Friday, July 16, 2010

American Apparel Dynasty

This is going to be a short post today.  I'm not in the mood for writing anything.  My cuticles are icky and my nails are jacked up.  I need to treat myself to a manicure, I think.

Here's American Apparel Dynasty.  I'm not sure why I picked this one up because dusty purples aren't really my jam, but I do like it.  Usually I think light purples look terrible on me, but this one is alright, especially with the silver rings I wear.  As usual, the formula on this was impeccable.  It was a two-coater, non-streaky, lovely.  I guess my bottle of Dynasty had some polish leaking on the outside of it or something because it looks a little icky.  Ah well.  Can't win 'em all.

I broke up with my boyfriend of seven years last night.  The conversation we had about it didn't seem to do our relationship any justice.  When things like that end I guess it's difficult to reconcile the ending with the relationship's entirety.  Does that even make sense?  I don't know.  I couldn't sleep last night and I'm still a little dazed.  The break-up was my idea, but that doesn't really make it any easier.

Maybe Dynasty will make me feel better.  And chocolate.


  1. I've been with my boyfriend about 7 years now, and I can't imagine how you must feel right now. After spending so long together, he feels less like a boyfriend and more like family now.

    I hope you both make it through this rough time :(

  2. Nails look great, I'm not normally a purple person either.

    I'm sorry to hear about the breakup, but everything happens for a reason and I'm sure you have your reasons for it and its been a learning experience and you've grown as a person I'm sure. Take your time, eat ice cream or chocolate just take care of yourself right now and hopefully things will get easier with time.

  3. Today, I had a storm of consciousness (yes, yes, I have a brain): I'm a super light or super dark polish lover. White: yes. Black: yes. Grey... mmhh... harder. But black or white and all or nothing finally sums me up perfectly. All the medium tones look a bit wrong on me. They seem dull, as if something crucial was missing. Depth. Or light. The only medium toned color that escape from all this is true red (and pin up red) because they are so entire and intense. And sexy. And eternal.

    This one ain't bad. It reminds me of Parlez Vous OPI that I have yet to test (hurrah Nat!! La Collection de France was released 2 years ago! Hurrah for bloggers who are YEARS late on upcoming collections! ah ah!!)


    I haven't been in the mood to comment on much blogs or write on mine lately. I don't know. I just feel like being quiet and shut up. I've just been a silent reader or your blog those days keeping in touch with you in silence but I feel like writing a couple of things... Might you be the one who want the end of something, an end is an end and it's always hard to cope with because this is never an easy decision. Even liberating ends are paradoxally painful and bring a lot of questions to your head during a long time. I hope you can go through this safely...

    I know you have all the friends you need in your area but you know I'm here and that I'm your e-friend, Steph. You know that, right? Beside, I miss you. But there's really no urge. We'll talk later when you'll feel better...

  4. Chocolate and polish, that is the way to go for feeling better.

    I separated from my husband of 20 years the first week in june, so I think I share your feelings. One of the thoughts that makes me happy is that there is a brilliant new life out there to discover. A little scary because it is all unknown territory. But wow, very exciting as well!

    Take care!

  5. Great polish color =) I'm really liking your American Apparel swatches!

    I can't imagine what kind of emotions you're going through right now--- but I do hope that things will get better with time (and chocolate). Best of luck.

  6. Just a lurker, wanted to say I'm so sorry to hear about the break up. I don't know what else to say that won't sound like a stupid platitude, so I'll just leave it at that.

    p.s., your nails look lovely, not jacked up.

  7. Omg, you poor thing! :( It's sad to hear about your boyfriend.

    This colour is a gorgeous dusty lilac though, I would love to get my hands on it! Your cuticles don't look half as bad as you think they do, maybe it's because of all the tears?

  8. lurker as well. sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend but hopefully things will look up soon. your nails look lovely, btw. that's a great color on you. hug.

  9. Hey Steff. I've been bad at commenting lately.
    First of all, that polish is gorgeous, I love it.
    I think I've said before that I'm bad at knowing what to say, so a lot of times I don't say anything. But I'm sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend and I hope you feel better.

  10. I'm sending good thoughts your way! I'm a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, so I know this is a seriously tough time... but you seem like a strong girl and will come out of this even better than when you started. Dynasty looks like a calming color (similar to Color Club - Uptown Girl) so I hope it helps you feel a little better!

  11. The hardest thing about goodbye is saying it out loud. I hope you get a chance to lay in the Ohio heat and stare at the clouds for a while, nothing like feeling small to make you feel whole again.

    I second the idea of the salon visit. Splurge and add a conditioning treatment while you get your nails done. There really isn't anything more relaxing or comforting than someone playing with your hair.



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