Monday, May 10, 2010

Cutesy Essie

Monday has quickly become my favorite day of the week for several reasons, partly because I have the day off more often than not. This morning is a particularly sunny and lovely day, but we Clevelanders know that the sun is deceptive. It's actually like 45 degrees outside despite that it appears to be the middle of summer. Sigh. I long for hot days (when I will inevitably and invariably complain constantly about the heat, hehe).

Here's what I wore all weekend, Essie Cute As A Button. And it is. This color confuses me, though. In the bottle it is decidedly coral. On the nail sometimes it's coral. Sometimes it looks hot pink. Other times it looks very orange. The result of this effect is that sometimes I loved it when I looked down at my hands and sometimes I hated it. This was three coats and you can still see some VNL. It's a creme, but it's one of those cremes that looks a bit like a jelly. Cute As A Button is from Essie's summer 2009 collection which also gave me Lacquered Up, my favorite ever screen siren red. I'm not really sure what else to say about this one. It was a lemming of mine for a long time and I do like it, I just don't love it, sadly. However...

With the addition of Hidden Treasure it does kind of turn into awesome sauce. I think I want a back-up bottle of this flaky, which will be a problem because it's not pretty difficult to find. Plus there are all those people who buy them up and sell them on e-bay. Which is not cool, people. Not cool. Anyway, I think that today I might go to the Dry County Walgreens where I've had really good luck with other drug store polishes. There is a city north of here that's very small, where there is no industry, and where the property taxes are obscenely high. Their drug stores are usually the least picked over of any I've encountered. Patricia Heaton of Everybody Loves Raymond fame is from there, actually. Yes, that's right; we have a celebrity.

There's not much else to report. I am going to endeavor to have a fantastic week to make up for the shitty one I had last week. It's off to a good start. I was going to post a picture of my mom and me from yesterday, but I just can't do it. I looked like a hot mess. Last year on the night before Mother's Day I went out drinking with a friend, got completely hammered off of Long Island Iced Tea(s) and then was hung over for breakfast the next morning. Actually, I woke up still drunk. I have since completely quit drinking, 100%, I never have any alcohol. However I still ended up going to my friend's house on Saturday night. I got home at like 2ish and then had to wake up at 6:30 for breakfast. Although I wasn't drunk I was still so tired that I looked drunk. Oh well. At least it's an improvement from last year, yes? Maybe next year I'll actually be normal.

So, does anyone have any coral nail polish recommendations for me? Y'all know how I love corals, so if you have any suggestions about READILY AVAILABLE ones (ie polishes that do not require me to scour the globe, resort to e-bay or pay $18 per bottle) I'll gladly listen to you. Is anyone completely in love with Cute As A Button? I'm still just lukewarm about it...

Also, don't forget about my giveaway. The last day to enter is this Friday by 11:59pm EST. What's that? You haven't heard about my giveaway? Oh, well then click here please.


  1. what a cute Essie polish! i must go find it..soon! haha. and its beautiful with Hidden Treasure too! im definitely in love with it! =)

  2. I feel ya on the hidden treasure polish. I have trolled around a few drug stores and I'm still empty handed. :/

    Side note: Even though I've moved out of Ohio, I am a Cleveland girl also. Reading your posts about the crazy weather makes me miss home. :)

  3. I have Cute As A Button and I have the same problem with it. I can never work out what colour it is!

  4. So I'm wearing China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and it makes me think of you because it's a neon coral.

  5. I get what your thinking about Essie Cute as Button. That's that feeling when a nail polish seems to be neon... but, the colour seems to be so pretty. A mist of coral and orange, a real must-have. Well, I certainly have to check the colour to see if it will work for me. Kisses from Portugal!

  6. Thanks so much for your sweet comment - I know you will do GREAT in grad school :) What are you studying? Loving the polish combo - REALLY cool!!

  7. I like this color on you! I really like Hidden Treasure too. =D I hope your week is fantastic!!!!!!! HURRAY

  8. lovely color, awesome swatch!


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