Friday, June 18, 2010

New Sally Hansen HD: Wavelength

Good morning, everyone. It's finally an absolutely gorgeous day here in Pleasantville. Not a cloud in the sky, 72 degrees, slightly breezy. Looooovely. Unfortunately I'm dreading this evening. There is this big event thing happening at Coffee Inc. and we're expecting a ton of people. I have to work until midnight. Who will be drinking coffee at midnight, I just don't know. Me, probably. Anyway, my nails...

Here is Wavelength. This polish has a lot of personality but it's definitely difficult to capture on camera. It's has a lot going on; a shimmery, glittery pink with a slight amber/orange duochrome. You can kind of see the amber duochrome in the last photograph. Very pretty, isn't it? Here's a macro so you can see the glitter.

Actually, the glitter in this polish looks a little larger and more irregular than normal glitter. Semi-flaky glitter? Yeah, maybe that's what it is. Anyway, I don't normally like pinks, as we all know. This one, though, spoke to me. I only have two of these HDs (this one and DVD) but now I think I might be interested in having more. They are all much more interesting than the original HD line that's now apparently a part of the permanent collection. I don't have any of the originals. Wavelength applied pretty well. I was expecting it to be sheer like DVD ended up being, but it was decently pigmented. I used three coats anyway; somewhere along the line I turned into a habitual three-coater. Isn't it weird how that happens? I used to be so against doing three coats of anything and now I do three of everything.

Anyway, nothing else to report today. I have no idea what I'll do before I have to drag my ass to work to rock out and make mochas. Oh! Some semi-exciting news. My mom is making a pilgrimage to Ikea and she's looking for a Helmer for me. My shoebox nail polish storage system just isn't cutting it lately. Does anyone know how much they are? I am poor.

K, that's all. How are you guys feeling about Wavelength? Have you been inspired to pick it up?


  1. I think Helmers are about $40 and come in 3 colors. It's on the ikea website - I looked it up once. I like the Wavelength color but after 4 coats it still wasn't near the bottle color and it stayed soft, so I returned it to the store. Hue, the yellow one is great, also Resolution the green one is a marvelous color. Oh, and my Dad drinks decaf late at night. Have fun tonight at work.

  2. oooooooooooooooooooooooooh. pretty. I think I need this one...

  3. I had written a funny comment but my silly Mac decided it had to freeze everything. Like a censorship you see? Now I don't remember what I wanted to say. I'm sure my laptop has some kind of consciousness. Uh... do I like the polish? I don't know. I totally love it on you but it's the kind of color that would lack strength and depth on me. I wore too much vampies in my life, I'm afraid. Tomorrow I'm going to lose my coral virginity. With a polish called Capucine. I'm nervous. I don't know how it's going to be. How the hell can you stand me Steph? I write silly comments, absolutely everyday on your blog. I'm your official blog pollution. Worse than spam: French non-sense. Pfff....

  4. Only someone who did NOT have to work til midnight would have people working at said coffee shop til then.
    I have this Wavelength,but it hasn't had it's first run...yet. Thanks for the review as it will give me an idea that I'll need many coats.

  5. Wowww I really like this color!!! It's very pretty.

  6. You know, I'm really not sure about this whole HD collection. I can't decide if it rubs against my dislike of shimmer and sparkle, or if I just don't like duochromes.
    Maybe I should just pick one up and try it! There's just something I'm really not sure about and I don't know WHAT.
    This does look quite nice on you though. :)


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