Wednesday, July 14, 2010

American Apparel California Trooper

Happy Wednesday, everyone. Today marks my third day of not setting foot in Coffee Inc. I can't believe I got three days off. I had a fun day shopping yesterday with a couple of my worky friends; shockingly I bought no makeup at all. It was more of a clothes shopping trip. I'm definitely going to end up going to a drug store today, though. I need cotton balls!

I'm playing with the sizes of my images to see if it really makes a difference to anyone. If anything, you'll probably just be able to tell that my cuticles are kind of haggard, heh. Anyway, this is American Apparel California Trooper. It's kind of a khaki color with maybe a drop of green thrown in, but it's difficult to tell. I'm assuming that this polish is meant to match the color of the uniform of a California highway patrolman or something. Like I said yesterday, I dig the idea of these polishes matching something that exists in reality. I like the color very much. I think it would look great on my toesies since I'm so into neutrals on my feet lately. I actually meant to bring it to my pedicure appointment on Sunday but forgot. I ended up with OPI Boris & Natasha on my toes instead. Oh well.

The application on this polish was top-notch, especially for such a light color. There was zero streakiness and what you see above was achieved with only two coats. I continue to be impressed by American Apparel polishes and their formulas. My only qualm with these polishes is that they do tend to stain. When I removed both Poppy and Passport Blue I had to be careful with how I pushed the polish around. My cuticles were stained red for a couple days after I removed Poppy, so just be aware of that and you'll probably be fine.

California Trooper also automatically reminds me of one of my favorite movies of all time, Super Troopers. Yes, I know that the movie was set in Vermont, but the use of the word "trooper" and the khaki color of the uniforms in the movies is a good enough tie-in for me. This movie is the reason I use the word "shenanigans" as often as possible, play the meow game with customers ("bye meow!") and constantly crave litres of cola. Now, combine Super Troopers with kitties, and we've reached a whole new level of epic:

To wrap up, AA California Trooper is a very unique polish with fantastic application and a cool name. I am calling it a huge win. I love it. I've loved all of my American Apparel polishes so far...and I think I need them all. What do you guys think about California Trooper?


  1. I love trooper, wore it as a pedi. It looks great on you :)

  2. I had to buy them all....yes, it was a dire need...I have Poppy on my toes right now - it has lasted 10 days with no touch-up OR top coat...

    AA is my new favorite brand! (love the 3 packs)


  3. I know I'll be getting another 3 for $15 next time I'm out at the outlet mall where AA is. I am impressed with the colors and delivery.

    Sounds like you are truly enjoying being off for three days. Whoot!!

  4. love it! kakhi / coffee / cream colors are always lovely

  5. Every time I see this color, I think of Super Troopers then I feel weird, haha.

  6. omg it totally made me think of Super Troopers too! and I really like this color, oddly enough. must be the ST association

  7. Very unusual colour and I agree the AA formula is sweet

  8. I love this. And I love Dynasty as well. You know I'm a sucker for dusty gross neutrals and purples. =) My vacation is going fantabulously, I don't want to go back to work!!!

    btw I loled hard at the lolcat. Favie.

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