Friday, May 07, 2010

China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini--Gotta Wear Shades

Holy crap this polish is bright. My application wasn't great, but that's the fault of the white polish that I used as a base. I got cuticle drag on a couple nails and then was too lazy to do a third coat. Oh well. The effect is still insane.

Sorry for the blurry last image, but I wanted to show you that it basically glows in low lighting. My camera can obviously not convey the true neon-ness of this shade. It's kind of ridiculous. I like it, but I think I like Sun Worshipper a wee bit better. I'm sad that it's not sunny outside today. I had already made up my mind which polish to wear before I knew the weather. Oh well. I'll probably wear this a couple more times during the summer.

I've been having a pretty shitty week. It's Friday, but that doesn't mean that the week is over. I still have to work through the weekend. Things just kept snowballing. I was contemplating not even getting out of bed yesterday but I decided that buying some ridiculous sunglasses might make me feel better. That's my hobby lately, by the way. Ridiculous sunglasses. So to cheer myself up I got these.

Cheetah sunnies, H&M, $9.95

Unfortunately these didn't cheer me up as much as I'd hoped that they would. They did cheer up my co-worker, though. That's a bit of a win. Last weekend I bought these.

Color fade sunnies, Urban Outfitters, $10

I have several other pairs of sunnies that I will probably show you throughout the summertime. Eh, maybe they do cheer me up a little bit, now that I'm looking at them again. Anyway, I don't want to depress all of you so I'll stop rambling about being a sad panda.

So how do you guys feel about Yellow Polka Dot Bikini? I think I'll wear it on my toes next. I wonder how it would look with Hidden Treasure on top of it. Probably kind of weird...


  1. Well, I just LOVE Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. I love how bright it is.
    Nice sunglasses :P It would be fun to buy ridiculous sunglasses but I have to wear prescription sunglasses. Lame!

    I hope you feel better!! HUGS!

  2. Well, I wanted to buy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini just because it was highlighter yellow but when I was at the store - one in which the saleswoman allows me to try some on my nails - I just didn't think the yellow was going to work for me. I did get the Sun Worshipper and think it's amazing - it is such a cheerful orange. And I'm going to use it in a manicure this weekend (with purple) to support the local basketball team which is winning in the playoffs. (not that I care but I want to wear the orange!). Oh and I would love to see Hidden Treasure on the yellow - I tried it on Sun Worshipper and it looks awesome! Have a fun weekend! -JenB

  3. Well I think you need those cool sunglasses to be able to look at your hands. Wicked polish!

  4. sonofabish i need those cheetah sunnies!!!!!!!!!! holy balls those are so Marilyn I could scream!

  5. I'm fan of the Urban Outfitter sunglasses <3 Yeah, show us all the little sunglasses you adopt someday! I can't resist accessories in general. Hats, sunglasses, boas, scrafes, gloves... I'm crazy about that. As for this polish, I don't think I'll get it: I'm afraid neon yellow enhance all the old scars of my hands but I love it, it's so like a slamming door right on your face, awesome. Email me one of those days my little cheetah. ;)

  6. I like both of those sunglasses =) Very cute. I love almost everything urban outfitters makes though.... haha. I have a money spending issue. Anywho feel better and start being the happy panda I know and love! HURRAY



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