Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Essie Summer 2010 and Sephora By OPI Go With the Flow-er

Hey guys. I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. Today I'm going to show you a polish that I got a while ago, in February I think, and that I've worn a few times since then. I just never photographed it. Right before I did my nails I had a weird moment where I thought, "I'm cutting all of them off!" So I'm sorry about that. My hands are a hot mess right now and my cuticles could use some serious moisture. I'm hoping the RIDICULOUS HUMIDITY here in Pleasantville will help me out there, but who knows.

This is Sephora by OPI Go With the Flow-er from the spring 2010 Modern Flowers collection. This was my only pick from this collection, but that's pretty significant because I only have two other $OPI polishes (Metro Chic and Under My Trench Coat). I couldn't pass this one up at the time because I was really into bright, springy colors. Go With the Flow-er is a hot pink jelly with a ton of pink and orange glitter. It's definitely interesting, and it has this weird flash of amber/orange going on. I couldn't capture it on my nails because I'm living in fail sauce lately, but here's a bottle shot.

Do you see that? The orange-ish/amber colored areas?

I can't call this polish duochrome because this effect isn't visible all the time, but in certain lights and at certain angles there's a definite orange cast to the polish. It really is beautiful. Actually, there is a new polish from the Sally Hansen HD line that really, really reminds me of Go With the Flow-er. It's called Wavelength, and if you want to see a swatch (trust me, you do) click here. Mary of Body and Soul has a great one. Wavelength is less glittery and not a jelly, but the colors are super similar.

Anyway, because Go With the Flow-er is a jelly it's not super opaque. Or opaque at all, to be honest. I used three coats of it for the images above and it's still not opaque. I've got crazy VNL. You can also see the half-moons on my nails through the polish. It's not a big deal because I like the color, but be forewarned before you drop $9 on this little guy. Actually, I don't even know if this one is still available at Sephora. I know Leaf Him At the Altar and Iris I Was Thinner (worst name for a nail polish ever; not only insulting but also grammatically incorrect--thanks OPI) from the same collection are still there. I guess you'll have to check it out. Despite the VNL issue I'd still recommend this polish if you're a pink lover or a jelly lover.

Okay, the weirdest thing just happened. I'm sitting at my coffee shop stealing internet because the cable and internet went out at my house yesterday evening from a huge storm. I looked over to my right and this guy sitting next to me is putting together this huge binder of OPI and CND products. He's a beauty rep! I asked him about the new Shellac stuff and he said it's not available in this area yet. Then he showed me OPI collections. Isn't that cute? And weird?

ANYWAY. This weekend my friend and I went to Ulta and Sally's to see what we could see. Here's what I saw.

It's the Essie summer collection! A completely full display! We immediately squealed and ran over to it. I cuddled Pretty Edgy and Haute As Hello to myself. Then I realized I also wanted Demure Vixen. It took me forever to decide to buy the minis instead of the full-sized bottles. There's just something about minis that depresses me a little bit. Here's what you get in that set, for something like $17.

Left to right: Pretty Edgy, Knockout Pout, Haute As Hello and Demure Vixen

If I were smart or prepared for this post at all I would have compared one of the mini bottles to a full-sized Essie bottle. I'll try to do that for tomorrow so you guys can see. A while ago my dear friend kelsealaurel posted her swatches of the epic Resort collection and I noticed that she had gotten minis. I decided that was probably a really good idea, especially if I want three out of the four polishes included in the set. I don't know whether or not I'll use Knockout Pout (which is an adorable name!) but it's something to try, I guess. Also, Kelsea, I feel like you would loooooove Demure Vixen. It's right up your alley :) Of course Haute As Hello basically said to me, "Hi Steff. Wear me. Wear me right now. Embrace me, for I am coral." We all know about my obsession with coral, yes?

That's all for today. What does everyone think about $OPI Go With the Flow-er, or even $OPI generally? Are you guys willing to drop $9 on these polishes, or would you rather just skip them? Also, opinions: which Essie summer polish should I show you first tomorrow? I think it's supposed to be sunny so I should have good like for photographs. Let me know in the comments!

Over 'n out!


  1. This is a really pretty color. It's a perfect spring/summer color.
    I am loving Pretty Edgy but that's about it. Me and Essie just don't always see eye to eye.

  2. OPI is stupidly expensive over here and Sephora is totally unavailable. I like Go With but I wouldn't spend that much on it.
    I do buy BB Couture though. That IS worth $9.
    And I managed to get an OPI South Beach from ebay last night for an OK price because I'd seen your swatches. Not paying the standard £10 they charge in the UK. No.
    I love those Essies.

  3. Go With the Flow-er is very pretty, I don't usually like VNL though. I've only found one polish so far that I like so much I don't mind having VNL. I have a few $OPI polishes, but they were all ones my mom bought me. I really like Curve-aceous. I've tried that and I'm With Brad, which I wasn't sure about. I have a couple others I haven't gotten around to trying yet.

    Ohh and I really want to see Pretty Edgy!!

  4. I have a ridiculous obsession with that green...

  5. I only have two $OPIs in my stash and got both of those through swaps. It's not so much that I don't want to pay retail for them but that I don't have a conveniently located Sephora.

    I'm most curious about Pretty Edgy, followed by Demure Vixen.

  6. This does look a lot like Nail Ya Azalea!! Interesting... OPI, Nicole by OPI, $OPI.... guess there are really only so many different color and shade variations out there :) haha. Looks pretty on you!!

  7. Nice polish but I feel completely at several galaxies from $OPI. Probably because we can't have them here, they're too expensive for the mingy person I am (gnagnagna) and no color has ever made me get up at night thinking of it (it's true, I sometimes dream of polish).

    I picked "Pretty Edgy" and "Haute As Hello"! The ordering of those was almost on the automatic mode. I barely could think fast enough and run after my hands acting, I had already paid. Weird, eh? I'm waiting for them now. They'll surely arrive in 3 or 4 days. I CAN'T WAIT. USA are too far away. I'd want to see Demure Vixen first (cause it intrigue me). Or "Haute as Hello" (cause that'll be my first coral cream ever). At the end, you'll wear all both, right? ;)

  8. I've got Demure Vixen on my fingers and Knockout Pout on my toesies as I type. It is so bright pink, I think I'll change my name to Barbie. It is insane. I will probably never wear it on my fingers, unless I go completely crazy bananas.

    Demure Vixen is interesting, but for some reason I'm not in love with it yet. I haven't seen it in full sunlight since, you know, Cleveland sucks.

  9. I'm so drawn by these fine glitters I don't have yet, they all look so delicious! I'd probably want this - it's really pretty even despite the VNL.
    And I'm dying for Pretty Edgy and Demure Vixen. For some reason, I love Essie neutrals - hello, Mink Muffs! I can't wait to see your swatches of these.

  10. Go With the Flow-er is GORGEOUS! im only willing to spend $9 on beautiful polishes..and i would pick up one of those!

    and those Essies!! -jealous. i loooove the colors!

  11. Dude thanks for the shoutout!!!! Right when I was reading this I was thinking GOD DAMN Demure Vixen is awesome... And then you said I would like it. SPOT ON man! Haha. You know me too well =D

    Love the green and can't wait to see the rest. I hate when they put lame colors in the minis. I wouldn't really want that pink one either. But the other three are right up my alley!

  12. $OPIs are $12 up here. Absolutely retarded. But I love the way it looks.


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