Monday, May 31, 2010

OPI Overexposed in South Beach

Good morning, everyone. It's that time again; that's right, it's Monday. Time to start a new week. For those of you reading from the United States, though, you're probably lucky and have the day off. I myself always have Mondays off so today is nothin' special, work-wise. Traditionally Memorial Day is thought of as the beginning of summer here in the US, so I guess that's definitely something to get excited about. When it hits June (tomorrow...can you believe it?) I'm usually pretty confident that there will be no more snow. That's a pleasant thought.

Today I've got a polish for you that I received in a swap from Annie, the proprietor of the blog NAILSTAH.

This is OPI Overexposed in South Beach from the 2009 spring South Beach collection. This is truly a gorgeous polish. I feel like I had picked it up a million times and considered buying it but just never did. When Annie offered to send it to me I happily accepted. The base of the polish is a super red-leaning purple...maybe it's magenta. It ends up looking way pinker in the sunlight than it does indoors; indoors it looks kind of vampy and sexy, a darker purple shade. The polish also has really fine blue, purple and pink shimmer running through it. I believe this was two coats. The application was a breeze! It's funny that I had so much trouble with Over the Taupe and Overexposed in South Beach was just fine. They were released around the same time by the same company. I don't understand, OPI. Quality control and consistency make Steffie a happy panda. Anyway, I'd definitely recommend this shade if you haven't picked it up yet. It's vampy enough to satisfy my cravings for a darker color but sparkly and sweet enough in the sunshine for summertime.

Yesterday I used my baby french press for the first time!

Isn't it cute? I've named him Fran├žois.

nom nom nom

I think I would use this little guy every day if it didn't involve the extra step of boiling water. That's right, I'm that lazy in the morning. Funny how I say that and I'm sitting here completely uncaffeinated. I've been trying to switch from coffee to tea lately. More accurately, one of my co-workers has been trying to get me to switch from coffee to tea. It was working for a couple weeks, but I had a coffee relapse a couple days ago with my twelve shots of espresso in my iced Americanos. Oh well. Today's a new tea-filled day.

So what do you guys think about Overexposed in South Beach? Did you pick it up when it was originally released or did you pass? Do you love it as much as I do? The only issue I see with it is that it seems like it's kind of easily dupe-able. The color isn't entirely unique's still really beautiful. I hope those of you who celebrate Memorial Day have a good one and I'll be back with another polish tomorrow!


  1. Ooh, thats a very pretty color, I really like it!!

    And your little french press reminded me of my auntie because her name is Francoise. Heh.

  2. tea is disgusting. gross. ew.

  3. This colour is gorgeous! It reminds me of No Spain No Gain, but with a pretty shimmer.

    Why is Memorial Day thought of as the first day of summer when summer doesn't actually start until June 21st? lol

  4. Did you know you can use a French press to brew loose leaf tea? =) My current favorite is peach cran tango from Teavana.

  5. This is soo pretty. Reminds me of Orly Happily Ever After. I love in the background of the last pic there's your bottle of OPI on the table. Hehehe.

  6. francois ahhaha. And I say nom nom nom all the time, so I thought that was hilarious. funny girl. ;)

  7. Amy, I *did* know that you can use a french press to brew loose leaf tea. In fact, it is the bane of my existence! At the coffee shop where I work we brew tea extracts nightly in french presses. By "we" I mean "I." I hate cleaning them after I'm done :( I probably wouldn't do that at home. I think if I wanted loose leaf tea i'd go up to my shop and get it for freesies :P

  8. Oh my gosh I really want some coffee now.

  9. I like that colour. I might have to pick it up.

    If you love coffee, drink coffee. Life is too short to choke down tea. (So says a true coffee


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