. Her heart was bigger than one could imagine, and she would never say no to anyone who needed her help, no matter what.

    But lovely little mummo (grandma in Finnish) passed away a few months ago. It still hurts so much. Last night was when I last cried when talking about her... :(
    I know she´s in a better place now, she is surrounded by angels and everyone else who she had lost in her life. Oh gosh, here I go crying again... :/

    Anyway, I don´t know many things that make me appreciate a person (that I don´t even know) more, than that they are close and loving and caring with their grandparents. That tells a lot about someone, and I think it tells just how big a heart you have!

  4. I'm wearing that polish now. :D

    Your grandma sounds awesome!

  5. I have night prowl and yes, I love it. I was worried at how sheer it was on the first coat, but magically after the second it was perfect :]
    I've actually been loving all the W'n'W wild shine polishes lately.

    And your gran is adorable! What a sweetheart :]

  6. I'm so in love with that polish!

  7. Awww. Your grandma ROCKS! Is she going to wear black nail polish on her birthday?

    And that polish looks gorgeous (too bad I suspect some grittiness)

  8. Hi there,
    I'm new to short 'n chic and so far I think it is great...nail poilish, kitties...I love! I just want to kindly warn you though...if you care about your kitties...please keep the easter grass far away from them, it is very dangerous. They may not just poop it out, it can become wound up around the intestines etc. causing a great deal of pain and surgery to fix it. Please dispose of the stuff, and try to replace qith the shredded paper "Grass" instead. Just a fyi, cause I love and have great concern for all creatures.
    ~Peace & blessings~

  9. I have Night Prowl! I LOVE Night Prowl! Before I switched over to Raspberry Festival the other day, my toesies were dark and sparkly. :) I even bought a bottle for my friend. Haha!

    Your grandma is THE! CUTEST! She reminds me of an outgoing version of my great-grandma! It's wonderful to be so close to family, isn't it?

  10. WTF every time I look at these wet n wild polishes they all suck. I'm pretty sure they only ever have like 10 colors on display (including black white and clear) and never anything this awesome. Balls.

    I really love both of the colors you put up. I will have to keep my eyes open for these now.

    Kitties are looking lovely =)


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