Tuesday, August 17, 2010

China Glaze Classic Camel vs. MAC In the Buff

The other day when I had my spending extravaganza at the MAC store (it wasn't actually that bad...just a lipstick [Morange] and a Lip Glass [Dare To Wear:  So Bad]) Betsy bought In the Buff.  When I saw it I thought that it looked kind of like China Glaze Classic Camel minus the shimmer.  She kindly let me do a comparison.

As you can see, I was dead wrong.  They have similar feels to them; they're both vaguely camel-y looking.  Classic Camel, though, is way, way warmer than In the Buff, which has obvious green undertones.  I expected to hate In the Buff on myself but...I really don't.  I actually kind of adore it.  In all honesty, I expected Classic Camel to kick the ass of In the Buff.  For me it didn't.  Don't get me wrong; I still like Classic Camel.  I haven't worn it for a full manicure yet, but I will in the near future, I'm sure.  It's definitely more of a fall color, don't you think?  I like the shimmer in it.  

There's just something about In the Buff that draws me in.  It's a weird, weird color.  I guess it's beige?  But I definitely see green in it.  Nathalie had a series of bottle photos in sand...and the color definitely reminds me of sandy beaches.  

Is it even worth comparing these two since they're so obviously different?  I don't know.  I mean, maybe you only want to buy one weirdo beige/nude/camel color this fall, so why not break it down for you guys?  So, differences.  Well, let's start with the most obvious one:  finish.  In the Buff is a creme, which I tend to prefer anyway, and Classic Camel is a shimmer.  Next is application.  When Betsy was putting on In the Buff the formula gave her a lot of trouble.  I remember that she had to do three coats and she said it still looked uneven after Seche Vite.  For me, In the Buff's application was fine.  I used two coats and it dried really fast, even without topcoat.  Classic Camel's formula was a bit thick, but still workable.  Also two coats.  Finally, price.  MAC polishes are $12.  I got Classic Camel for $4.99 at Sally's.  Honestly, I think I'll be at the MAC store next time I have cash buying In the Buff.  I liked it that much.

Congratulations, In the Buff.  You stole my cold little heart.  Your cute name didn't hurt, either.


  1. Great comparison. I thought these 2 would be more alike. I've been hating Buff until I got Misa Hot Couture and fell in love with it. So I now think I want Buff. Completely changed my mind. I want Camel too though! Great pix. Thanks for this.

  2. Wow awesome that she let you compare! I actually prefer Camel!

  3. I like the greenish tinge in the buff has. I want both.

  4. I prefer the Camel, as well.. though, I'm afraid to say I'm more of a Nude nail gal..

  5. I adore "In the Buff". Yesterday, I put some order in my polish drawers and pick this bottle and thought I'd had to wear it again because it's so awesome. If I wanted to buy a back up I couldn't: it has been sold out pretty fastly in France.

    Thank you for the comparison with "Classic Camel". I wanted it cause I thought it was kind of alike (mmm.... I'm a dupe buyer) now I'm not sure I still do.

    By the way, my In the buff applies really fine! =)


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