Friday, April 09, 2010

Wet n Wild Week: Wild Card

Holy shitballs, it's supposed to SNOW today. I was just wearing a dress WITHOUT TIGHTS two days ago and I wasn't cold! I was just wearing a short-sleeved shirt WITHOUT A TRENCH three days ago and I was hot! Hot I tell you! No, seriously, it got up to 87 degrees on Tuesday. And now...and now...sad panda. Usually I really love winter and cold weather, but I am so ready to bust out my shorts and my stupid sunglasses and my sun dresses.

This is the last new Wet n Wild Shine polish that I have to show you. It was also the first one that I bought! I haven't seen this one around on blogs too much, and I had a hard time taking pictures because there is no sun. Absolutely none. It's so depressing.

This is Wild Card, and honestly, you're really going to have to see this one in real life to appreciate it. It's really, really gorgeous. It's a mauve with fuchsia shimmer and gold flash. We all know that purples are difficult to photograph, and this one is no exception. The first picture is sans flash, natural light, and I used flash in the second picture. I'd say the first one is more accurate, but again, please see this one in real life. Its depth and shimmer are really, really beautiful. I used three coats here. It went on a little sheer, but I got full coverage after three coats and a ridge-filling basecoat.

Gah, I am feeling so bleh today. I was bored yesterday. I didn't have to work until 5 (like today) so I didn't really do anything all day. Today I think I'm going to pop over to my grandma's and bring her some groceries and then maybe I'll shop a tad. I wear polo shirts every day to work and I think the time has come for me to buy a button-down. I'm a wild woman, I tell you.

Do any of you guys read Questionable Content? Betsy has been reading it for ages and I started reading it like a year ago. I started enjoying it way more after I became a barista because a couple of the main characters work at a coffee shop. Today's comic made me laugh; here's a link. And before you ask, no, my coffee shop does not have a secret menu. Although I'm considering bringing pop rocks to work today. Happy Friday, everyone :)


  1. lmao at the poprocks! ahahahahaha loves it. gorgeous purple. It reminds me of another polish I just can't think which. booooooooooo.

  2. Pretty!
    Hey Ange- Orly Fantasea?

  3. Great color [:

    And MAN I wish it had been 87 here a few days ago. It's been so cold here. At least it isn't snowing though. Yuckk. I'm ready for summer!

  4. Such a pretty color. I now need all these colors.

    I'm thinking about getting some acrylics... Would you still be my friend? Haha. I had TWO breaks yesterday. I just can't take this crap anymore! I know my nails are brittle but this is just wrong. I know they're bad for your nails, but they just look so GOOD.

    I need to ponder this more. Hmm.

    Have a lovely day, I'm sorry about the shitty weather! If it makes you feel better it's supposed to be 73 here today! Haha. Why that would make you feel better, I don't know.


  5. Love that colour! And QC is made of win, though the past few years have been so shippy, I really need to reread it again. (Hanners rocks!)

  6. I haven't worn a frost/shimmer lilac since... wow since I was frankening mine at the age of 15. And trust me, I'm a dinosaure. :D

    Sun has come back on here after days and days of rain. It's warm again and my tomato plants are growing. It won't be long before cherry trees get in bloom. I ADORE this moment... (why do I say that? no idea)

  7. Omg, I LOVE Questionable content. YOU TOO?!

  8. It's nice to meet someone in Ohio, too. I'm down near Columbus. Glad to meet you!
    Someone above posted she's thinking about acrylics. If you want 'em, get 'em. Do know that they will damage your nail beds. I suggest, if you can afford it, a nice place where you can make appointments and not the walk in places. It's not that the walk ins aren't good, they are, it's just that they..well, they're in a hurry. They count on lots of business, which is probably how they keep their prices low. I've got little nails and, um, the techs were kinda rough on them. Ah, well, acrylics were still nice....

  9. Just wanted to say you just got me so hooked on Questionable Content! oh man reading the archives is such good procrastination!


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