Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Diddy Mow (!!!)

Well, it's 10:30am and I have already been to Ulta and Sally's. That's right; I'm feeling productive. And by "productive" I guess I mean I feel like spending money. I heard tell that some people had found the Essie summer collection at various Ultas so I figured I'd check it out. No luck. Then I went to Sally's because I was planning to haul Finger Paints. I had never really looked at the Finger Paints permanent display until yesterday, only the seasonal collections. Once I realized that all of the names were art-themed I knew I had to have them. Unfortunately I could only find two that I'm crazy about but that's better than none. Two polishes, however, does not a haul make.

Last night at midnight I decided to put on Rescue Beauty Lounge Diddy Mow, my third and last polish from my recent RBL order. Wanna see it? I betcha do...

I will start by telling you that none of my photos can do Diddy Mow justice. Actually, none of the photos I've seen of this polish do it justice. I was prepared to be kind of meh about it, but in actuality it's my favorite polish that I received in my order (the other two were Chinoise and Bikini Bottom, both longtime lemmings of mine). So the color...the color is strange. It's not quite green and it's not quite gray. It kind of looks like a pair of cargo shorts I remember my dad having in the early millennium; they were from The Gap and it looked like he washed them a thousand times (he did). Diddy Mow looks weathered and kind of washed out. The description on the website says this color is "a putty green, the color of sand through sea water, the moment before you eat it!" It has slight shimmer, too.

Here's a less-than-awesome macro. You can see the subtle shimmer here.

Let me rave about the formula for a second. This polish practically applied itself. It was incredible, definitely on par with any other Rescue Beauty Lounge polish that I've used. This was two coats, but if I had been careful in my application I would have been able to get away with one coat. Let's talk about the name, now. Apparently "diddy mow" is a surf term for a "harsh wipeout;" I was curious so I Googled it. The only place that I found diddy mow referring to surfing was when someone was talking about this Rescue Beauty Lounge collection. Otherwise, "diddy mow" apparently comes from the Vietnamese "di di mau," which means "go, go quickly" or "get out of here." A couple different sources confirm this. Strange, yes? I mean, I didn't look too hard, so maybe it's a surfing term too. I dunno. Maybe I'll have my boyfriend ask his surfer buddies.

Anyway, if you're even remotely interested in having Diddy Mow I suggest you order it. Seriously. Go fetch your purse, fish out your credit card, bite the bullet and click add to cart. You need this. Can you tell that I love it? I find it insanely flattering against my fair skin, but maybe that's just wishful thinking. I am so, so glad I own this one.

Okay, a couple things. A commenter named Emma asked yesterday why I don't have a search bar on my blog. Well, now I do. It's right under my archives and right above my blogroll. Wanna find somethin'? Search to your hearts' content. Thanks for the suggestion, Emma! I appreciate it. It had never really occurred to me that anyone would want to search my blog, but now ya can. Second, Ange-Marie of Scandalously Polished asked me where my ridiculous rings went. Remember when I was posting huge rings for a while? Well, I go through phases and I get tired of things quickly. My ridiculous ring phase is not over, just on hiatus. Now I'm onto buying ridiculous and semi-ridiculous sunglasses. For your viewing pleasure, here's another pair.

Love these. I got 'em at H&M about a month ago, but they were in the juniors' section. Sorry I look like a hot mess. I was on my way to work and I usually wear my hair in a loose braid like that. Oh, and let me rave for a second about the lipstick I'm wearing in that picture. It's Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in number 535, Park Ave. Peach. It's definitely going to be my go-to for summer. Usually I wear Maybelline Warm Me Up (I don't know its number offhand) but I think this peach is nice and summery.

There's another sans sunglasses. Yo, sorry I look naked. I assure you I'm not. I've been going super light on the eye makeup lately...

Okay, ANYWAY now that I've blathered for a while...what do you guys think of Diddy Mow? I don't think I can say enough good things about it. Has anyone picked it up? Is anyone planning to? Also, does anyone have any Finger Paints recommendations for me? Seriously, I could only find two that I wanted. There was a third one called Curator's Crimson which I kind of wanted just for the name (I have wanted to be a museum curator since I was 12 and dammit, I'm on my way to doing it) but it was just a standard red creme so I didn't feel like I could justify the purchase. I'll show you the two I got tomorrow.

Alright, over 'n out. Thanks for reading, lovelies!


  1. oh, that looks great on you- I love that type of color!!

  2. great photos of diddy mow. i think i told about 20 but none look remotely color correct! i also love crazy sunglasses, IMO these are relatively tame!!!

  3. Oh, winner shade. It looks perfect on you. I totally could wear this one! I admire RBL colors. They're really unique. I realized today I want Starfish Patrick cause it's ridiculously gorgeous. Next time there's a RBL sale, I'll get some definitely. Even if the 40$ shipping is outrageous.

    I'm in a peach folly. I want a peach lipstick and I've bought coral polishes. I think it's your fault, you little temptress. You showed me how cute coral and peach can be. ;)

    PS. More sunglasses!! I love when you show us your glasses!!
    PPS. You really look naked on the last pic. *goofy laugh* ;)

  4. gorgeous! you AND the polish. I wish I could rock crazy sunglasses, but I don't have the face for it...

  5. WOW! to Diddy Mow and WOW! to the glasses!

  6. Thanks a lot for adding a search bar to your site! Now I can browse to my hearts content haha! Posted here in case you don't receive notification emails for comments and might not see a comment on the other post. LOVING Diddy Mow, I'm lusting after it big time! Emma x

  7. Wow, I love this color!!! Dangggg I need a job.

  8. It is indeed made of awesome. LOVE. I need to make a post of my ridiculous ring and a couple of other ridiculous things I have bought lately, but I'm SO busy =( I hate being this busy. I can't think. Anywhooo, have a great day love

  9. I'm so glad you mentioned your lipstick, because I was going to ask which color it was - it looks awesome on you! What about the second picture, and it looks like you have freckles!!!! I like it, you don't look really naked, just naturally put together.
    Anyway, Diddy Mow is a huge lust for me. I love all the pictures I've seen, and if it's even better in person, I NEED it. Deep Sigh. I love love love dusty green.

  10. Diddy Mow is pretty cool. I think you looked great in your other pictures. You're very pretty!

  11. this is so hot hot hotttt! i think it is so chic. needsss it!


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