Friday, June 11, 2010

New Wet n Wild Megalast: Blackmail

Hi everyone! It's Friday and I have another day off. That means I'm going to do a happy dance. Oh! First thing's first: today is the last day to enter my haiku contest. I will be announcing the winner(s) either tomorrow or Monday. If you haven't entered or you'd like to enter again, click here. The prize is a bottle of Sally Hansen Salon Hidden Treasure. Isn't that exciting? :) The polish I've got for you today probably really needs sun to be appreciated but it's raining here again. You'll just have to deal with crappy pictures.

This is one of the newer Wet n Wild Megalast polishes, Blackmail. It's very nice, a dark charcoal gray, almost black, with small holographic glitter. You can't really see the glitter because it's overcast outside, so that's a little sad. I used flash in the middle picture to see if that helped, but not really. Even so, here's a macro.

This is definitely a polish that I'd like to see in the sunlight. I'm also really into black right now. I wore a black creme on my nails all of last weekend (Rimmel Black Satin) and I felt so refreshed because of it. Strange, huh? Also, a ton of people were commenting on it. People thought it had shimmer in it because it was so shiny and reflective. But no one really wants to see just straight-up black cremes all the time, so I will try to switch it up a little bit. I'm glad Wet n Wild changed their Megalast bottles. Do you remember the old ones? They were rectangular and ugly as sin. Actually the Wild Shine ones look similar to the old Megalasts. Eww.

Anyway, the formula on this little guy was top-notch, just what I'd expect from Wet n Wild. I only needed two coats. The brush, though...well, look:

I'm not sure if you can tell, but the bristles were cut completely unevenly and there are even a few sticking out the side. It was not fun to use. These Megalasts are only $1.99 though, so it's not a big deal. Just check the brushes before you buy them.

I got two really awesome coupons from CVS the other day! I think I got $5 off of $15 (which I've never gotten before) and $5 off of $25 (which I usually disregard because I try not to spend $25 at CVS in one trip). I think I'm going to haul. My friend Angela also got me lemming a lipstick from MAC, Vegas Volt. Oh my wallet, it cries.

Anyway, what do you guys think about Wet n Wild Blackmail? Does anyone have it? Does anyone have any other new Megalast polishes? Thanks for reading! :)


  1. I love wet'n'wild polishes- my favourites aren't released here because the european market seems to be quite different than the us market, so they don't carry this line here (only the wild shine ones)
    and the other thing is: the only shop who carried them is now closed down :/

  2. Oh. My. God. I adore it. It looks like a galaxy.

    But I'm a BLACK lover anyway. I've finished more black polish bottles in my life than any else color (red-black jelly and sheer white come close). With black clothes. And then I wonder why people have always labelled me a goth. Ah ah. It's great on you. But black look great on fair skin to me.

    Ah Steph... I'm looking for your nails of the day everyday. How sad is that? :P

  3. Great polish! I love blacks with glitter like this.

  4. I found this in the store last week but it wasn't with the other polishes. Haven't tried it on yet. With the temps being in the 110s I've been in the mood for clear, white, yellow or neon polishes. Hmm, I think I'll wear this out in the evening, it even looks dressy. -JenB

  5. The Wet n Wild brushes are always wonky for me!


  6. The holographic glitter is gorgeous! The brush looks rather crappy though :(

  7. I don't have any wet and wild, but if the formula is good i just might try it!

  8. That is a really nice color! I dont have any of the new wet and wilds...that may change after seeing these pics lol :)


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