Tuesday, July 06, 2010

OPI Suzi and the Lifeguard

Hey everyone! Did you miss me? It feels like I haven't posted in ages when in reality it has been less than a week. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend; I certainly did. I unfortunately had to cut it short because I had to work at Coffee Inc. on the evening of the Fourth of July, but I still had a fantastic weekend. I've got a few pictures for you from my reunion shenanigans, but first, here's what's on my nails.

OPI Suzi and the Lifeguard from the South Beach collection. I'm not sure why I wanted to use this. I thought it was a bit more sparkly than it actually is, but maybe I had it confused with OPI Princesses Rule! Who knows. I do tend to steer clear of pink, so I'm not exactly a connoisseur. Also, I bashed my ring finger on the coffee table as I was putting on my Seche Vite so that's why there's a dent in the polish. Damn, I hate it when that happens. This was three coats of Suzi and the Lifeguard. The formula was nice, just like the formula on all South Beach polishes I've tried. I like the soft baby pink color, I'm just not crazy about the finish. This polish has teeny-tiny microshimmer in it, which makes it look like it has a pearl finish. I'm not a huge fan of pearls or frosts. I'm glad I wore this one anyway. Even though I'm an albino, over the past two months or so I've managed a bit of a tan. I was really diggin' the way this light polish looked against my skin.

I've got another set of nails to show you, too!

This is my seven-year-old cousin Mattie's hand. I feel like the full name of this NYC polish is Taxi Yellow Creme, but I'm not sure. Isn't her little hand cute? My other cousin Katie painted Mattie's nails for her (and props to Katie, because it's not easy for a little kid to sit still for that long; that's why I don't bother). Mattie happily informed me that her favorite color is yellow, but then proceeded to peel all the polish off about two hours later. Ah well. It was cute while it lasted.

Here's Katie painting Mattie's toes with China Glaze Coconut Kiss. I love my little cousins. I never really get to see them because Katie's family lives in Colorado and Mattie's family lives in Illinois. Move back to Ohio, people. Anyway, last year I brought a ton of nail polish with me but this year I didn't bring any. In fact, I did nothing to my nails this year. I've been very unmotivated in that department. My uncle was joking with me that he would be waking me up at 6am to help him smoke some meat (my family has dubbed him Captain Protein because of his affinity for feeding us huge quantities of dead animal--and it's DELICIOUS). I replied to him that I would do anything if it involved a new outfit (which is actually a Gilmore Girls reference--the episode where Luke teaches Lorelai to fish), so my aunt brought me a sexy hat.

I believe at one point my uncle called me the brisket bitch. I will take that title and run with it. I love that shirt I'm wearing, by the way. I'm going to wear it again today. I found it really funny that my family comes from Colorado and Chicago and yet we were all wearing Indians apparel. Well, I was and the men were. What can I say? I love makeup and clothes but I'm kind of a tomboy at heart. Watch out. I have tongs and I [might] know how to use them. Oh, that's Zoya Nidhi on my nails, by the way, which was my Fourth of July manicure--though it had kind of peeled off by the actual Fourth since I'd been soaking in lake water for 48 hours by then. It's pretty fun if you don't think about the fish poop.

Here's my family on my uncle's boat waiting for the fireworks to start. We tethered three boats together so we could all be close to each other and watch the show. Look at little blondie in the foreground, there. He and I are the only blondes in the family. How that happened, I don't know. There's me in the background, taking a picture of the boats on the water.

Pretty, isn't it?

So yeah, I had a great weekend. What else, what else...oh! My good buddy Angela took a trip to the CCO somewhere in Texas and got MAC Lollipop Loving lippie for me! Eek, so excited! I looked for that one at my CCO and came up short. I just paypal-ed her the money, so I think she's sending it to me today! Thanks Angela! You're my favey-fave! One last thing. You guys remember the town troubadour on Gilmore Girls? Apparently he's a very accomplished singer/songwriter (which I kind of knew before because his band did a song for the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack) and I found some of his stuff on iTunes. His name is Grant-Lee Phillips, and I am completely obsessed with his song Seal It With A Kiss. He has been compared to the likes of Bob Dylan, so if you're into the type of thing check him out.

That's all. See, I leave for a few days and then do a humongous babbling post to compensate. I hope you guys don't mind. I definitely missed you! I'll try to get back to my regular posting schedule this week, though I'm having lunch with my grandma tomorrow around noon so I don't know that I'll get another post up before then. I'll do my best! :)


  1. I love your babbling posts. They're so entertaining. Sounds like you had a WAY better fourth than I did. Hope you had a blast!

  2. Yaaay Steff!! I missed your posts.
    That polish looks very nice [:
    It looks like you had a great 4th of July! Being on boats is FUN. Oh & I loved the Gilmore Girls reference.

  3. I love the Suzi Lifeguard. I'm sick of BIG colours at the moment. That would be perfect for me.

  4. i like suzi and the lifeguard, i must get it !

  5. Yay I missed youu!!!

    I like Suzi and the Lifeguard! But I agree, it's not very you. Oh well! I need to do some lippie posts, because I have been buying WAY too many lipsticks lately! WOO

  6. OMG, I saw Grant Lee and immediately thought - Buffalo! Hahahaha. I'm retarded, I know.
    I missed you, I was just thinking about you and your vacation today! Was wondering when you'd be back around. This polish....not bad, but definitely not as fun as Princesses Rule!
    LOVE YOUR HAT. I have one so much like it, it's not funny. Haha. It's in my FB photos if you ever get around to looking at them, I look like a doofus but whatevs.
    And the lake looks like it was SO much fun. My seven year old niece has super shorties but we've been trying to paint them, they only last a couple hours before they're gone. Isn't that funny?


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