Friday, August 13, 2010

American Apparel Butter

When I was at American Apparel on Monday buying April her giveaway polishes I picked up Butter like four times but put it down each time.  I kept thinking that it would look awful with my skin, that yellows apply terribly, that they're streaky, etc.  Yesterday I ended up going back to AA with my friend Betsy because I wanted to show her the Hipster City that is Coventry.  This meant, of course, that I had to buy three more AA polishes for myself.

Here's my little friend Butter.  I finally bought it.  The formula on this polish can only be described as EX-QUISITE.  It was maybe a little thick, but this was still two easy coats.  American Apparel, you are awesome.  Butter is a nice, cool-toned yellow that doesn't look too awful on my skin.  I like how it looks from far away, actually.  Kind of mod-inspired, except yellow instead of pink or white, if that makes sense.  This might be similar to that yellow Orly from the Sweet Collection or whatever it was for spring.  I'm not sure.  Either way, its formula kicks the sweet little ass of every other pastel yellow I've ever used.  If you're a yellow fan (Ange-Marie!) then pick this little guy up.

I wanted to address a couple things that came up in the comments on the G + L post yesterday.
1.  Ginger + Liz did not change their bottles, as far as I know.  They still look the same.  The bottles I posted yesterday were sample bottles that were sent to me.
2.  I know a few of you wanted me to compare a Diamond Cosmetics polish to one of the G + L polishes.  I do not own any Diamond Cosmetics polishes so I can't do that.  I'm not ignoring your requests, I'm just unable to fulfill them.

I leave you with a picture of me ALREADY REGRETTING not purchasing a signed Bat Out of Hell record before I even left the record store.

And here are the signatures.  I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T FREAKING BUY THIS. 

NON-BUYER'S REMORSE, PEOPLE.  IS THERE ANYTHING WORSE?  Well, yes.  There are a lot of worse things.  But just let me be dramatic for a second.


  1. I'll have to buy a mayonnaise yellow. I fantasize too much about that. I don't have enough yellow. You'll tell me that I could buy some mayonnaise and plunge my finger tips in it and I'll be fulfilled but that wouldn't be very practical to leave greasy fingers all around the place. Last time I ate mayonnaise was in 1999. Worse than the last century: the last millenium! Nah, I don't miss that at all.

  2. Hi!
    This American Appareil "butter" totally reminds me the Essence Cute as Hell collection, te shadee "naughty but nice". You can see swatches here:
    Naughty But Nice
    The color is cool but the formula is horrific!

  3. Btw, have you tried Malibu Green? Would love too see it.

  4. I have this AA polish but havent tried it yet, very pretty!

  5. they dont have an AA here in the boonies or I'd be all over that yellow

  6. I'm a big fan of butter. It's just so... modern? Awesome? Stark and yet easy to wear? Idk. But I like it.

  7. Butter looks great on you! It's definitely on my wishlist/to buy list hehe :)

  8. so beautiful on you! i love this color.

  9. Love this colour, its on my 'to buy' list!


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