Thursday, June 17, 2010

OPI My Private Jet

Dammit, I'm so irritated! I checked the weather yesterday before I decided to do this post and it was supposed to be sunny all day. I woke up and it's overcast. The forecast still says it's supposed to be sunny all day. Lies. Lies! Anyway, yesterday my buddy Ange-Marie did a nice post on her blog Scandalously Polished about the different versions of OPI My Private Jet. I knew there were different versions, but I didn't know there were four of them. I thought there were only two! Anyway, her post was great and it completely inspired me to pull out my bottle of My Private Jet. I did my best to capture this polish. I used natural light, which wasn't too helpful, and also flash, which was a bit more helpful.

Ugh, I just wish the stupid forecast hadn't LIED TO ME ABOUT THE SUN. So here's my version of My Private Jet. I've apparently got the holo version. Where did I stumble across this evidently rare gem? Ulta. Yes, that's right. One day I went into Ulta when they were restocking the nail polish so there were boxes everywhere. I, of course, started to dig through them. I found a little box full of four My Private Jets. I took them all to the window to check and see if any of them were holographic. One of them was, and you're lookin' at it. I was surprised to find it, but I snatched it up.

Its provenance...let's see...I think it was part of the 2007 Night Brights collection. The other polish that was really popular from Night Brights was Ink, which is now part of the permanent collection. Maybe I should bust that one out too, because it's really, really stunning. I believe that the holographic version, the one I'm wearing on my nails above, is the original version. There are apparently three other versions floating around out there (see Ange's post). They all look nice, but I would of course choose the holo over the other three...because it's a god damn holo, and holos are awesome. Right?

I guess there has been a big to-do because OPI has denied the existence of different versions of this polish. That's just rubbish. Not only are there two different versions, there are four. Why a company would actively deny this, I do not know. It just seems silly. Do you have My Private Jet? Which version? I'd be interested to see how many people have the "original" holo...

Also, I'm feeling completely lackluster today. I was up until 5:30 and then my body wouldn't allow me to sleep past 11. Don't you hate it when that happens? :(


  1. OPI must have had super secret security problems with the formula to the precious being robbed from the vault! So every time to make a batch the robbers are successful! OPI must have to hire many a lab monkey to hurry and make the new formula before release!

    I... uh... sure. *cough*
    I think that is the brown holo version that I've seen on Evilbay. It's not black unless the lighting is changing it.

  2. I bought one a few days ago, Mines kinda purpley and micro glitter what version is mine ?

  3. 4 different MPJ versions? I thought there are only 2 - holo and non-holo :))

  4. Hi!
    I was wondering if you could maybe do some kind of basics post sometimes? I know that most of your readers probably know all about this stuff, but I can't tell shimmer from holo, creme from.. well, my left foot! I'm just getting into nail polish lately, and I'd love to see a sort of introduction and basics post, but I can't find one anywhere :(

  5. Accuweather says that Pleasantville is partly sunny right now. Thus covered with clouds. Accuweather never lies. I even asked it if I had a big bum, it says "No Nat, you haven't a big bum". See? :P No seriously, I always check how the weather is going to be on that website, they're pretty trustable.

    I don't own MPJ. Being only able to buy online, I didn't feel like playing the lottery and get one of the X versions instead of the holo. I get Diamond Cosmetics "Chainmail Charm" instead. At least I was sure to have a black holo. Since OPI can't be serious, I prefer to buy my polishes elsewhere...

    I was feeling super tired and sleepy today. I don't know why and I don't like when it happens. Instead of sleeping, I've gone biking during 2 hours. I've seen lots of bunnies. Now I'm fine!

  6. you got the good one!! soo lucky :D

  7. I too think that you've got the original version (and you're right about the facts :) )

    I've got this and the teal flash version...

    opi should really stop denying that there's only one version, it'll make them a *bit* less snobby('cause their actions in the past few months are drama, drama and even more drama)

  8. I was just thinking this morning that I would really like to see some more swatches of OPI My Private Jet. You read my mind. Thanks for that! I love it!

  9. Nice polish! :) I mixed a franky that is similar to MPJ. :)

  10. I've got 3 versions of OPI MPJ:

    -First one I got at Ulta, brown with turquoise shimmer.
    -Second one I found as a dusty in a mall nail shop - original holo I *think*. I've since been told the "real" original holo is black label & mine is green.
    -Third version is again from Ulta, kind of bronze with sparse holo glitter.

    I've done several posts on my blog with comparison shots & even a video of the holo version. I'd love to find the fourth, just so my collection is complete LOL.

  11. There are actually at least six. I am missing the brownish one, and another one. =) Yeah, the holo rocks doesn't it! Too bad OPI won't own up to it being like 8000 versions

  12. That's gorgeous!

    Kisses from Portugal,

  13. Whoa I almost forgot to comment. I started to earlier and then I was told we were leaving for a bit and I had to run to the car haha.
    This is gorgeous!! I don't own any version of MPJ.

  14. I love this version.. its awsome. You are lucky to have it!

  15. I got the original MPJ off ebay a few months ago...around $20 but TOTES WORTH IT.


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