Saturday, July 10, 2010

American Apparel Haul: Poppy

Good morning all, and happy Saturday! I'm looking forward to starting my day; there is this thingy called The Festival of the Arts that happens right around this time every year here in Pleasantville and my mom and I always go together. There's all kinds of handmade jewelry and art and pretty things. Yay! It started last night and it ends on Sunday. It's an outdoor thing and it has miraculously cooled down outside. This past week it has been in the mid-90s, even during the night. Unbearably gross and humid. Yucky.

Yesterday my friend Amber and I had hipster adventures. Where did these hipster adventures lead us? American Apparel, of course. I couldn't wait to get my hands on some AA polishes.

From right to left we have: Poppy, Dynasty, Factory Grey, Passport Blue, California Trooper and Peacock

I like how I chose all muted colors and then a ridiculously bright orange-red. As everyone probably already knows, these cost $6 apiece but are three for $15 online and in stores. These six polishes cost me about $30.

Of course I wanted to try out Poppy immediately because I'm a sucker for really bright orange-reds. This polish is perfection. I was amazed at the ease of application. This was two coats. The formula was maybe a tad thick, but it didn't give me any problems. The brush was a very nice size; not quite OPI pro-wide, but not quite Essie thin. The color itself is stunning and just perfect for summer. It's a loud and bright orange with a few drops of red thrown in. It's one of those colors I can look at and think, is this red or is this orange? I love fun colors like that. I also love the way this looks against my skin. Maybe I'll put Poppy on my toesies!

And now, if you guys aren't interested in reading the ranting of a Clevelander, please feel free to stop reading and skip right to commenting about Poppy. I've just got to get this out.

To LeBron:

Hey LeBron. Y'know, I've never really cared about you before. I'm not really a huge basketball fan, but I've always supported the Cavs. I cheered for you during the regular season and even harder during the playoffs.

You know why I cheered for you? I cheered for you because I love Cleveland. I really do. I was born and raised here, just like you. I've seen firsthand all the heartbreak this city has endured, just like you have. The Indians losing game 7 of the World Series in 1997. The Browns relocating to Baltimore in 1996. The terrible economy. People I love losing their jobs. I've been here for all of it. You know what, LeBron? You were a bright spot. You were the reason our city could pull together and root for something. As silly as it sounds, you gave us hope. We looked up to you. We built you up. You truly were our king. How did you repay us? You totally dicked us around. What was the deal with that stupid press conference? Why all the drama? Oh wait, I know. Ad revenue.

With all my heart I wanted to believe that you would stay here with us. I didn't think you'd deliver us a huge kick to the crotch on national television. We should have seen this coming. Remember when you wore Yankees apparel to an Indians game?

Why the fuck would you do that? Dude, support your city. I'm pretty sure you showed up to your training camp wearing New York apparel again just this past week. For how many years did your image watch over us while we drove through the city?

Yeah, we are all witnesses. But to what?

Since I'm not a huge fan of basketball, where you play doesn't really affect me. As a Clevelander, I'm incredibly hurt that you would do this to us. We did everything for you and what did you do for us? You gave us theatrics and drama about this decision when we didn't deserve that. We deserve your honesty. You've been incredibly narcissistic. If you want to go to Miami and play second fiddle to Dwyane Wade, that's fine. I hope you thought long and hard about your decision, because if there's one thing I know it's that when you betray Clevelanders like you have, you'll never be welcomed back. You meant so much to us, but...if you're going to treat us this way, then good riddance.

You're leaving the people who love you. Who adore you. Who built you up and always defended you. I absolutely love my city. While we're hurt, I know that eventually we'll get over it...but we'll never forget how we've been treated. I hope you're happy down there in Miami.

Go Cavs!


  1. Cute polishes! A tad confused as to why you bought the pink, but can't wait to see it on you. I want California Trooper!!! RAWR! You know I'll love it. In my dream last night I was wearing Knockout Pout and I didn't know how it got there and I was freaking out. Then I woke up.... I'm wearing Dazzled by Gold still. Haha. I have dreams about nail polish. I have problems.

  2. Oooh, this is SO hot on you.See, I wish I could pull off orangey-reds, but this would be LE SUCKSUCKSUCKASS on me. Not even remotely kidding. So sad! I love them, but they don't love me. I can't wait to see the rest them on you!
    And I'm LMFAO over here about Kelsea's dream....I DO THAT SAME THING. I have problems too, apparently. :P

  3. I'm so wanting a few American Apparels. They all look so pretty on you.

    In case you haven't entered, I'm having a new giveaway:

  4. I fully agree with your rant on the LeBron-a-thon. As a born and raised Akronite I was so hopeful that he would stay. I was sure, no matter what rumors circulated, that he was going to do right by his hometown. What a clusterfuck ego filled let down. He'll never find fans anywhere that love him like we did.

  5. Charlotte, yay! Another northeastern Ohio person! Yeah, I was sure he would stay too. What a serious douche. I'm heartbroken.

  6. you got Peacock! i'm so jealous. i didn't realize i was crazy about his color until i got my other babies.


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