Saturday, May 29, 2010

OPI Over the Taupe

Good morning, everyone. It's Saturday! Happy Saturday! You know what else is happy? My mum and dad have decided to go...somewhere (I'm not sure where they're off to) so I have the place to MYSELF. Ah, bliss. Bliss eternal. Well, by "eternal" I mean until Monday afternoon. But still. I remembered this week why I had tried to become a morning person to begin with, and that reason is summer. Mornings in the summertime are simply amazing and lovely. Right now I'm sitting on my back porch under a ridiculously large umbrella, drinking my coffee, and listening to the birds be annoying. I always get really sad when I sleep through the morning in the summer. In the wintertime it's not that important because morning tends to look the same as 3pm. You know what I mean? Mornings in the summer just feel so fresh and new and clean.

Last night around midnight I decided to do my nails again. Crazy bananas.

This is OPI Over the Taupe from last summer's Bright Pair collection. It kind of scares me that I bought a polish last June and I am just now busting it out a year later. This needs to be remedied. I like this color. It reminds me a bit of Rimmel Steel Grey. As has been said ad nauseum, I'm sure, I don't understand what it was doing in a brights collection. I guess because mushroom shades were kind of a big deal last year around this time. Come to think of it, they're still kind of a big deal. The application on this was shitty. The formula was super, super runny and watery. Initially I did two coats but I thought the better of it and added a third. I was angry at the polish while I was doing this. Then after the third coat I looked down at it and thought, "This is really nice..." A good creme just kind of lulls me into complacency, apparently.

Now for a bit of a lesson about taupe. According to Wikipedia, taupe "refers to any grayish-brown color . . . [and] derives from the Latin name for the European Mole." It gives kind of a color chart that defines different types of taupe. I had fun with it. Over the Taupe is what Wikipedia would define as "medium taupe," while $OPI Metro Chic is "purple taupe," and OPI You Don't Know Jacques! would be a true taupe, or "dark taupe." Fun times with colors!

Over the Taupe reminded me a bit of what my coffee looks like after I add soy milk (ie a little gross).

Ew, doesn't it look like sludge? It's because I shake the soy container before I pour it into the coffee. This causes bubbles and froth. Over the past two weeks I've decided that I need to give up half and half, which is sad because I love it. There's just no reason to have all that fat in the morning.

Oh GOD, yesterday I made a very poor life choice in the afternoon. I had t-w-e-l-v-e shots of espresso around 3pm on a completely empty stomach. Surprisingly I didn't have a tummy ache, but I was bouncing around until a good twelve hours later. I did start to feel better yesterday evening, though. Nothing calms a girl's nerves like watching Sex and the City 2 (and making fun of it the entire time), real frozen yogurt, and an impromptu Lady GaGa sing-along. I was sitting next to the most fabulous bitchy gay man at the movie. Ugh, he was so hilarious. Much more entertaining than the movie itself. Haven't seen the movie yet? Then don't read the article I'm about to share with you. Have you seen it? Then read this. It's really interesting to me. Anyway, I was feeling better yesterday but somehow in the beautiful morning everything is starting to look a tad bleak again. I'll see if I can't fix that with another twelve espresso shots ;)

That's all for now, my little darlings. Tell me, who has and loves Over the Taupe? Who isn't too crazy about it? If I had to choose one taupe in my collection to keep it would be not Over the Taupe but You Don't Know Jacques!; the former is nice nonetheless. This is actually the only polish I got from the Bright Pair collection, but I know a lot of people really liked it. Did you?


  1. This looks gorgeous on you. I love this color on other people, but on meits meh. also my computer hates me and wont typeand it being a cunt so i'll keepthis short

  2. Great colour, shame about the application crappiness.

  3. Looks great on you! I have it in my "untried" box, maybe it's time to get it out (I'm already annoyed by shitty-watery application)...
    BTW your post was so funny (12 espresso :-0 ??)

  4. I have this colour and really like it too, kinda taupe, kinda brown, it's great.

  5. I have this one and I do like the colour because I love browns and greys. But I agree, application is kind of suck. Oh well, not all polishes can be awesome.

  6. I have this one too ! It's a nice colour but you're right the application isn't that good. I'll have to try it with three coat next time !

  7. Love that nail polish. That's actually a good dupe for Chanel Particulière.

  8. Hi. Would just like to know, which swatch looks more like the real life version, the one with or without flash?
    Am so undecided between this and YDKJ.


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