Sunday, August 08, 2010

Don't Forget!

Hey guys!  No polish post today.  My nails are actually naked for the first time in ages because I haven't had time to do them...scandalous!  Anyway, this is just a friendly reminder from Alley and me not to forget to enter my American Apparel Hipster Giveaway.  What follows is a series of photos that is ridiculous.

"You're not seriously trying to put these on my face, are you, you dirty hipster?"

"They're too big for my kittycat face, you dirty hipster!"

"If I hold still will it be over faster?"

"Don't forget to enter Steff's American Apparel Hipster Giveaway!  Meowmeowmeow"

Did you guys get that?  You've got until midnight TONIGHT to enter to win YOUR CHOICE of three American Apparel polishes.  It's easy to enter, so do it!

Have a great Sunday, guys!


  1. Ah ah ah ah! You're the best Steph. :D Actually, Alley would look better with a tiny pair of Aviator than those red Wayfarer. Just my 2 millions dollars cents.

  2. lol these pictures are hilarious

  3. Alley, I torture my kitty-babes by taking millions of pictures and putting things on them too.

    Its cause you (like they) are so kyoot!



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