Monday, June 21, 2010

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

It's Monday again. Happy Monday, everyone! I had a weekend full of making coffee for other people. It was fun, though. I love coffee. I love giving people coffee. It's like I'm the bringer of happiness and addiction and heart palpitations. It's sunny here today; completely beautiful. I love summer. Today is the first day that I've felt like wearing a neon in quite a while. The last ones I wore were China Glaze Sun Worshipper and China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.

Here's China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, a polish I'm sure you've all seen a million times. This was the one polish from Poolside that I desperately wanted. Why? Because it's coral. I am completely obsessed with coral! Of course if you read Short n Chic with any regularity at all you already know this. Coral is my jam. I like wearing coral. I like coral on my nails. I especially like coral on my lips lately. We got to choose new summer t-shirts to wear occasionally at work and I chose a crazy bright coral one. It's a coral that leans red, but it's still coral.

Yay! I almost got a green one because when I wear green it makes my eyes look green. But...nah. I came to my senses and ran off with the coral one. Anyway, Flip Flop Fantasy is absolutely beautiful and super, super bright. Obviously its brightness doesn't translate on camera; you'd have to see it for yourself. The formula wasn't great. It was kind of runny but very thick and difficult to get even at the same time. Not fun. I used four coats for opacity. I could have put it over white first, but I think I would have ended up with four coats anyway (two coats white, two coats neon). May as well just use four coats of the neon, yes? Unless you've got a good one-coat white. Okay, now I'm babbling. I love this color and I love how bright it is. I think it would look great on toes for summer, but as I've said before I'm really into neutrals for my footsies lately. Still sporting Essie Marshmallow.

I've got a couple pictures from the event at Coffee Inc. on Friday night. I mentioned I had my face painted a bit. The girl doing it was in high school and she was so cute. She painted Ariel from The Little Mermaid on my friend's face.

Please notice the coral flower in my hair. Also, please disregard my apron. I was on barista duty, after all.

Glee. Glee eternal. All night people kept saying, "Oh, did you get your face painted?" and I loved replying, "No...why? Have I got something on my face?"

I cut my darling buddy out of this picture because I wasn't sure if she'd want to randomly displayed on my blog that she doesn't know exists. Anyway, we had a grand ol' time.

In other news, my parents went out of town this past weekend to Detroit. My mom's best friend lives there and whenever they go they make a pilgrimage to Ikea. I mentioned to my mom that there is a storage unit there that's perfect for nail polish and she jumped at the idea. Apparently my shoebox storage system has been bugging her. Who knew? Anyway, I'm now the proud owner of a little Helmer. I have to put it together, though. I can't even put together a coffee carrier and I'm trying to put together this complicated-looking metal thing. Here's what I have to contend with.

Yes, those are the instructions that little Alejandro is sitting on. She wouldn't move. She looks a bit irate here because I had just tried to pick her up and place her elsewhere. She wasn't having it. She bit me. I did get some of it put together, but I gave up halfway through, went out for frozen custard, and asked my friend Chris to finish the rest. I'm planning on luring him over here with food. He can deal with Godzilla Cat. Hopefully I'll have Helmer pictures for you soon!

So that's all. I hope everyone had a great weekend...and have a happy Monday! I'm planning on heading to Target reason at all. I just love Target.


    Sorry. I just love Target. I wanted to go yesterday but I had to stay home and clean the house for my stepdad. Yuckk.

    I love Flip Flop Fantasy!! Neons are so much fun :D

  2. You named your female cat Alejandro? At least I think it's female, since you refer to it as "she". I'm confused, help a poor girl out! haha

    The polish looks wonderful on you, and I wish I had the guts+patience to apply and wear neons.

    Also, you get the honor of having my first nail blog comment EVER. Be proud, I like you. :)

  3. LOL I love your cat's name! Also, I loooove this color! I think I almost got this one, but ended up getting "Sun Worshiper" instead. Both are awesomely bright! I've got "S.W." (over white to make it extra neon) on my toes right now! :)

  4. I love Helmer--- I have a bright red one sitting in my kitchen full of odds and ends...

    Speaking of coral, Buxom Lip gloss in Lacey is a really pretty "coral poppy"! It's my new <3

  5. Alejandra is pretty cute! Looks like she wants the attention. I love Flip Flop Fantasy, too. It's such eye candy. Last time I wore it, I found myself in the car moving my hand from the steering wheel in the shade forward into the sun and comparing how the polish looked!

  6. Just to clarify, my cat's name is actually Alley. My family has a habit of calling her things that begin with an "al" sound. Alison. Ally McBeal. Alka Seltzer. Alejandro. She gets called Alejandro a lot more often now that I constantly have that Lady GaGa song stuck in my head...

  7. Ah... this one is more you. I'm starting to love coral. I removed my Capucine last night. Now I just have Nubar base coat on my nails. I just cut my nails at their shortest. When I was done "short'n'chic" passed through my mind. Yeah. I thought of you. It's getting concerning.

    "Coral" is a brand of washing powder in France. The name of the color you love is "corail" in French (why the hell do I say that).

    On the night from Saturday to Sunday, I've had this dream. I was walking in the street I live in. I had found a brown racoon. At first I thought it was a rat which frightened me. But in fact it was a lovely little companion so I kept him. I was about to come back home with my new friend when I come across a dog. And the dog started to talk to me. I can't remember what he said. At some point, I interrupted him and asked "wait, you're talking?" and he responded with a snorty tone "Oh course I speak French, what do you think?". And I woke up.

    Jeez, I've written a novel again. Pretty soon, my comments will be longer than your babbling post. I'm double babbling. And I swear I removed a part where I was talking about coffee, my USA trip and Target.

  8. gahhhhhhhhhhhh i love how totally random your posts are. we need to catch up i feel like we haven't talked in ages and its probs been only like a week or two.

  9. I love Flip Flop Fantasy! I wore it on my toes recently. It's definitely an eye-catcher.
    I am also a big fan of random Target trips!

  10. Would it be totally uncouth to have you show us your toes? ha.

    Now I'm all curious. I always do Reds and Purple/Pastels on my toesies. Neutrals! I must seee.

  11. Ooh I like it! Passed up the display may have to grab just this one.

  12. I just got this one in the mail! I bought mine because I'm obsessed with coral, just like you. My bottle looks a little pepto pink though :( hope it's not a fluke


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