Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Misa Embroidered Emerald and Giveaway WINNER!

Good morning, everyone!  Today I've got a really pretty polish to show you that Nathalie sent me recently. I wanted to make sure it would be sunny before I wore it; luckily today is a beautiful day here in Pleasantville.

Here's Misa Embroidered Emerald.  Isn't it gorgeous?  My first thought about this lacquer is that it's really unique, but funnily enough it has an exact dupe in Urban Decay Bruise, a comparison that Nathalie did here.  Anyway, Embroidered Emerald has a plum jelly base and it's packed with greenish-blue shimmer.  When the sun hits it the green shimmer lights up and shines through the plum base, kind of making this polish look like it might be a duochrome to the untrained eye.  Embroidered Emerald really is a little gem.

The application left a bit to be desired, though.  It wasn't terrible, but the formula was definitely a bit runny.  I had to get the hang of it.  What you see in these images is three coats, but it probably could have used a fourth to make it 100% opaque.  I had never used a Misa polish before!  I love the bottles and the long brush handles.  The brush was pretty nice, but maybe a little stiff.  When I was doing my third coat the brush tended to remove little patches of polish already on my nail if I pushed too hard.  I had to be really careful.  Still, I love Embroidered Emerald.  It's stunning.  Thank you, Nathalie!

Yesterday I went to American Apparel on the east side of Cleveland.  It's in a little area called Coventry that's very adorable.  There are signs like this hanging around.

Amber and I had tasty lunch.

We shopped for jewelry.

And we went to American Apparel.  The girl working in there was really nice and very cute.  When she saw me looking at nail polish she showed me her nails, which she had skittles-ed up with a bunch of pastel shades.  I gave her the URL of my blog, so if you're reading this, AA Friend, thanks for your help!  Anyway, I chose six polishes yesterday:  three for my winner and three for Steffie (Steffie is me).  Speaking of the winner, congratulations April of Concrete and Nail Polish!  In order to pick the winner of the AA Giveaway I assigned everyone a number (1 through 193) and let the random integer generator on random.org choose a random number (185).  Here are the polishes April wanted from me.

California Trooper, Passport Blue and Butter

Of course I had to get a few for myself.  Fun fact:  the most requested American Apparel polish from my giveaway was L'Esprit.  By far.  So what'd I pick for myself?

L'Esprit, Coney Island and Mount Royal

Normally I wouldn't choose a pink like Coney Island, but for some reason it was speaking to me in the store.  Plus I think the salesgirl had it on one of her nails and it looked cute.  Maybe it'll have a better formula than my beloved Essie Fiji and I'll have a different HG light pink.  Who knows.  L'Esprit looks awesome, and I can see why so many people wanted it.  Mount Royal looks purdy.  I wonder what I'll pick for myself next time--I think I might take my friend Betsy to Coventry to hipster-watch.

So that's all for today.  That giveaway was super successful!  I think I might do the same thing for my next one because you guys seemed to like it!  Anyway, I've got some cleaning to do so I'll talk to you guys soon.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Beautiful polish and congrats April!

  2. what gorgeous polishes! that Misa one is beautiful!! and congrats, April!

  3. Congrats April!

    Its a glorious color, the mani, and I have some Misa and application is okay but it doesn't stand out in a big way. :/

    I love that you two look like you had a blast!

  4. Gorgeous polish! Reminds me of RBL Scrangie, but with a plum base instead of purple.

  5. Congrats April!
    You sure had fun ;-)

  6. Ohhhh I love that misa !!! I never tried that brand!!! Cute pics ;)

  7. Looks like Galaxy Girl from the new Orly FX collection.

  8. Woo! Yay for winners!

    I LOVE that Misa. I don't know why, but I just love the crap out of it!

    I went camping this weekend and my nails are mostly nubbins now. Damn you, camping! =(

  9. Congrats April! Loving EE. Beautiful! I hope Orly Galaxy Girl will satisfy the lemming.

  10. Congratulations April! That Blue will look super cute!

    I wish we had an AA around here I might pick up that pink.

    Those necklaces are bizarre though. OH I was in the dollar store and saw those wayfarers and immediately thought of you and Alley!


  11. Pretty polishes!


  12. "Embroided Emerald" is soooooo gorgeous. I've wanted this one for ages. And when I finally get it, I found out it was like Bruise which I had for a long while. How silly? The formula is a bit out of control but not too much. It's worthy. It's super sexy on you but I have yet to find an ugly polish on your nails. Eh. I wonder what it'd give over a vampy. Just one coat, used like a top coat.

  13. Awesome polish, and fun times!!

    Btw, I tagged you in a recent post of mine. I totally enjoy reading your blog and all the pop culture references peppered throughout!

  14. this polish looks gorgeous on you! =)))
    I'm glad I came across your blog <3


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