Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Bikini Bottom (!)

Good morning, little lovelies :) It's another perfect day here in Pleasantville; sunny, not a cloud in the sky and seventy-four degrees. I'm loving this weather right now. It kind of makes me want to bust out some neons, but...maybe next week. Today I've got another Rescue Beauty Lounge polish for you. It's one that I've wanted for quite a while; I'm not sure why I didn't just get it at the 50% off sale, but c'est la vie. I'm talking about Bikini Bottom from the 2008 pre-fall Spongebob-themed collection. This collection consisted of three colors--Bikini Bottom, Starfish Patrick and Square Pants--and all of them are jellies that are meant to be worn sheer. They are, however, buildable, and can be worn semi-opaque at four coats. First I'll show you Bikini Bottom as it's "meant" to be worn.

Here it is at two coats.

If you're into sheers then this might be enough for you. Actually, close-up I kind of like how this looks. The polish makes the tips of my nails look very white and crisp. But...from far away? Think about it. Two coats of Bikini Bottom basically gives your nails a slightly blue tint. I'm already very pale. If I walked around like this people would think I was dead. Zombie Stephanie. No. Not happening. So I added two more coats (which was my original intention anyway, I just wanted to show you guys how it would look as a sheer).

Four coats.

Ahhh, that's much better, yes? I'm definitely glad I picked this one up. There's something about Bikini Bottom that looks almost...retro to me. Vintage-y. Because it's a jelly it has this gorgeous squishy, watery quality to it. The weathered blue color just adds to that effect. The description of this shade on the Rescue Beauty website is as follows: "This watery pale blue is the perfect color to wear when you're visiting a metropolis under the sea. Or looking for the perfect shade to wear with milky neutrals."

I also did a layering experiment with good ol' Bikini Bottom. First I used three coats of Essie Marshmallow. If you can get it even, then Marshmallow is a great color to wear on its own, as a sheer or opaque. It's this gorgeous, soft jelly white. Mmm. Anyway, then I put on two coats of Bikini Bottom. Five coats of polish altogether! I think if I practiced my application of Marshmallow I could just use two of each; we'll see what happens next time.

There's not really a huge difference between the layered look and the non-layered look, but there's a difference nonetheless. The layered look is more opaque; it looks denser somehow, and the shade is lighter too. I prefer Bikini Bottom on its own at four coats, but I'm sure I'll wear it both ways.

I'm definitely glad that I picked up Bikini Bottom for myself. It still doesn't surpass my favorite Rescue Beauty Lounge polish, Starfish Patrick, but it's close. I'll have to post on Sfish P again sometime when it's sunny; my first post on it was during the eternal winter so I'm sure there was no sunshine. Alright, sound off: who loves Bikini Bottom? I know it's a fan favorite for a reason. Who's not so in love with it? Who doesn't have the patience to build up the opacity of this sheer? Let me know!


  1. One of my all time favorites! I still need Starfish Patrick, I kick myself for not getting it.

  2. I don't like it sheer but otherwise I love it!! I think I like it better on it's own though rather than layered.

    74 degrees sounds great.. It's 53 here :/

  3. I like all the variations of BB but not over the Essie. It becomes too flat and heavy. I like sheers and translucents. They glow. I like to hold my nails up to the light and relish the free edge with the sun streaming through in jelly goodness.

  4. Do you have a search bar somewhere on your site that I can't see? If not, it'd be great to add one! I'd love to see some of the polishes that you've mentioned posting about on you, and sifting through every post would be pretty difficult! Thanks in advance if you consider it/ tell me where it is! Emma x

  5. I like it layered with Marshmallow! But it is nice any of the ways :) This is one of those polishes that I wanted during the 1/2 off sale but I had to take it off my list because I was spending way too much money!! :)

  6. Darn! I loved this colour until I learned it was a sheer. I'm not a fan of sheers at all. Boo. This colour would be so much more awesome as a creme like I thought it was.
    But I'm glad someone loves it! :)

  7. there we goooooooo! this is the ONE rbl that I LOVE! like love all capitals. I need a backup and I need sfishp too. jellies = love

  8. wow. jellynat loves a good jelly


    2 coats or 4 coats on its own, it's gorgeous. I love its strange look at 2 coats, I'd definitely do an underwater French manicure with that.

    Damn you RBL.

  9. Anonymous (Emma), I just added a search bar to the blog, right under my archives and right above my blogroll. Thank you for the suggestion! I didn't know anyone wanted to search my blog for anything ;) In case you're not coming back to this post, I'll let everyone know in my post tomorrow that Short ' Chic is now searchable. Cheers!

  10. Oh, not sheer - but definitely the four layers is AWESOME. I mean, I just love it at that level of opacity. I think your description of it is perfect, too.

  11. I would have absolutely no patience for this one. I don't tend to go past 3 coats just because I don't like the feel of too much polish on my nails. So no no for me.

  12. hmm i've never seen it swatched with so sheer, and i like it! i've been wanting this for ages. i love the "squishy" look it has. great pics!

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