Monday, September 06, 2010

Surviving! Thriving?

Hi guys! Last week went by so quickly and I also keep forgetting that it's Monday. Monday holidays throw me off all the time. I thought I'd post another little update and let you all know that I'm doing well. The other night I was walking back to my apartment and I finally thought: life is good. I'm getting paid to go to school, essentially. I've always loved school, so what else could I really want? I'm still totally stressed out, don't get me wrong. That's my nature. But it could be worse, right? Right. So, pictures.

The bed's orientation has changed since you last saw it. I angled it. I like it better this way, even though it takes up more space in the room. Something about it is just aesthetically pleasing.

My panoramic photos of Paris finally occupy some wallspace. My auntie took these photos on one of her trips to France and my mother has been looking for somewhere to put them for at least a year. Now they have a home. Check out my classy plastic chair. That actually goes out on the balcony, which is right out that door on the right.

My epic "baroque" Target rug and my mantle. The Borders by me is going out of business and I got that poster for something like $6. It looks to me like a Van Gogh, but I'm not sure. I just like the colors.

My newly postcard-ed fridge. When I was living in Paris (all too briefly) I collected postcards of black cats in Paris (meta!). Those are there, plus my postcards from Italy and Spain. Finally, somewhere to put them. The fridge at my parents' house is stainless steel so I could never use magnets on it.

My workspace. It hasn't changed much since you last saw it. There's a lovely V For Vendetta movie poster that I acquired at the aforementioned Borders sale. Also please notice my obsession with post-it notes. They organize my life. Also ALSO please notice the empty bottle of wine. Nom nom nom. I stopped drinking a while ago (after college), but this past week I've found it incredibly pleasant to relax with a glass of red wine in the evening while watching Dexter.

My dad and I (the best dad in the world, by the way) in front of my building. Aren't we just the damn cutest?

Me, trying to look like I love life. I was stressed out that day, though. And hungry. And my feets kind of hurt from those adorable boots that are not yet broken in. Sigh. The sacrifices we make.

My mommy, decorator extraordinaire, and me. Look at those sexy ladies.

So that's all, really. In the interest of keeping with the theme of this blog I will tell you that I have Sally Hansen Concrete on my nails and I effing love it. I think that when it chips I will remove it and then put it right back on again. I don't have any pictures because I cut off all my nails and they look jankity, but trust me when I say that the color is beautiful. I've got to get back to reading, but I'll try to update again next week, hopefully with some nail polish. I'll do my best! Maybe I'll have more fun decorating pictures for you :)

I miss you all!

Love, love, love. As always.


  1. I'm so glad that you're posting these updates Steff!! & Sally Hansen Concrete is awesome, I wore it last week and LOVED it.


  2. You are an art history grad student and you can't tell if it's a Van Gogh or not. Oh wow.

  3. Wow anonymous, isn't that being a bit harsh? Anyhow, Steph, your place is awesome. You'll do great!

  4. Dutch post-impressionism isn't really my jam, asshole. Wanna fight about it?

  5. Maybe if you post a closer shot of this painting, I can help you identify it? I once was an art student too. =)

  6. I love your apartment! Your teddy is sooo cute. So glad you're still blogging and when you have time, please, please do a nail polish/manicure update. Good luck with your studies (oh, and your parents are both really cute looking people - you can tell them I said that)

  7. Looks like Van Gogh's "Amandelbloesem". Or, in english, Almond Blossom.:) I was standing in front of that very painting a few days ago, in the Van Gogh museum. x

  8. Your place is lovely! I adore how you placed your bed - it's definitely pleasing to the eye.

    WISH I had a balcony.

    Annnnd, I love your postcard idea! Where did you find the magnetic backs? I'd love to try this, as well!

  9. I love your place!! And I loved your 'you wanna fight about it' hehe reminds me of Family Guy hehhe

  10. I love your Target rug!

    The courtyard area of your place reminds me of Rear Window. I love it!

  11. Been missing your posts. Hope all is well. Come back soon!!!

  12. I love your apartment....brings me back to my single days in grad school. ENJOY this time. It goes wayyyy too fast! (And, grad school **most definitely** gets easier after the first semester. I remember coming home crying on my first night and ended up graduating with a 4.0) :)

  13. Looks amazing! So cute. Love that rug, btw! I'm glad you are feeling better. I miss reading your posts!! Have a lovely day =)


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