Monday, August 16, 2010

China Glaze Midnight Mission and Happy Birthday

Hi everyone.  First of all, happy birthday to Short 'n Chic!  It was a year ago today that I started this blog.  Isn't that crazy?  I can't believe it...  Anyway, today I've got the second polish I chose from China Glaze Vintage Vix for you.  I went to a couple Sally's stores looking for this one.  Just order it off the intarwebz, you say?  Too easy.  As you know, I love the thrill of the hunt.

So here's Midnight Mission.  It's a really beautiful blue shimmer.  I'm pretty sure that China Glaze describes this one as a navy blue frost...but it's not a frost.  Just a metallic-y shimmer.  The formula on this one wasn't overly fantastic.  The longer I had the bottle open the thicker the polish became.  Wagon Trail, my favey-fave polish, has this same problem so I'm used to working with it, but it's still annoying.  What you see in the pictures is two coats.  This is a beautiful polish, especially in the sunlight.  It glimmers.  Good job, China Glaze.

And now for things with which I am obsessed as of late (and by "as of late" I mean over the past few days):
1.  Lip stain.  Betsy let me try her Cover Girl lip stain while she was here and I loved it.  The number on the bottom of hers is 430 but I can't find that one in stores anymore.  Instead of that I got Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Flame.

It definitely looks like a red-orange (right up my alley, if you know me) but it goes on a bit pinker.  It's a nice color, but I prefer something louder.  I really like the idea of a stain, though.  It goes on smooth, it's easy to be accurate, it feels like you're not wearing anything and it lasts a long time.  The Just Bitten line also comes with a balm in case your lips feel dry (and they will).  I think I'll try a bright pink one next.

2.  Repo!  The Genetic Opera.  Cannot describe how ridiculous/amazing this movie is.  Have you seen it?  HAVE YOU?  Let me break it down for you:  Giles from Buffy (Anthony Stewart Head) as an organ repossessor.  Paris Hilton as...well, a slutty heiress (that's a stretch).  Sarah Brightman.  SARAH BRIGHTMAN!  The whole thing is sung.  There is choreography.  There is gore.  There is a guy who looks like this.

I'm already anticipating buying a t-shirt.  I have already purchased the soundtrack from iTunes.  I have already created a ringtone for my phone.  Basically this is the BEST THING pop culture has brought me in a LONG TIME.

That's all for today.  What do you guys think about China Glaze Midnight Mission?  Does anyone have any lip stain recommendations?  I'm open to suggestions.  Also...has anyone seen Repo!?  So.  Awesome.


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  2. Midnight is lovely, my fav of the collection =D

  3. Happy anniversary to one of my fav bloggie! <3

    I have a lipstain from Korean brand Etude House. It's really pretty (there is a berry red, a true red and an orange red, I chose the berry). I'll have to talk about it on my blog any day. I don't find myself wearing lipstain that often because they feel dry on lips and I prefer sticky stuff (mm... I might be the only girl in the universe to love sticky gloss).

    Midnight Mission curiously reminds me of ChG Rodeo Fanatic. Kinda. With a different finish and a bit less turquoise. I'm having sincere hard times seeing differences between blue colors, it's so weird. I think I don't "understand" this color. I might be the only blogger who isn't crazy about blue polish also. It's not even growing on me. Ah well. ;)

  4. i love the blue! wow and congrats on blogging 4 a year! is that movie really awesome?.. or so bad it's awesome...? i'm not sure paris hilton = movie i would buy...? but i do like giles.. lol

  5. I AM SO GLAD someone else besides me and my boyfriend has seen Repo! haha. Even though we saw it like a year ago. And yes, it is every bit as amazing and as fabulous as you describe. Loved it. In fact, I am going to rewatch it soon, now that you've reminded me of it! Thank you!

    Oh, and the polish is lovely. Yes. Polish.

  6. Happy happy birthday to your blog! I loooove that blue...I'll never get tired of navys!

  7. I love my lip stain! I have a covergirl one. Not sure of the name but it's not a loud color so I wouldn't recommend it to you anyway. Now you have me wanting a bright pink stain. Sounds like a great idea!

    Happy Birthday SnC! =) Loves you!

  8. My no.1 from vintage vixen collection is MM, so pretty and edgy same time. Love your pictures, they are so accurate.
    I must search fo Repo, Sarah in movies is quite a experiance. Few years ago there was some german soap opera on TV and there was Sarah as character also, she´s looked like living statue!

  9. Happy anniversary!
    And wow, I looooove Midnight Mission! Such a beautiful color!

  10. Yay for your Blogiversary!

    Happy happy happy.

    So, a.) I am LOVING all the new China Glaze you're showing off...I want Bogie like I need air.

    b.) No, have not seen REPO!, I think it might be on my Netflix instant queue though, so I'll have to check that out.

    And c.) I love Maybelline's Color Sensation Lip Stain. Its less expensive than the others and it smells like you're rubbing Crystal Light on your lips. I have it in Feelin' Rosy and with a little gloss I am looking rather diva if I do say so myself.



  11. I'd heard about it and wanted to see it. Have not had the chance. I will have to make the BF find me a DVD or something.

    We don't get great shows like that up here is Syracuse. Now if it were the Redneck comedy hour? or Howard Stern? Yeah, that we would have.

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