Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OPI Kreme de la Kremlin

Hi everyone. It's that time again: morning. The time when I feel like I need to mainline coffee in order to begin to live. Unfortunately I woke up late enough for the coffee my dad made this morning to be cold (cold!) so I'm nursing a Diet Dr. Pepper instead. We'll see how irritable I get without the coffee. It's like a fun game!

Here is OPI Kreme de la Kremlin. It's from the Russian collection, which I believe came out in 2007. This is a very, very nice color. I'd call it terra cotta; kind of an earthy nude with a lot of pink thrown in. It's work appropriate, definitely, and I think it would look nice on several different skin tones. The formula was okay. It was a bit runny and it pooled in my cuticles on a few nails, but it wasn't that bad. I used three coats here. I may have been okay at two, but I did three just in case there were weird bald patches when I stuck my hand in sun. Success. No bald patches.

I am pretty sure Kreme de la Kremlin is discontinued. It's probably hard to find because of that. I don't know where I got mine. I seem to have a lot of discontinued OPIs that I don't remember buying. I'm sure you could find a bottle of this floating around in a salon somewhere. It's a nice color; if you like neutrals I'd hunt it down.

News, news...oh, I think I am getting a new iPhone. One of my regular customers at work offered to give me $300 for my 3GS. A new iPhone 4 will cost me $199 plus an $18 upgrade fee. I will actually make a profit from this transaction. It seems too good to be true...we'll see how it turns out. Is anyone else planning on getting one of the new iPhones? They're basically supposed to be the Jesus of cell phones. It like, walks on water. And feeds the hungry. And heals the lepers. It's apparently one hell of a phone.

To end, Alley being adorable.

Being a cat is so hard, isn't it? YAWN. Anyway, who has Kreme de la Kremlin? What's your favorite "work appropriate" polish? Mine's OPI Tickle My France-y. Sound off, ladies!


  1. I love this. Luckily I can wear whatever I want at work. Currently green and purple.

    Nearly all kids in the UK seem to have iPhones. My daughter and her boyfriend love theirs and have zillions of apps. Including a high-pitched dog whistle...

  2. Recently I got Essies "demure Vixen" I think its very work appropriate! I am on the fence about this OPI.. I don't love it enough to get it. Your cat is adorable!!!

  3. That color looks great on you!! Its another one I can't see myself ever wearing though.
    I have the original iphone. It used to be my stepdad's, but he gave it to me when he got the 3G. Now mine is crapping out, it shuts off for no reason all the time. My mom says either her or Ray will probably get the new one so I might be getting one of their 3Gs. They're obsessed with apple products. I remember when the iphone first came out, my mom had pre-ordered one, but was too impatient waiting for it to get delivered so she went out and bought one at the store.

  4. I have Kremlin and I like it. I´ll have to buy second bottle - in one e-shop in the Czech Republic they still have it. I can wear whatever I want at work too.

  5. I have Kremlin, it's one of my unworns. Cute kitty, looks just like my striped tabby. ;)

    1. I know this is two years later, but are you looking to sell your polish?

  6. The picture of Alley is adorable! I just want to curl up with her in the sun. (But I don't think my dog would like that.)

  7. Hehe I don't do work appropriate colors. I have ONE, yes one "nude". Essie Iced Chai latte.
    Nudes look alot better on you than me. They make me look all corpse-y and shit. no bueno.
    Alleycat is so cute! i wanna snuggle her

  8. It's rose zizi! (willy pink). That's how I used to call that kind of colors when I was a kid. Oops. It's nice but I prefer when muted pink are lighter.

    I don't have an iPhone. I have a 3 years old antiquity I almost never use cause I don't like to phone. I hope the deal get advantageous for you.
    300-199? Mmh... that makes lots of nails polish, ah ah ah. :P

    Alley's life seems too exhausting, it's unbearable to see. ;)

  9. So gorgeous. These muted brownish dusty pinks are probably my favorite nail color to wear. I think it's because that's what Molly Ringwald is wearing in The Breakfast Club, which is my favie movie. I watched it last night haha =)

    Cute kitty picture!!! Pet him for me!


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