Monday, July 19, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas

Good morning, everyone.  I had a pretty decent weekend so I'm feeling maybe a tad better.  Best not to dwell on that, though.  I think.  I tried to go watch Inception last night because I've heard people raving about it, but it was sold out by the time I got out of work.  I ended up seeing Predators instead, and that was just awesome.  In one of those it's-so-bad-it's-awesome kind of ways.  I haven't got much on the agenda today; I'm meeting a friend for coffee around three and I'm feeling really lazy.  No work until Thursday.  Win.

Today I've got Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas for you.  You've probably seen this one a million times, but never on me.  I got this very recently as a gift, and I've got to tell you that I couldn't be more grateful.  This color is gorgeous.  It's the perfect medium-toned purple that's beautiful and deep but vibrant and bright at the same time.  The formula was the perfect Rescue Beauty Lounge formula, as usual...except it seemed a little better than other RBLs I've tried.  The consistency of the polish was wonderful; I actually only needed one coat.  It's very unusual that I do one coat and feel satisfied with it, but in this case it was warranted.  Most of the time I get bald patches on a couple nails or something so I feel like I have to do another coat.  Not with Mismas.  This lacquer is perfect.  

You may notice that I chopped off my nails.  It was the strangest thing; this weekend my nails kept breaking.  Not just chipping or anything, but cracking and then peeling off on their own.  I think it happened to three of the nails on my right hand and one on my left.  That usually doesn't happen.  It's not like they were strangely long or anything.  They were feeling pretty strong, too.  No peeling, no bending.  I don't know what the deal was.  Oh well.  I guess it's worth mentioning that I stopped using a basecoat with a nail strengthener in it about a month ago and started using Orly Bonder, which is a rubberized basecoat that helps the polish adhere to the nail.  Before that I think I was using OPI Nail Envy, which is supposed to help my nail health.  Maybe it did and I didn't know it.  Eh.  I'll think about switching back, but I do quite like Bonder.

That's all for today.  I'm not sure what I'll do since I'm kind of all alone-y on my own-y, but I think I need to have some Steffie time.  Y'know, do something for myself by myself.  Everyone needs that every once in a while, right?


  1. Look a bit like Grape Pop. Nice but not unique.

    Take time for you. What's wrong with that?

  2. Of course take time for yourself! C'mon you deserve it!

    I like Mismas. I've never tried RBL polish, but I wish they weren't so damn expensive!

  3. such a rich, deep purple - it looks so royal! I really like it :) I have never even tried a RBL polish - I need to break down and get some!

  4. You know, the funny thing of all the blogger RBL's the only one I thought was super unique was the green one. And I'm a girl who usually takes purple over green. I even traded away Scrangie, and there were people stabbing people over that one I think.
    In truth the only RBL I have that I truly love, is Bikini Bottom. The rest I am very meh about. I hate shelling out 18 bucks plus 8 shipping for one freakin polish. Espesh since they don't agree with my body chemisty. Wow. Mini novel. ANYWAY what I meant to say is... that purple looks pretty on you. You need more purple

  5. I find Bonder really helps the mani last. But if you're changing your polish daily, I'd say go back to the envy. Sounds like I might have been doing something helpful there. And isn't mismas awesomesauce? Sooooooooo fantastico.

  6. Plain but pretty. A staple, basic must have in every collection, right? :)

  7. Lots of gals (and guys) really like Bonder. I use Gelous from Sally's, and there's no vast improvement in the condition of my nails, but the np does last longer. 'Course, I apply 3 layers of topcoat. Heh. Maybe I should spring for the Bonder.

    For me time, see all the movies you wanted to see but didn't because he didn't want to go, and eat at all the restaurants you never got to go to because he didn't like them. :D Indulge in only having to think about yourself for a while. It's therapeutic.

  8. OH SO HEY I AM FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG NOW! :) it is jo's sister from ze coffee shop. wowowow this is exciting stuff and i must say i love it here...on your blog! this is a lovely colour, i have a similar one but it doesn't have quite the same mmph, i need to check out these brands you use, i haven't heard of a lot of them! *__*

  9. I have seen this polish on Vampy Varnish, Polish Addict, and All You Desire and I wish I could save up and get a bottle it is so pretty.

    How does it compare with China Glaze "Spontaneous?"



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