Thursday, May 13, 2010

*New* Wet n Wild Craze: Bali and Sumatra

Good morning, everyone. Today I'm showing you another layering combination from the new set of Wet n Wild Craze polishes that I showed you in this post.

Here is Bali. I'm sorry that there's no sunlight here. I tried a flash image but it looked awful. You'll have to settle for natural light. This is a really amazing color. When I first saw it I wanted to describe it as a lime green, but it's really not. It has this murky pea soup quality to it. I like it very much on its own. It had a good formula, too. Not too thin. This only required two coats.

Then I added a layer of Sumatra, which is an extremely sheer minty green iridescent shimmer. It cools down the underlying green color significantly and gives it an interesting finish. Sumatra would probably look nice over a lot of colors, like black or a dark blue. I do like this combination a lot; it was easier to layer than the last one I used (Aruba and Barbados, linked above). The problem with the purple shimmer, Barbados, was that it was pigmented enough to stand on its own so layering it required super, super thin coats. It wasn't a big deal; Sumatra was just easier to work with. Am I babbling? I think I am. Anyway...pretty! Shiny! Yay!

Someone requested that I post a comparison of Essie Splash of Grenadine and Wet n Wild Aruba. I swatched on two fake nails, three coats of each.

natural light


Splash of Grenadine is on top and Aruba is on the bottom. As you can see, Aruba is a bit more purple. They are definitely in the same vein, although they are also definitely not dupes. Don't feel like shelling out for the Essie? Pick up the Wet n Wild if you run across it. It'll do.

So, if you were to spy these Craze polishes in a drug store, would you buy them? I definitely don't regret my purchase, at least not after using these greens. I think they look beautiful and I also really like the creme, Bali, on its own. What do you guys think?


  1. They are really pretty greens. I haven't bought any yet but have seen them a few times. :)
    Great post,

  2. Thank you so much for doing the comparison swatch, it was very helpful!

  3. I've so far resisted these, but that layering sure looks pretty!

  4. Love it!! I really really need to go look for these.

  5. Mmm, I may have to go get this green combo...

  6. hehehe Bali and Sumatra is city name in my country XD
    i even dont know they name it Bali and Sumatra .. hehe

  7. Maybe I could try this one with my new business! Where could I buy this one?

  8. Sorry seminyak, I didn't see your comment until almost a year later, sadly. These probably aren't readily available at drug stores anymore, but I would try ebay. It'll be cheap there.


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