Saturday, May 22, 2010

In Which I Return To Canada

Ugh, will the sun ever come out again? The best the forecast gives me until a week from today is "partly cloudy." That's better than overcast, but I'm really growing tired of all of this rain. We got very little rain in April but May has been super wet and disgusting. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Ah well.

So yesterday I totally got confuzzled about OPI Chocolate Moose. First I thought I may have sent it to PerryPie, but after she internet-laughed at me and told me she didn't have it I realized that I had actually sent her OPI Dulce de Leche. Honest mistake! Then I was wondering if I actually had Chocolate Moose at all. I went through my "to-wear" shoebox (yes, I keep my polishes in Steve Madden shoeboxes; wanna fight about it?) and couldn't find it. Hm. Maybe I had never actually bought it. Then I went through my storage drawers, and lo and behold there it was, sitting right next to Kreme de la Kremlin. I decided to give the little Moose some love.

with flash

This was three coats. In truth, I probably would have been okay at two. I was doing my nails in super low light, though, and I find that when I do that and I think two coats is enough, I almost always end up with bald patches. I erred on the side of caution just for the hell of it and added an extra coat. The formula on little Moose-y was top-notch. Even though it's from the Canadian collection of 2004 (?), it has technically made it into the permanent collection so it still has the pro-wide brush (yay!). This polish was truly a joy to apply.

When I first put this on I kind of hated it. I believe after I finished applying my Seche Vite I actually said, "ew," out loud. Throughout the evening I kept sneaking glances down at my hands, looking at my nails out of the corner of my eye. By the time I was ready for bed I was actually admiring the color. Dare I say...I think...I think it kind of suits me. It's a light brown with a touch of pink thrown in, and it really does remind me of chocolate pudding or chocolate mousse. Oh, I also chopped off my nails in preparation for wearing Rescue Beauty Lounge Chinoise. I feel like a red that punchy on longish nails looks kind of gaudy. I want to wear it when there's sun but I don't really know when that'll be. I'm itching to get it on, though. Is so purdy.

Aaaaanyway, does anyone else have Chocolate Moose? I feel like it's a polish that's pretty easily overlooked since it's part of the permanent collection and it's basically a neutral. Does it actually look good on me, or am I crazy? I definitely like it for now and I think I'll leave it on all day...


  1. Each time I see on my blogroll that you have a new post, I feel excited because I am impatient to see what color you're wearing today. Weird eh? :D

    I considered getting this one. And I hesitated with "Kreme de la Kremlin" and "Dulce de Leche". Finally it drove me crazy because I couldn't decide without seeing them in real life, I picked none of them and bought a completely different color instead (typically me).

    We don't see enough core line polishes. Always new collections and LE things. Kudos to you for doing it - those polishes deserve some love too.

    To end, you're not crazy, I love it. Both in general and on your nails. It looks like creamy melting milk chocolate (rhhaaaaaaaa). Do you mind if I suck your finger (jeez, it's getting risky - I'd rather get off of here before I say something I regret)


  2. This is actually one of my fave polishes (shhhh don't tell) I wear it ALL THE TIME

  3. It looks great on you. I love the name too. I'd wear this plenty if it were mine.

  4. Well then. I think I want it. I think it looks fantastic on you.

  5. I think it looks really good on you!! I couldn't see myself wearing it though.

  6. Oh, it's hot on you! But I have a thing for brownish nudes, myself. I mean, I loved Barefoot in Barcelona. I know I'm weird. They do sneak up on you.
    And I am now stuck with A Case Of You in my head....
    "I drew a map of Canada...Ohh Canada..."

  7. I think it looks beautiful on you! I really like these brownish nudes too but I definitely don't wear them enough. XD

  8. are you in canada?
    you are right, this colour does get overlooked, although it has a great name, OPI Chocolate Moose. :)

  9. Justine, no. I am not in Canada. The title of the post is a reference to the fact that I wore two polishes from the OPI Canadian collection two days in a row. I am from the United States and I live in the midwest.

  10. i love this color !!! i need it !!!

  11. I think of all the three colors I just read about (RBL and this) this is my favorite. Haha! Sorry! I'm not a big red or light blue fan! =(

    This, though, is lovely. I would absolutely love to own this one! I'm putting it on my list of shit I want lol.

    Have a fantastic day!!!


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