Friday, May 21, 2010

OPI At Your Quebec and Call (!) and a Tiny Haul

The temperature outside is absolutely perfect and lovely, but unfortunately there's no sunlight. I wanted to wait to wear At Your Quebec and Call until I had sun, but I was just too excited. I'll use it again during the summer and try to take better pictures of it, I promise.

with flash

pink, green and gold shimmer; lovely

This polish is certainly very, very pretty. I hadn't used an old formula skinny brush OPI in forever, so the application on this was nice. The formula was fantastic, if a little sheer, and although the brush is small it still got the job done nicely. I was prepared for the polish to be sheer, so I wasn't pissed off when I needed three coats to get it to be opaque and even. Somehow I actually think that this khaki-olive-brass color is really flattering on me.

At Your Quebec and Call comes from the Canadian collection; I'm not sure when that one was released...before 2005, I think, because that's when Japan was released, and those have the pro-wide brushes on them. I think there's only one other color that made it into the permanent collection from Canada, and that's Chocolate Moose. I used to have that one but I think I may have sent it to PerryPie. I can't remember. Another favorite from that collection is Glacier Bay Blues, since discontinued along with At Your Quebec and Call. Anyway, I'm so glad I finally have this little gem, so thanks again, Ange. It definitely did not disappoint...but it definitely doesn't surpass Wagon Trail. Not for me, at least.

Remember the other day when I said I wanted to haul from Rescue Beauty Lounge? It's the weirdest thing. One second I was on the website, just looking. Then all of a sudden I was adding polishes to my cart. Before I knew it I was holding my credit card. Then I had an order confirmation in my inbox. How did that happen? Yesterday I came home to the cutest little package.

Wrapped in paper! Aw, cute. My last RBL order didn't have this, presumably because it was from the 50% off sale and they didn't have time to wrap stuff.

Pretty little blue and brown boxes, all in a row.

Chinoise, Bikini Bottom, Diddy Mow

Yep, there they are.

Whenever I'd tell any of my bloggy friends which RBLs I was lemming they'd always say, "You can probably skip Chinoise." But I couldn't. I just couldn't not have it. I can feel myself entering a red phase and this red creme just looks too perfect. I've wanted Bikini Bottom ever since I saw Scragie's post where she layered it over Essie Marshmallow. It looked amazing. Plus I loved Starfish Patrick so much that I felt I just needed to have Bikini Bottom as well. And Diddy Mow? Well, that just speaks for itself. It's the bottle, at least. I hope it doesn't turn out like No More War on me, ie gross. BY THE BY: is anyone interested in swapping somethin' for No More War? I think I might want to get rid of it.

So yeah, there's the evidence that for about twenty minutes I lost my mind. I bought three Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes at full price for absolutely no reason. If you want any of these lovelies, visit The customer service is ridiculously awesome. I ordered the polishes at 10:30am and I got shipping confirmation an hour later. Kind of incredible. I got the package two days later. So thanks Ji! You're awesome.

Anyway, what do you guys think about At Your Quebec and Call? Do you have any of these RBL polishes? Got any other RBL recommendations? Who knows, I could lose my mind again before too long.


  1. I have Diddy and Bikini Bottom. I need a backup of Bikini Bottom. I love it that much. Oh, and just an fyi, I got a second bottle of WT, just to make suresies mine wasn't a dud. This one looks slightly more gold in the bottle, but I don't have my expectations high...

  2. Bikini Bottom is adorable! I can't wait to see you swatch this. :)

  3. I have Chinoise and I agree that it is gorgeous and a must have! It is so bright! I recommend Frugalista too. It's uber sparkly!

  4. That color looks lovely on you, I think the olive-khaki colors look very nice too.

    yay for new pretties!

  5. This color looks great on you!!

  6. Hey YOU. I want to trade No More War with you!!!!! Unless you have already had another offer, that is!!!

    Do you want to tradesies? Let me know.

    Also, At Your Quebec & Call is for sure in my top 5 favorite nail polishes of all time. No doubt. I love it SO MUCH. It's like Wagon Trail's blonde older sister that plays soccer and dates the football team, while Wagon Trail is the younger sister with black hair who attempts witchcraft and wears lots of black eyeliner. haha. Too far?


  7. Nope, I don't have your chocolate moose. Lol. And oh Steph. Hahaha, tell me what you think about Diddy Mow. I've got a hankering for it.

  8. When I was 15, I've had a dupe of At Your Quebec and Call by Bourjois. The name escape me... I adored it but olive looks crap on me. That being said, you wear it wonderfully.

    RBL... I'd love to order some of their polish but as long as they ask me 40$ to ship one poor little bottle polish to France, they can keep them for themselves. I'm not Paris Hilton, ah ah!

    I only have Recycle from them. I could grab it for a good price with reasonable shipping price. I thikn that'll be my only RLB. No big deal. The sea is full of fishes.

  9. I've always loved At Your Quebec and Call...such a funky polish with all those colors. I don't own any RBL, unfortunately, but the ones you have look really nice!

  10. At Your Quebec and Call looks great on you! I like the looks of Bikini Bottom :P

  11. Omg, the gold is fab! And I love the pastel blue. :)

  12. shipping to France is 18.50 dollars now

  13. omg i want quebec soooo much!! it looks so amazing on you. and all the rbl's you got are great choices!


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