Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War

Good morning, everyone. It's a very, very rainy day here in Pleasantville and I did not have the foresight to take pictures yesterday when it was at least only partly cloudy. I'm sorry about that. Perhaps I should invest in an ott light someday. Anyway, it's my day off, finally, so I don't even know what to do with myself. Go shopping? Read while nursing a giant cup of coffee? Stay in bed and have a Firefly marathon? Anything's possible. Oh, so you wanna see my nails? You can see 'em. These pictures aren't great because it's icky outside :(

Here is Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War. I've been meaning to bust this one out again for a while now because I didn't like it the first time I wore it. I think it's growing on me a little bit now. I just wish I had sunlight. Anyway, I thought now was the best time to showcase this little guy because Ji just mixed up a whole new batch of No More War and Scrangie. That's right! Those two polishes were sold out but now you've got the chance to own them again. Here's the pre-order link. No More War is an odd duck. It's a weird olive green creme with a lot of brown in it, but not as much brown as MAC Dry Martini. I do think it's chic in its own way. Plus the little tree-hugging hippie inside me loves the name No More War. Preach, sister Ji! Do I even need to talk about application? It was perfect. Two easy coats, done. Here's another picture where it looks a bit browner. None of these are really super color accurate. Again I say, I wish I had sun.

So if this is a color you've been lusting after at all I suggest that you click that pre-order link up there and claim your bottle. I'm guessing it'll be gone again fast. RBL was nice enough to mix up another batch for us but I'm not sure that'll happen again.

I've got something else for you today! Lippie!

I've been completely obsessed with lipstick lately. I've even been buying ones that look kind of horrifying in the tube. I showed you Maybelline Color Sensation Park Ave Peach a couple weeks ago. The color I'm kind of obsessed with now is also a Color Sensation, Coral Crush. In the tube it reminds me of really old ladies who paint their faces up like clowns.

A bit scary, yes? I mean, it's so bright. It actually took me ages to decide to buy this one. This particular "coral" is more on the hot pink side than the orange side. That's okay with me. It works.

See, on my lips it's a lot less scary. I think this suits me, actually, if I'm going for a bolder lip. Lately I've been doing next to nothing to my eyes but really focusing on my lips. I'm not sure when this phase started but I like it. Especially for summertime. For some reason it seems more acceptable to sport a hot pink lipstick in the summer. And I will. A lot.

That's all for today. Is anyone planning on picking up No More War? How does everyone feel about my Maybelline Coral Crush? Do you have a lippie of choice in the summertime? Oh, also don't forget to enter my haiku contest! You have until this Friday to do it and you could win a bottle of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. I should mention that if you've already entered, feel free to enter again. You can write as many haikus as you want. Just make me laugh ;)


  1. Hmm.. I really kind of like No More War. I think that color would grow on me.

    It's rainy here in Washington too. Yuckk.

  2. I'd love it but I'm not even bothering to determine the postage to the UK. That plus the $18 for the polish? Not happening.

  3. In the tube, your lipstick reminds me of old ladies orange lipsticks. Actually, it's very pretty on lips!

    I'm obsessed with lip stuff at the moment. Everyone is it seems. It might be in the air. I love my Urban Decay "Tease" lipstick, a semi-sheer coral pink (looks a lot like the one you have here but it's sheer - I thinkI look like a travesti with opaque lipstick). Normally my summer color is MAC "Lustering". But I've been in such an Urban Decay phase lately...

    (that first picture of you has a little je-ne-sais-quoi eternal and sexy)

    Now concerning RBL... I want this one and Scrangie. But I don't feel like repeating what I said when you wore Bikini Bottom. ;) I might franken a war green soon! Nothing better than a good DIY.

  4. hahaha love it! I have a crazy bright lip right now. I mixed some OCC lip tars and got this insanely bright hookerpink and omg there is a cardinal eating a worm on my step gotta go xoxo

  5. I own Coral Crush! I love it. It's crazy bright. Usually when I wear it I get at least one "why are you wearing that lipstick today??" haha. And I reply with "I felt like it".

    People just don't understand me =(



  6. I Love the hippie "No more war" name! A fitting name for a good army green...

    And good for you, sporting a bold lip! More people should!

  7. Oh geez, I am OBSESSED with the Color Sensational lipsticks! I don't even want to count how many I own. I recently got Park Ave Peach and like it a lot.

  8. This is actually one fugly colour I don't like!!

  9. Lipstick looks fantastic. And... Frick, damn you. For so long I was like, not interested in no more war, now I want it because of you. You suck.


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