Monday, May 24, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Chinoise (!!)

It has been sunny here! Sunny! And hot! And kind of humid! It's a welcome change from the gloom. I love waking up to sun streaming in through my window. And you know what else sun means? I can try out my new Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes!

This is almost too perfect for words...but you know me. I've got words for everything ;) Chinoise is a true red creme. The name means "Chinese" in French, which is probably a reference to its description on the Rescue Beauty Lounge website: "Dedicated to Diana Vreeland. Makes your nails look as if they've been lacquered like a Chinese screen. Drop-dead chic." Drop-dead chic, indeed. The color is just too gorgeous. And the application! The application was beyond perfect. This was two coats and they were so easy to apply. I don't know what it is about the RBL brush; it looks like a normal brush, but somehow it seems to do a better job than most. This would look great on toesies too, but right now I've got Grunge on my toes. Ew, how gross does that sound? Grunge on my toes.

I had heard this color referred to as something like "man magnet red." It's true. I got a lot of compliments on this color while I was wearing it yesterday, ranging from, "I like that nail polish," to "that's a beautiful color on you." And these were compliments from men. No women mentioned my polish. Isn't that the strangest thing? I can't comment on the wear because I only had this on for a day. I was sad to take it off but not too sad; I know I'll be wearing it a lot. It has kicked the ass of every other red I own. I'm so glad I picked this one up. Worth the $18? Honestly? Yup. I love it that much.

Hello, lover.

I am beyond thrilled with Chinoise. What do you guys think of it? Does anyone have it and love it? Does anyone have it and feel completely meh about it? Is Chinoise on anyone's list for the next Rescue Beauty Lounge sale? Spill.


  1. meh. Not really a fan. I don't usually like alot of reds, and this one is no exception. I love blues and purples and greens on you. Red? meh. ANd hey!!!! we haven't seen an obnoxious ring from you in a WHILE?? whats up with that?? I need some obnoxious rings in my life ;) So I know what to run to F21 to snag up

  2. I think it's a very very pretty polish. I love red. Lovelovelove.

    I'm jealous though, I wish it was sunny and hot here!!

  3. What a gorgeous red! It looks fab on you too. Against your porcelain fingers, it just pops! :)

    And I have to say, this post cracked me up! I already knew this, but I totally love that you mentioned the whole "Chinoise is Chinese in French!" thing. I think that is funny as hell! It amuses me to no end.
    And I laughed out loud about the "grunge on my toes ewww!"
    So thanks for making my day! :D

  4. Perfect color for sunny days! :)

  5. This colour suits your skintone. Everyone needs a kickass red in their collection.

  6. I love Chinoise. I bought it for my (Chinese) grandmother, because she loves nail polish but refuses to wear anything but reds.

    I've had trouble with RBLs staining, may I ask what sort of basecoat you use with them? I've tried OPI's natural nail basecoat and Nubar's Nu Nails, and neither worked. The bright orange stains from RBL Atame are almost grown out, so I'm reluctant to do it again but I'd love to wear Chinoise soon.

    Thanks for sharing this! I'm glad Chinoise is getting more love, it's absolutely gorgeous.

  7. LacquerMuse, I'm sorry to hear about your staining troubles. The closest polish I have to Rescue Beauty Lounge Atame is Rescue Beauty Lounge Drifter. I've worn it several times and had no staining issues. I also had no problems after I removed Chinoise. I use either OPI Nail Envy Dry and Brittle or Seche Clear. I used Seche Clear with Chinoise and had absolutely no troubles. I'd recommend it anyway because it dries very quickly.

    I hope that helps!

  8. Chinoise certainly looks fab for your skintone! It's mesmerising, actually. :)

  9. This kind of red looks perfect on you! It's eye catching for sure. I generally can't pull off reds that "light", they look funky on my skin for lack of a better word - but I love them on others, and I think this is a perfect one!

  10. I just found this blog two days ago and I may have already trafficked it 16 times in a 48 hours period. Which, if you do the math, is super stalkerish.

    You inspired me to go to my local Duane Read and buy some new colors for cheer-me-ups, the Fiona OPI and mauve that reminds me of an Emily Dickinson poem by a company called Prevail, the nailpolish, subway scene.

    Ok, the only issue is I'm a terrible nailbiter and have such icky short nails. SOS.

    I am also a Museum Studies / Arts Administration Grad student at Columbia Uni. We should chat about our career choices. heh.

    Keep on keeping on.

  11. Red nails are SEX.

    I wish I didn't suck so bad and painting my nails with anything other than a sheer wash of shimmer.

    I rock at pedicures but my manicures are always a mess.

    LOVE this color, very retro pin up-"Come up and see me sometime."-Dita Von Teese-ish.


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