Friday, July 30, 2010

H&M Fashionista

I can't believe how quickly my weeks are flying by lately.  I feel like no time passes at all between when the week begins and ends.  It's very strange.  Anywho, I've got an H&M polish from my Nathalie Package to show you today!  It's the first H&M polish I've ever used and it's awesome.

I'm sorry that my dying bottle of Seche Vite ruined EVERYTHING.  It bubbled on my index and middle fingers, as you can see.  Ugh.  I have to shell out for new Seche because I really don't like Out the Door.  That's enough complaining for now, though.  Now, having H&M nail polish is a momentous occasion for me.  Y'know why?  Because I live my life in H&M clothing.  H&M underwear?  Check.  H&M bras?  Check.  H&M tops?  Check.  H&M dresses?  Check.  H&M pants?  Check.  H&M socks?  Check.  H&M jewelry?  DOUBLE CHECK.  So you see, it only makes sense that I bathe my nails in the brilliance that is H&M as well.  The only store that I like half as much as I love H&M is Target, and you guys KNOW how I feel about Target.  

Anyway, this polish is called Fashionista and holy shitballs is it gorgeous.  It's a very, very bright royal purple, neither too blue nor too red.  It's shimmery and just the tiniest bit frosty (hence the brushstrokes).  It absolutely glows.  The shimmer in Fashionista is silver and pink and lovely.  See?

The formula on Fashionista was very good.  This was two coats.  I love the little square bottles that H&M polishes come in.  The only issue that I have with this polish is that the brush was just a bit moppy.  Not unwieldy, just a bit splayed.  Application was still relatively easy, though.  I love this polish.  A lot.

To end, Alley says hello.  She would also like to know what you all think of H&M Fashionista.  She's a fan.  Then again, she does like anything sparkly.  'Cause she's a fancy lady.


  1. Your cat is so cute!

    I also love H&M and totally agree that it is AWESOMEEEEE. Sadly, I've never tried an H&M polish, but this one looks pretty sweet!

  2. I agree with Alley about this one ;)

  3. oh hey i noticed this one when you were giving me my drink yesterday! the sparklier the better. im lovin it.

  4. Yay! I'm so glad you love it! I've worn this one only once. Hmm... I think I have too many bottles.

  5. haha "holy shitballs." That's such a pretty color! And how adorable is Alley!

  6. That looks great on you! I want to try H&M nail polish one day soon, all the colors look so nice. And pet that fancy kitteh for me :)

  7. Very pretty color!! And I love how you called your cat a fancy lady. I feel the same about mine ;]

    Also, I know how you've posted your love for kiwis, and I didn't know if you had seen this video on YouTube! Cute, but with a sad meaningful end. It's gotten basquillion views over 4 years and with good reason!


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