Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello Helmer

Hey guys. I'm slacking in the blog department. I'm sorry. My sleeping is completely screwed up, especially after last night when I decided around midnight that I'd stay up to get a new iPhone. Then around 4:30 I decided not to and passed out. Heh. Anyway. I'm showing you chipped nails because I never took a picture yesterday when they were un-chipped. I'm sorry.

Oh God, obscene chipped nails. I'm sorry. This is what my nails look like after a shift at Coffee Inc. I'm so rough on my hands. This is Milani In A Flash, which I think is new. I misplaced the bottle because I'm still sorting through my drug store polishes. Sorry about that. I picked this one up at CVS a couple days ago and it was on a new display. You never know with Milani, though. This could be new or this could be from last fall. It's a mystery. In A Flash had this amazing duochrome effect happening in the bottle. On the nail, not so much. I'm not a huge fan of this color. Pink and I just don't work together. Meh.

And now...for little Helmer. I tried my very best to put him together myself. I got about halfway there. I decided to hedge my bets and ask three men to put him together for me: my dad, my friend C, and my friend T. In the end one of them came through. I was sitting at Chipotle yesterday surfing MUA reviews when I got a text message from T: "Did you get Helmer put together yet?" I was ecstatic.

Helmer before help

That drawer is almost overflowing with drug store polish. And that shoebox on the right. It's the drug store pile that truly scares me.

And here is the man putting together things for me.

I kind of thought I was stupid because I couldn't figure out how to put together the damn thing, but T did yell, "What's wrong with you, Helmer?!" at least once, so I felt less stupid. I did completely mess up part of it that he had to take apart and fix. I might as well just not touch anything ever, right?

Here he is, all put together. With my kiwi collection on top. I love kiwi birds.

Drawer 1: Rescue Beauty Lounge, Chanel, Illamasqua, MAC (lipstick and a single polish), Nubar, special Steffie franken from Ange and lipstick. Too much lipstick.

Drawer 2: OPI

Drawer 3: Essie, Orly and Zoya

Drawer 4: China Glaze. This isn't all my China Glaze. My others are box sets (collections) and I like to keep them together. They'll be stored elsewhere, probably on top of Helmer.

I have two more drawers to fill with epic amounts of drug store polish. I don't know if everything will fit. I'm kind of scared. I'm scared that I'll need another Helmer, guys.

Alright, I'm out. Work soon. Tomorrow I'm going to the CCO with my friend Amber. I literally feel as though every shopping trip I've taken up to this point has been preparing me for tomorrow. CCO is apparently where discontinued makeup goes to die. And...I need it. NEED IT.


  1. omg awesome! I was thinking of picking up a helmer to get my polishes into some sort of organization also lol.

  2. If I ever get so much nail polish that I need a Helmer, I think my hubby would have a fit! haha
    Now, maybe if I got one for my yarn stash it would be a different story!
    Don't worry, everyone has trouble with Ikea furniture at least once in their lifetime. lol

  3. Kiwi birds!!! I have the kiwi bird in the middle too. Haha.

    There's something so relaxing about seeing organization (reverse entropy?) in progress, even when it's not your own stuff. Maybe it's scratching some OCD I have. Fun post =)

  4. Um ... I think you mean "not enough lipstick" in drawer no. 1.

  5. Wooooow! Great collection! :)

  6. I love seeing polish collection pictures!
    I don't need a helmer yet but I'm tired of using shoe boxes.
    Too bad you don't like that pink polish, it's very pretty.

  7. Too much lipsticks? No.... I consider myself being a girl with almost no lip stuff (it's an old story , I've always been horribly complexed by my lips - I find them so weirdly shaped and unattractive) . Yet I have far more lipsticks/lipgloss than you do. Ah ah.

    So Helmer is alive now? Cool! I don't have a Helmer. I store my polishes in something working like an Helmer than is not an Helmer. Larger, bigger. 3 wood drawers in a wood cube. Rough wood. I covered them myself with red paint. One almost full, the second still has paper and such. And I have polishes on my bedside, on a box near my bed (those I haven't bottle-shoted on the sun yet). It's a mess, I sometimes think I've become industrial.

    I have no opinion on the polish you're wearing. I rarely have an opinion on pink - I don't know why.

    Enjoy CCO tomorrow! I envy you US girls for that! :(

  8. Omggggg amazing! I love Helmer! I have been slacking SO bad on blogging lately. I have some pictures, but I haven't uploaded them to my computer yet lol. I've been so frikken lazy after all those finals. My room looks like a bomb went off in it. Literally. Sigh! I need to drink an insane amount of coffee and just get shit done. RAWR! <3

  9. Gasp! I need a helmer too! or at least some kind of organizing system! my polishes are all over the place! you can even ask my husband. i think he's sick of looking at them. hehehe. btw, I love that green on your wall--its very daring ;). and I forgive you for all your "sorries" we're all only human =)

  10. So happy to see the Helmer, this is next on my list of things I NEED! Bravo!

  11. dammmmmmn you now I want a helmer.... and awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww My specials I sent you are in the special drawer! YAY! Good to know abt the kiwi birds btw, did not know you like penis face birds, but I will keep that in mind for the future...
    ooooooh and have fun today at the cosmetic thingie


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