Monday, June 14, 2010

Essie Chubby Cheeks and HT Giveaway Winners

Happy Monday, everyone. My days have been so messed up lately. I always think it's a day later than it is. On Saturday night I was convinced that it would be Monday morning when I woke up. I guess I'm just strange. A couple things on the agenda today; among them: nails of the day, as usual, and the winners and honorable mentions for my Hidden Treasure giveaway, which closed Friday. First, my nails.

Say hello to Chubby Cheeks from the Essie Summer 2009 collection. As you can see, the color is somehow significantly darker on my nails than it is in the bottle. In the bottle it looks like kind of a dusty muted orange-red. On my nails it looks way more orange. Eh. I'm not crazy about it. A lot of people liked this one, though, and that's why I got it. I have yet to see it in sunlight because it's raining here today. Of course. The formula on Chubby Cheeks was alright. I used three coats and I still have visible nail line, but I think it's hardly noticeable at all. It's very shiny. I like that. It dried quickly. It's weird...I definitely thought I would like both Cute As A Button and Chubby Cheeks, but...neither of them really speaks to me.

As for my haiku contest, I got a lot of really amazing entries (fifty or so). Thank you to everyone who entered! I'm going to post first a few honorable mentions, or haikus that I truly adored, and then two winners.

Honorable Mentions

Need a treasure map
and a ship with cannons too
or just Short 'n Chic

Yo ho ho! X Marks
the Spot. I hope the treasure
comes with Johnny Depp.

Chuck Norris doesn’t
need to find hidden treasure,
It searches for him

Leah, wife of Jacob:
There Will Be Blood for
nails need oil slick Treasure
polish over black.

I loved all of these haikus! Many of them appealed to my love of pop culture, so good job ladies. Shall we get to the winners now? I picked two because I have two extra bottles of Hidden Treasure.


Like wise Rainbow Fish
Steph shares iridescent flakes
For us all to sea!

Dovey, you successfully mentioned my favorite childhood book. Well-played, madam. Well-played. Are you guys aware of Rainbow Fish? Let me break it down really quickly: there's a fish in the ocean who has pretty iridescent scales. One day another fish asks if he can have one of RF's scales and when RF scoffs and turns him down none of the other fish want to play with him anymore. At the end of the book he realizes it's better to share than to horde the pretty. He gives a scale to all his friends so that they are all equally lovely. Some critics have said that this book fosters the idea of communism in American children. Heh. What? It's not like I've read the Marx-Engels Reader or anything. It's not like I think the idea of communism is fabulous on paper. Ahem.

Bitch get on my nails
although you cause car crashes
I can't not love you

This one just made me laugh out loud. I was at work when I read it and my co-worker and I had a good guffaw. Hehe, bitch get on my nails. Perfect.

Congratulations to Dovey and kelsealaurel! I will e-mail you both and ask for your mailing addresses. If either of the winners does not respond to me within 48 hours I will choose a new winner.

Okay, this is totally starting to be an epically long post. I have more to share, though. You can of course stop reading if you feel the need. You know how verbose I am. This weekend I got to pick up the painting that my friend Ryan made for me. I keep telling him he's going to be a famous artist someday (and he just got accepted to art school: step 1). I paid for the work to be framed and matted, but that's okay. I told him that in fifty years this will be worth sixty million dollars at Christie's ;) Here's my new pretty.

Isn't it lovely? It's a jellyfish. It looks gorgeous in my room. The colors are just perfect. I'm very happy with it.

Also this weekend I bought some MAC lipstick. They're my first MAC lippies and I am ridiculously happy with them. I originally went in for Vegas Volt, which is an almost fluorescent coral color. When I walked into the store and asked about Vegas Volt one of the girls immediately said she wanted to put another lippie on me called Lady Danger. I consented because I wasn't feeling too feisty that day. As soon as I looked in the mirror I knew I had to have it. It's a ridiculous red-orange and it's splendid. Now I think I'm addicted to these lipsticks. I also picked up Milani Rose Hip because I'm wanting MAC Show Orchid and I think they may be sort of similar. I'm not sure that I can pull off a pink that bright and blue. Maybe I'll post pictures.

That's all. Thanks for sticking with me if you did. Congratulations to the winners of the haiku contest. Your bottles of Hidden Treasure are well-deserved. I'll talk to you guys tomorrow :)


  1. Haha, I like the haiku that mentioned Johnny Depp. That was great.
    And I love the painting your friend did!! It looks amazing, I really love the colors.

  2. Congrats to the winners! I loved that book too. We had a huge painting of the Rainbow Fish on a wall in our school library. It's was always nice to look at it.
    Wow, your friend it really talented. I really like the colors and of course the jellyfish. :)

  3. omg omg omg!!!! =D Thank you thank you thank you!!! I'm so glad you liked my haiku --- this totally makes my day!!! =D

  4. Both blog writers for have been honorable mentioned....doesn't that mean that you should send some followers our way?

    hint hint. hah


    Keren RW/Heron

  5. I have been 14 years old. Oh it's long ago. At that time, I was always wearing my nails long. Always polished. I don't know how I could stand that because long nails drive me crazy now. It's kind of bizarre to think of this because I was also badly dressed and overall, I was an ugly very fat girl. In general, I was mostly wearing black polish or vampy jelly black red (still my biggest love) or extra metallic light pink. But for some reasons at a time, I had been wanting a little bit of variety. So I picked a muted orange-pink and a muted orange-brown. At that time, my school mate was a red head girl called Bénédicte. I was liking her as much as I was disliking her because she was horribly lacking tact and could be sometimes very breaking and even hurting. Anyway, on a Monday morning, as we were in history class Bénédicte told me "I don't like when you wear that color". It amazed me because I had been wearing black and dark red and she never seemed to take notice of my nails. At least she never told anything about them, good or bad. When she said that, I get pissed but she made me realize it wasn't me indeed. That brownished orange wasn't me. And I didn't even like it. I was a vampy girl attracted to ultra dramatic or soft and feminine colors, or even really bright ones. That's still how I feel years later. Why do I tell all this, this uninteresting story and all? Because Chubby Cheeks reminds me of that polish that B. didn't like on me.

  6. WOOOOOO!!!! =D

    I will email you right NOWWWW


    Dude, that jellyfish is absolutely stunning. Just gorgeous.


  7. AHAHA i KNEW kelsea would win! that one was friggin awesome


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