Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wet n Wild Insomnia: Blue Jitters

The other day I decided to stop at Rite-Aid on my way home from lunch because I always have pretty good luck with finding fun seasonal collections there.  That day was no exception.  I came across a fun new Wet n Wild display that I can only assume is for Halloween-y-times called Insomnia.  It's the Color Icon series, which Wet n Wild usually busts out for holidays.  I only have one other Color Icon polish and it's from last year's Christmastime collection.  I ended up buying three of them, although I kind of wanted them all.  Blue Jitters is the first one I'm going to show you.

It's is a charcoal jelly with indigo glitter suspended in it.  I don't know what kind of pigment Wet n Wild used, but it dried completely matte.  It also dried almost instantly.  If grit bothers you, then don't bother with this polish.  After one very thick coat of my dying Seche Vite the surface of the polish is still quite gritty.  While that doesn't bother me, I know that it bothers a lot of people.  The polish is pretty enough in sunlight for me to overlook that.  The formula was okay; it became thicker the longer the bottle was open.  It only required two coats, though, so that's nice.

It was so hot outside when I took these pictures that my camera lens fogged up.  We keep it a nice seventy-one degrees in the house and it has been about ninety degrees and super humid outside.  Every day.  It's disgusting and almost unbearable.  

Here are the other two polishes from the Insomnia collection that I picked up.  On the left is Sleepwalker, a charcoal jelly with orange glitter (so Halloween-y!) and on the right is Black Fog, a smoky indigo creme.  I took a picture of the rest of the collection but it came out really awful.  

The other polishes in the collection are: 
Dark Shadow:  a charcoal jelly with silver glitter
Hypnotic Red:  a blue-toned red creme
Mystic Blue:  a deep indigo shimmer
Night Owl:  a vampy purple creme
Prowler:  a charcoal jelly with purple glitter

Prowler looked to be literally exactly the same as Night Prowl, a recently released Wet n Wild Wild Shine that you can get on any Wet n Wild display for ninety-nine cents.  I love that Wet n Wild didn't even change the name much.  Prowler vs. Night Prowl?  Heh.  These Color Icons are $1.99, so if you're looking for a dark jelly with purple glitter, get Night Prowl.  It's a bigger bottle for a dollar less.

Yesterday I received two packages from my dear friend Nathalie of jellynat.  The goodies inside were incredible.  I had so much fun unwrapping each one.  It was like Christmas morning!  Here's a little preview.  Over the next few weeks I'll probably be showing these to you guys as often as I exciting!

The last one is a frankie that Nathalie posted about here.  I love it!  One of the caps on one of the H&M polishes broke in transit; one of the Barry M bottles also broke, but both are still usable so yay!  The box was pretty battered when it showed up.  Thanks postal system!  Anyway, I love everything Nathalie sent.  Thanks Nathalie!  Now I get to put her package together.  Bubble wrap ahoy!

That's all for today.  I'm trying as hard as I can to maintain a regular posting schedule but for some reason it's been difficult to get back into the swing of things.  Thank you for sticking with me, you guys! Hopefully I'll have more pretties for you tomorrow.


  1. I love Halloween polishes! And I can't wait to see those swatched!

  2. These new WnWs look pretty cool. Also, awesome package...mmm, goodies!

  3. Package is freaking awesome. I'm definitely going to keep an eye for this collection. Berry interesting.

  4. They played the Soccer World Cup with your package? Ok, at least no polish get broken.

    I wish I had found more corals but eh, if I ever see some in my area, I'll give you a shout. I think I know your tastes a bit better by now. =)

  5. Do I spy MISA Embroidered Emerald among the goodies you received? If so, you're in for a treat! :)


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