Friday, May 28, 2010

Wet n Wild Craze Shimmer Skittles

It's funny how fast the day progresses when you stay in bed until noon. It's one of those days, you guys. I considered not even getting out of bed but I figured that was just way too unhealthy and emo. Instead I'm stealing internet at a coffee shop and listening to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog while I post. I've been in a total polish slump lately. I always want to wear the same one. I did, however, muster up the effort it took to swatch some of the new Wet n Wild Craze shimmers I found over dark blue. First, here's the blue.

This is Wet n Wild Craze Nocturnal, a release I'm sure we all remember from last summer. It's totally gorgeous, an inky blue-black that reminds me of that annoying stain you inevitably get on your white purse when your stupid Bic pen explodes at the bottom of it for no reason. I wanted to use black as the base for the shimmers, but I couldn't find mine. That's right, I own only one, sad, half-empty (half-full?) bottle of black nail polish. Isn't that terrible? Does anyone have any suggestions for an awesome one-coat black that isn't Chanel or super high-end? Wet n Wild seems like the obvious option.

Here are some of the shimmers that I've already shown you over Nocturnal. Thumb to pinky we have: Bora Bora, Kauai, Sumatra, Cozumel and Barbados.

I have posted on all of these shimmers previously except for Bora Bora (and you can click on the linked names above to take you to those posts). Funnily enough, it turned out that I liked Bora Bora the best over the blue, so my left hand looks all skittles-y and my right hand is just Nocturnal and Bora Bora. I doubt anyone will notice. I think that Kauai and Sumatra look super similar over a dark color, so if you're going to buy these little guys for layering you can probably just pick one of those to take home with you.

So, I said that I've felt like wearing the same polish over and over again. I'm not kidding. And here it is.

I've shown this one to you before, about two months ago. It's China Glaze Cherry Pie from the Summer Days collection. I had been lemming it for a while and I finally ran into it on clearance at Sally's. Oh, unspeakable joy. Seriously, every day this week except one I have redone my nails with Cherry Pie after swatchin' for the blog. The day I didn't was the day I wore Diddy Mow. I probably would have kept Diddy Mow on for longer but it chipped and peeled on me after a night at work. Oh well. Anyway, Cherry Pie (which always reminds me of Paparazzi--"loving you is cherry pie"--yikes) is incredible and I can't get enough of it. I'm so glad I have it. Its sparkle is out of control in sunlight. It makes me happy.

I don't want to depress anyone so I won't give you too many of my life details, but suffice it to say that I am very unhappy right now. Something weird happened with my scholarship to grad school and I haven't really been able to get ahold of anyone to ask questions. My job is kind of ridiculous right now and all of my inter-personal relationships are slowly being shot to shit, helped along a lot by me (ie, everything that's going on right now in that department is my fault). Do you ever have those moments where you're in the middle of a situation and you know--I mean, you just know--that you have to get out? But you can't? My name is Stephanie and I have a problem.

But you know what helps? China Glaze Cherry Pie. I'm going to go put it back on now.


  1. A black opaque in one coat? .... Certainly not ChG "Liquid Leather" [stay away if you thought of this one - it's gorgeous but it's a jelly]. I wonder how is the black from Sinful: I've read on a French lady blog that it was opaque in one coat. It's cheap. Why not trying? If it's not opaque, I give you the right to curse me over 7 generations (easy, ah ah! I have no kid yet).

    I love your new darling polish. Orange with pink sparkle? Yummy. <3
    Oh by the way, I bought the coral from the new Essie collection. I hope it'll be pretty! You converted me to coral. I don't know if it'll look great on me. We'll see! :)

    Don't want to sound like a stalker or a sticky slobbery slug (ah ah ah) but the day you want to talk my lady, you know you can feel free with me. I'm a listener. And I don't like to know you unhappy anyway (how ironic to say that when I'm unhappy myself!).

  2. I feel the same. Like I'm 2 people sometimes wanting 2 different things. It's weird.

    But nail varnish does seem to make things better. I think I might go buy some now. lol

  3. Color Club Black. That is the only black you need. Or get American Apparel Hassid. Either one.

    And back to your scholarship. VHAT?! Call any random number and they'll direct you to something. Losing scholarship is bad!

    And hugs about the other stuff. It'll work out dear. Just do your best to get out.

  4. "I considered not even getting out of bed but I figured that was just way too unhealthy and emo" - hilarious. Especially since it's paired up with dark nailpolish.

    About the scholarship - it's nothing that can be answered by email? Sometimes the internet is a saviour because you're not put on hold and you don't get frustrated by trying to get directed to the right person.
    Email a request about them getting in contact if they don't answer questions per email.

  5. color club has a kick ass one coater black that also rocks hard for konad. I have a mini and it is the only black creme I own. I have a black matte, like 14 black holos, and that is IT in teh black dept. Weird huh?
    hollatcha girl if you needs to chitchat xoxo

    p.s. stop showing cherry pie. you're making me want it ;)

  6. i recently got cherry pie on sale at sadly's too, but haven't worn it. i will dig it out when the sun comes back.

    good luck with the scholarship thing, i hate that "up in the air and there is not a damn thing i can do about it" feeling.

    oh, i use Illamasqua Boosh but I have heard good things about Milani's black!

  7. Best of luck to you hon. I definitely know how those days can be when you're paying for your mistakes. Everything will be fine in the end; if it's not fine, it's not the end. :-) I stole that from tv haha, but I thought it was nice.

    I'm bummed about my nails right now because I have like 6 untried polishes and my nails are crappy and short (really short) :-(. I'm considering getting some cheap press on's until they grow out.

  8. Dr. Horrible's sing along blog is the shizz! I LOVE it! :D How can anything get better than Neil Patrick Harris AND Joss Whedon?! I don't think it's possible.

    I just realized a few days ago that I didn't even have a black nail polish and I found the perfect one! If you're looking for a one coater, get Sinful Colors-Black on Black. It's solid and awesome.

    Oh god. Cherry Pie. This colour is much more pleasant than the song I had stuck in my head all day! I gave Cherry Pie samples at work today, and I couldn't get Cherry Pie by Warrant out of my head!!! lol "She's my cherry pie, Cool drink of water such a sweet surprise, Taste so good make a grown man cry
    Sweet cherry pie, yeah" Blargh.

  9. Love the layering. Sorry things suck right now. I'm sure everything will work out. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your scholarship situation gets resolved.

  10. Hope things start to work out for you :) Sending ya a big hug!

  11. WnW black creme is a great one-coater. I also had good luck with jordana black, which was my go-to black for konading until I got WnW. Wnw is a bit more of a stark black rather than a softer squishy black, but both are $0.99, so they won't break the bank.

    Sorry things are cruddy right now for you, I hope they get resolved quickly!

  12. Cherry Pie is gorgeous, I wanttttt it.

    I'm sorry you're unhappy Steff!
    You've always been so sweet when ever I'm upset and write about it on my blog. If you ever want to talk I'm here!



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